Holy Rosary School team teaches in 5th – 8th grade. The 5/6 department introduces students to rotating classes for instruction in core academic areas. In 5th and 6th, the goal is to help students develop executive functioning skills to manage time, work-load and relationships with multiple teachers. This lays the groundwork for the High School prep model of our Junior High.  

Starting in 5th grade our math program offers 3 levels, culminating with Geometry in 8th grade for the advanced level. In addition to our core curriculum, we offer nearly a dozen different elective classes for our Junior High students that includes yearbook design, running, the arts, and woodshop.

Holy Rosary students matriculate to public and private high schools, including the Archdiocese of Seattle Catholic Schools. Feedback indicates our students leave Holy Rosary well-prepared for their next steps in high school.


Fifth Grade – Ms. Semandiris and Mr. Schreck

Upper grades have an emphasis on project-based learning, which allows students to think critically, work collaboratively, and be hand-on with their learning.

English Language Arts is focused on the integration of grammar, spelling, reading, and writing skills using a balance of rich fiction and non-fiction literature. Some of the books read are Number the Stars, Hatchet, and Wonder.

We are fortunate to offer 3 different level math classes beginning in 5th grade. Grade level, accelerated, and advanced (one-year ahead). Math placement is based on student grades, MAP test scores, and a placement exam. Our grade size allows us to be flexible in moving students based on their needs. We also supplement with adaptive learning platforms (ALEKS for 5-8) that are built from the Common Core standards.

Social Studies focuses on American History, exploring geography, civics, as well as basic economic concepts that existed in American history. Students will have the opportunity to work in cooperative groups, integrate technology, and make group presentations.

In Science, hands-on inquiry-based science experiments begin. Students are learning “by doing” with microscopes for biology and mixture and solutions for chemistry, which blend together for their 2-night retreat at Camp Seymour’s Environmental Science Program.



Mr. Schreck & Ms. Semandiris

Sixth Grade – Mrs. Chiodo and Mr. Williams

Sixth graders enjoy our Ancient Civilizations Wax Museum, Book Club, and Bucket List projects.  Our science curriculum will cover Physical Science, Engineering, Earth Science, and the Human Body. Each student uses a Google Chromebook for their schoolwork. Teachers facilitate discussions and projects through Google classroom.  We offer 3 different math level courses, grade level, accelerated, and Pre-Algebra (one year ahead).  Our Pre-Algebra math class will work with our math specialist, Megan Heuer. There is a night away at Miracle Ranch in the spring focused on taking time to reflect, build community, and strengthen a sense of self.

Sixth Grade – Mrs. Chiodo and Mr. Williams

Seventh and Eighth Grade – Mr. Ritscher, Mrs. Whetham, Ms. DeFeo, Mr. Secrest, Mr. Mohrbacher

We refer to our seventh and eighth grade classes as our junior high program. There is a well-equipped science lab that gives the junior high the ability to have hands-on experience. There is available a high-school-level geometry class offered for advanced students, which puts them on a fast track for later math.

Students enjoy studying civics and current events in Social Studies. Debates, reading Upfront Magazine and visiting the State Capital are highlights. They enjoy using iMovie to create (hip, modern) documentaries with current music and technology.

English Language Arts will introduce you to many thought-provoking pieces of literature and nonfiction, providing you with the opportunity to engage in rich discussions and enjoyable activities around our readings. It will also build upon your ability to write clearly, with depth and passion, while strengthening your understanding of grammar and conventions. Writing is an essential academic skill as you move toward high school, college, and beyond. 

There is a passion for sharing the truths of the Catholic Faith with the 7th and 8th graders, helping them develop a love for reading Scripture (the Bible is our primary text), and encouraging them to share their gifts with others through service. Internalizing religious concepts is reinforced with creative art projects, music, and movement. Religion is not boring! Students learn varied ways of praying and feel safe asking challenging questions about their faith. The 8th grade ropes retreat, at the start of the school year, strengthens the bond between the students for their last year as classmates.

Students take a new elective class each trimester. Elective offerings span from technology to art. Elective classes for these two grades include: Cooking & Crafting, Creative Writing, Improv, Game Theory, Leadership, Running, Tiny House, Woodshop, and Yearbook.

Seventh Grade – Mrs. Whetham, Mr. Ritscher and Ms. DeFeo


Eighth Grade – Mr. Secrest and Mr. Mohrbacher