Commitment Hours Program


Holy Rosary School depends on the gifts of many community members for its success. The contributions of our pastor, principal and faculty are obviously essential, but we also rely on family members to maintain the quality of our school program through their service to the school. All families are expected to volunteer for school and/or parish-related activities, as described in this policy. We need parents to keep all of our events and fundraisers going! Without you – our dedicated parents – we would not be able to do so much. Over the years hundreds of parents have chaired the auction, worked at WestFest, helped with the Book Fairs and much more.


The minimum hours required for each school family (in-parish or out-of-parish) is 50 hours per year. Hours must be completed by May 31. A family that fails to complete this number of hours by the end of May is expected to pay for uncompleted hours at the rate of $35.00 per hour. This payment is due on the last day of school. Failure to pay for outstanding hours will result in the child’s report card and/or graduation documents being held.

You will receive periodic emails during the school year advising you of the number of commitment hours that you have reported. If you have questions about the number of hours you have reported, please contact the parent hour tracker based on your last name, listed below. If you have questions about the Parent Commitment Hour Program and/or policy, please direct those to the School Commission Vice President.

Counting Hours

Fundraising Hours

At least one-half (25 hours or more) of the required Commitment Hours must be completed in fundraising activities approved by Parents’ Club or School Commission. In general, fundraising activities encompass volunteering at an event, a significant goal of which is to directly or indirectly raise money for Holy Rosary School, and/or planning or serving on a committee that is responsible for planning such an event.  Fundraising events include the following:

  • 8th Grade Pizza Lunch
  • Book Fair (Library)
  • Centennial Campaign
  • Christmas Tree Lot
  • Class Auction Project
  • Gator Gear – CYO Fundraising
  • Golf Classic
  • Glow Bowl
  • Grandparents Lunch
  • Italian Dinner
  • Heart Auction
  • HiYu Parade
  • Magazine Drive
  • Parish Fundraising Events/Activities
  • Teen Dance
  • WestFest

In addition to the planning committees associated with these events, other committees relating to fundraising include the Grant Committee, Development Committee and the Endowment Committee.  Serving on the School Commission and/or the Parents’ Club Executive Board also qualify for fundraising Commitment Hours.  Preparing refreshments and food for a fundraising event (e.g., WestFest Cake Walk, Dessert Auction, Bake Sale) is generally allocated one fundraising Commitment Hour per item, with a maximum of four hours per year. Other activities may be approved upon request by the School Commission Vice President. Fundraising Commitment Hours over the required number may be counted as general Commitment Hours.  Only approved activities may count toward fundraising Commitment Hours.

General Hours

The following approved activities qualify for general Commitment Hours. Other activities may be approved upon request by the School Commission Vice President.

  • 8th Grade Graduation Dance
  • Manna from Heaven
  • 8th Grade Graduation Committee
  • Milk Helper
  • Admiral Kids Parade Director
  • New Family Ambassador
  • Art Literacy
  • Office Support
  • Babysitting at HRS function/event
  • Parent’s Club (attend, set-up, etc.)
  • Baptismal Team
  • Parents in Touch
  • Block Party (Parish)
  • Pastoral Council
  • Bookmark Brigade
  • Parish Nursery
  • Cabrini Ministry
  • Parish Receptions
  • Choir
  • PATS
  • Classroom Party/Class Event
  • Prayer Circle
  • Classroom Volunteer
  • RCIA
  • Coffee & Doughnuts
  • Recess/Playground Duty
  • Cub/Girl Scouts Leader
  • Recycling Printer Cartridges/Cell Phones Coordinator
  • CYO (board meeting)
  • Religious Education
  • CYO (coach, scorekeeper, line judge)
  • Room Parent
  • Drama/School Play
  • Room Parent Coordinator
  • Eucharistic Minister to Homebound/Hospitalized
  • Sacristan
  • Eucharistic Minister
  • Safe Environment Training
  • Field Day Volunteer
  • St. Patrick’s Day Dash
  • Field Trip Chaperone
  • St. Vincent de Paul
  • Finance Committee
  • Stewardship Committee
  • Greeter at Mass
  • Technology Committee
  • Hospitality Committee
  • Traffic Safety Volunteer
  • Irish Dinner Volunteer
  • Used Uniform Coordinator/Volunteer
  • Lector
  • Usher
  • Lego Robotics Coach/Mentor
  • Women’s Shelter
  • Liturgical (children’s liturgy, décor)
  • Youth Ministry

Auction – Time spent making items donated to fulfill a family’s auction donation requirement cannot be counted toward Commitment Hours. Time spent on making school or classroom projects for the auction may be counted in full.

Babysitting – Adults who baby-sit for another family so that family can volunteer at school may count babysitting hours toward your non-fundraising Commitment Hours. Baby-sitting done by minor children or other family members of the same family does not qualify.

Committee Attendance – Time actually spent at any Parish Commission or Committee meeting may be counted as non-fundraising Commitment Hours.

Playground Duty – One hour of playground duty counts as two non-fundraising Commitment Hours.

Refreshments and Food (Non-Fundraising) – With the exception of Kindergarten snacks and class party snacks, a family may claim one general Commitment Hour for any food item contributed to any school or parish activity up to a maximum of four Commitment Hours per year unless otherwise approved.

Who and When

Adult (i.e. over the age of 18) family members, such as parents or grandparents, may contribute to a family’s hours. Extra hours may NOT be transferred to another family or held for next year. The current commitment hour year begins June 1 and ends May 31. All hours must be reported by May 31.

Single Parent Families

Qualifying single parent families must complete 25 commitment hours, of which at least 13 must be in Parents Club or School Commission fundraising activities. To qualify as a single parent family, there must be no other parent, step-parent or guardian to help complete the hours. To apply for treatment as a single parent family, mark “single parent family” on your registration agreement. This will be regarded as a request for treatment as a single parent family, but you must receive confirmation that the request has been approved in order to be treated as a single parent family. If you do not receive the confirmation by the end of September, or if you wish to request treatment as a single parent family at some other point in the year, please contact the School Commission Vice President.

Families Entering During the School Year

Families who come into HRS during the school year will be required to complete a prorated amount of hours based on when they start school. The proration will be the number of months they will have attended at the end of the year divided by 9 (example: a family joins HRS in January, they would be required to fulfill 5/9 of the hours – 14 fundraising and 14 general)

Volunteer Requirements

Note that all volunteers are required to complete background checks and to complete Safe Environment training in accordance with Archdiocesan policy, as well as regular training updates. Time spent in this training may be counted as general hours.


Each family is responsible to report its own hours. Families are expected to use good judgment in reporting hours. Hours must be submitted through the online reporting form. Once family has met the expected commitment, you do not need to report additional hours, although we encourage everyone to volunteer beyond the minimum 50 hours.

There are no exempt positions. Every family needs to report hours through the online reporting form, including fundraising chairs, Parent’s Club officers, and School Commission members. The only exceptions to this are the CYO director, full-time Holy Rosary teachers, and full-time school/parish staff. This change is a result of the change in how we structure the leadership of our primary fundraising events. Instead of being chaired by one person, several of our primary fundraisers are being managed by committee, with oversight from school administration. This also eliminates the hours spent in debate over which positions are worthy of “exemption,” and why one position is considered exempt, but another (equally time-consuming) is not.

Part-time school/parish employees should report on a prorated portion of the required hours, and should indicate this on their reporting form.

The deadline for reporting commitment hours will be May 31, 2017. Any volunteer hours earned in June of 2017 and after will be credited toward the next school year.


The responsibility to fulfill volunteer hours is separate from any tithing or charitable giving. A family is not exempted from reporting commitment hours simply because of its donations to the school. Contact the school with any questions regarding this.

Parent Hour Trackers

Laura Kingston – A-H

Jennifer Wong – I-Q

Gabrielle Neske – R-Z

You will receive periodic emails during the school year advising you of the number of volunteer hours that you have reported. If you have questions about the number of hours you have reported, please contact the parent hour tracker based on your last name, listed below. If you have questions about the Parent Commitment Hour Program and/or policy, please direct those to the School Commission Vice President.

Issues with Reporting

Volunteers will tabulate the hours reported, and will notify the school if any questions arise regarding a family’s reported hours. The School Commission may request an explanation of the family’s reported hours and if necessary, may reject hours reported.

Payment Deadline

Families must pay for the uncompleted hours by the last day of the school year. Student transcripts and/or graduation materials may be withheld until a family pays for uncompleted hours.

Problems/Special Arrangements

We realize that problems may arise during the school year. Contact the School Commission Vice President as soon as problems arise so a resolution can be reached. Please do not wait until reporting of hours is due to request a resolution. Remember it is your responsibility to notify the school of any impediment to completion of your hours. Any special arrangements are granted for the current school year only.