All About Tuition 2023-24

2023/24 Tuition

If you are curious how these numbers were derived, then please watch this presentation.

# of Children Tuition 12 Month Plan In-Parish Rate 12 Month Plan (In-Parish)
1 child $11,910 $993 $9,500 $792
2 children $23,820 $1,985 $18,250 $1,521
3 children $35,730 $2,978 $26,250 $2,188
4 or more children $47,640 $3,970 $33,750 $2,812


  • All families will be required to make tuition payments using Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). The EFT form is found in the registration packet. Families may choose to pay-in-full by checking account EFT or credit card.
  • The first tuition payment is due by April 10th for new families. It then follows the payment plan chosen.
  • Monthly tuition payments will become delinquent after the 10th of the month. A fee of $25 will be charged for late payments.
  • Accounts more than 60 days past due will be advised that their school eligibility is up for review by the principal.
  • Students may be asked to withdraw if accounts become 90 days delinquent.
  • Registration for the upcoming year will not be accepted until all financial obligations are met.
  • If a student withdraws from school prior to the end of the school year, tuition will be due and payable up to the end of the month in which the student withdraws.

If for any reason the family is unable to make two or more consecutive payments on time, it is in the best interest of the family to contact the principal and explain the reasons for the late payments. Good communication allows for the principal to make reasonable accommodations in times of financial hardship.

Eligibility For In-Parish Tuition Rate

Below is the criteria to establish In-Parish Tuition eligibility:

IN-PARISH: Families who participate in the life of the parish and are partners in its greater work and mission are eligible to receive a reduced tuition rate at our school in recognition of being truly vested in the parish community. Families who do not participate in the life of the parish and our greater work and mission pay the Full Tuition amount. To qualify for ‘In-Parish status’, a family must:

  1. Be registered with Holy Rosary parish as members.
  2. Participate in the life of worship at Holy Rosary by attending Sunday Mass regularly (i.e., most Sundays), keeping holy the Lord’s Day. God gives us so much. But it is important for us to include the worship of Him as a part of our week, doing so in the community in which He gathers us into as the Body of Christ.
  3. Participate in the life of discipleship and service at the parish by joining in at least one of the many non-school ministries or groups. While the school is a part of the parish, we ask individuals who are active parishioners to not just be a part of this school sub-community, but truly invested in the whole parish community in some way. To indicate the ways this is happening, individuals must fill out a Time and Talent Commitment card during the annual recommitment.
  4. Support the parish’s mission through financial donations, as you are able. It is important that we make a return to the Lord for all the good that He has done for us (Psalm 116). In practical terms, financially supporting the parish supports its works and ministries, including the school. This includes filling out a Stewardship Commitment during the annual recommitment time. The minimum giving expectation is $1,140 per year ($95/month, far below the tuition discount received).
  5. Families new to Holy Rosary Parish and School will be considered eligible for the in-parish tuition rate when they have been registered for 6 months and have met the above criteria, or when they have provided the school and parish office a written statement from their previous pastor about their active engagement in worship, service and regular financial support at their previous parish.

Families who in the past have been granted In-Parish tuition, though perhaps have not been meeting these expectations of discipleship, are encouraged to start making greater strides to be vested in the parish community as outlined above or risk being moved to the full tuition plan.

FYI: When enrollment (new students)/re-enrollment (returning students) occurs on the School Admin system an email will come from Holy Rosary School with the subject line, Accessing Holy Rosary School’s Online Parent Portal.