We are a STEM+ school with 2 classes per grade. The “+” stands for a well-rounded curriculum beyond STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) that includes a strong Language Arts foundation (supported by 2 reading specialists), Social Studies, Physical Education, Music, Spanish, Religion, and Art. Our goal is to ignite our students’ spirit and minds in a Catholic school environment.

Kindergarten – Mrs. Clarke and Mrs. Kolding

Kindergarten provides the foundation for your child’s educational, spiritual, and social emotional growth. Our goal is to encourage a love of learning that is cultivated in a supportive and engaging classroom environment. 

We have 2 Kindergarten classes, each led by a fully-qualified teacher, with additional help from a shared Kindergarten Aide. In addition, we have a Reading specialist that is dedicated to supporting our K-1 grades. 

At Holy Rosary we understand that young children learn best in a play-based, tactile, kinesthetic learning environment so expect to see active and sometimes noisy learners engaging in reading, writing or problem-solving lessons.

Mrs. Clarke & Mrs. Kolding

You can learn more about our Kindergarten curriculum here.

First Grade – Mrs. Davison and Mrs. Blanco

Holy Rosary first graders grow in their appreciation of the Catholic faith through tradition, worship, service to others, and daily prayer experiences.

Students engage in the language curriculum while practicing effective listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills.

First grade students demonstrate their understanding of number relationships as they learn to count, add, and subtract while applying these life skills to science and technology.

Highlights include monthly additions to parish soup kitchen, penguin study, the Great Wall, the model farm, and the zoo report.
Field trips include visits to Oxbow Farms and Woodland Park Zoo.
Grade one is a year-long celebration in appreciation of God’s gifts.
Mrs. Blanco

Mrs. Davison (formerly McNerney)

K-1 Reading Support – Mrs. Lewis

Mrs. Lewis is 1 of 2 reading specialists we have on staff. She has worked with K-1 students for over 20 years and loves her job helping our students on their path to becoming enthusiastic readers. Mrs. Lewis accesses all of our K-1 students and works with those that need extra support in small groups and when needed, one-on-one. Our students’ reading growth is regularly monitored to support their growth from learning-to-read to the next stages of reading-to-learn.

Second Grade – Mrs. Yi and Mrs. Burroughs

Second grade is a year of growth not only academically, but spiritually as well. It is a very special year because students celebrate two of the sacraments. They prepare for First Reconciliation and First Eucharist. Throughout the year they are encouraged to incorporate service into their daily lives by making Lunches of Love, writing notes to the homebound, donating items to the needy and picking tags from the giving tree.

The reading program contains rich literature with a balance of fiction and nonfiction stories. Time is spent focusing on text evidence, phonics and fluency.

The math program is aligned with common core standards. The focus is on addition and subtraction, place value, data analysis, problem solving, time and money. Technology is integrated at every step.

Two exciting projects in second grade are the creation of a habitat, where students use iPads to research and gather information about animals. Second graders also design structures found in one of the three communities learned about in social studies.

Second graders attend a play in the Fall and Pioneer Farms in the Spring.

Third Grade – Mrs. Meland and Ms. Schmidt

Organizational class skills begin in third grade. As part of general school supplies, students are given a filer and calendar planner, they learn to organize work by topics, write assignments with due dates in their planner, and divide up their time for larger school projects. Students have both third-grade teachers as one teacher teaches Social Studies to both classes and the other teaches Science. This allows the teachers to specialize and more efficiently plan coursework for these topics.

IPads support learning in the classroom and help with learning differentiation, students will also learn cursive. They are assigned parts and perform the Nativity Play for parents at Christmas time. They also complete a Native American project where they research a tribe, write a report and create a visual. The students sponsor a family for Thanksgiving and provide a meal for them. We also lead the HRS food drive to benefit the St. Vincent de Paul.
Mrs. Meland & Ms. Schmidt

Fourth Grade – Ms. Simpson and Ms. Tyler

Ms. Tyler & Mrs. Simpson

Fourth grade is an exciting year that begins with learning about the Saints and culminates in leading the All Saints Day mass. Biographies are a large focus during this year and students will utilize their public speaking skills when they select a person for their biography project, complete research, write a report, which includes a bibliography, and present in class with visual accoutrements.

In addition, Science class will have many hands-on group projects that include study of the brain and different sources of energy. Students will learn about Washington State History and have the opportunity to experience Seattle’s fascinating Underground Tour.

Service projects include the ever-popular bake sale in which the grade chooses a nonprofit to support. They also are goodwill ambassadors for our school delivering certificates of appreciation to our local businesses that support our community.

Ms. Simpson

Grades 2-4 Reading Specialist – Ms. Corrigan