Essential Workers’ Camp Care Scheduling –

If you are a parent that signed up for Essential Workers Student Camp Care and selected you have a variable schedule, you must complete this form to schedule camp space for your student.  Your student must be signed up to attend camp care 2 weeks prior in order to participate. 

This information directly affects how many staff members will be scheduled to oversee camp.  We have made available a 4 week schedule, if you have a schedule that books 4 weeks out.  Thank you for completing this form as far in advance as possible!

Camp Care is 8am-4pm

Camp cost is approximately $35 a day per student (i.e., 2 students signed up for Wednesday care = $70).  Costs may change due to camp attendance/capacity.

This form only reaches the office when you receive an email confirmation.  Thank you!

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**Note**  Below is a separate form.  Each form has its own submit button. 

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