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Holy Rosary is a community that welcomes all those seeking a Catholic education. We are committed to an excellent education and not just academically but spiritually, physically, emotionally, and socially for the whole child.

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Our preschool strives, through Catholic principles, to create a loving, learning environment. This allows students to grow and develop their faith, knowledge, sense of responsibility, respect for self and others, and ability to communicate thoughts and feelings.


We are a STEM+ school with 2 classes per grade. The “+” stands for a well-rounded curriculum beyond STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) that includes a strong Language Arts foundation (supported by 2 reading specialists), Social Studies, Physical Education, Music, Spanish, Religion, and Art. Our goal is to ignite our students’ spirit and minds in a Catholic school environment.

UPPER GRADES (5th – 8th)

Holy Rosary School team teaches in 5th – 8th grade. The 5/6 department introduces students to rotating classes for instruction in core academic areas. In 5th and 6th, the goal is to help students develop executive functioning skills to manage time, work-load and relationships with multiple teachers. This lays the groundwork for the High School prep model of our Junior High.  

Starting in 5th grade our math program offers 3 levels, culminating with Geometry in 8th grade for the advanced level. In addition to our core curriculum, we offer nearly a dozen different elective classes for our Junior High students that includes yearbook design, running, the arts, and woodshop.

Holy Rosary students matriculate to public and private high schools, including the Archdiocese of Seattle Catholic Schools. Feedback indicates our students leave Holy Rosary well-prepared for their next steps in high school.

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