STEM PLUS Gallery – March 17

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Kindergarten – Each week our special engineer brings in a STEM project. This is Olivia and her dog food dispenser. It can fill a dish when puppy is hungry!

First Grade – We have been learning about materials engineers and the engineering process. We tied this into our study of the Great Wall of China by engineering our own walls! We experimented with different types of mortar (clay, soil, and sand) and built our own walls. We will be testing them next week to see which mortar/wall is the strongest and most effective in an Earthquake Test.

Music – Grade 2 is making “I Spy” bottles to use for songwriting prompts. Grade 3 is making “Whirling Drums”. Each class had to brainstorm steps and items needed to create item. Also, they experimented in trying out each step to see what worked best!

Third Grade collecting inspiration for music STEM project

Seventh Grade composing music

Eighth Grade Algebra class calculating Pi (on Pi Day – 3/14) using Count Buffon’s method.