Fundraising Calendar


  • Annual Fund Drive
    • Kicks off with letters to families to respond with a pledge
    • Earnings – $200,000 NET
  • Magazine Drive
    • The school drive is launched
    • Earnings – $60,000 NET
  • Westfest
    • Run completely by parent volunteers
    • Earnings – $30,000 (NET proceeds are split between school and parish)


  • Parish Stewardship Pledge
    • For members of Holy Rosary Parish, their yearly pledge is made


  • Christmas Tree Lot opens
    • 3 weeks of sales with net proceeds offsetting the operating budget
    • Earnings $50,000 NET
    • 15% donated to 2 West Seattle charities
  • Cyber Giving Tuesday
    • Great day to fulfill your Annual Fund pledge


  • Christmas Tree Lot
    • Tree lot closes mid-December
    • Earnings – $40,000 Net


  • Gator Bowl
    • Raises fund for the Fr. Mallahan Endowment Fund
  • Earnings – $10,000 NET


  • Holy Rosary Auction
    • Earnings $250,000 NET
  • Annual Catholic Appeal
    • The Archdiocesan Catholic Appeal is sent to all the parishioners of Holy Rosary. The funds collected are used to support the many programs that the Archdiocese offers throughout Western Washington.


  • Thank You letter – This is sent to those leaving the school (especially graduating families, inviting them to make a gift of appreciation

Passive Fundraising:
  • Matching Funds
  • Target


From time to time Holy Rosary and/or Holy Rosary Church are recipients of generous bequests. We have been written into a will or a life insurance policy. At times we receive entire estates or portions of those estates. Some individuals leave it to the institution to use as they see best. Sometime people make a restriction with the donation determining how it must be used. Any directives are followed. These, usually unanticipated financial injections, are a major source of much needed funding. Hopefully more and more people start writing the school into their final requests and directives.