Volunteer Hours Program


2022/23 Change! Volunteer hours can now be fundraising or general:

There is no longer a 25-hour fundraising requirement of your total allocated hours

All volunteer hours count towards your volunteer requirement (for most families 50 hours)

The volunteer form will still capture hours into categories: fundraising and general



Art Class Help

Audrey Mullin would love to have parent help during her Art Classes. Please make sure you have completed a background check and the safe environment class before volunteering. You may contact her at- amullin@holyrosaryws.org if you are interested. 


Traffic Patrol

We are looking for parent/guardians to do traffic patrol duty this year for volunteer hours. You would need to be fully vaccinated, and available to arrive on time and stay until your duty is complete. This would be a trimester obligation.
Start Date:
March 27th – June 16th
2:45-3:15pm   1:45-2:15pm (Wednesdays) 11:55-12:20pm (1/2 days)
You could choose to do one day per week, AM or PM, or both AM & PM on the same day if you wish. Please contact Maggie Judd if you are interested.

Playground Volunteers

We are looking for playground volunteers to help us during lunch recess. Shifts are Monday through Friday from 10:55am to 1:05pm. If you have one or two days available each week, please contact Maggie Judd. Prompt arrival and a full shift are needed. Covid vaccination is not necessary.

Volunteer Requirements

Safe Environment Training

There are many opportunities to help out this year. All of our volunteers are required to take Safe Environment training prior to volunteering with the school or church. If you have not taken the class, please sign up as soon as possible. There are in-person as well as online classes. **It can take a couple of weeks after you’ve taken the class for you to be cleared to volunteer.**

Hours Requirement

Each K-8 school family is required to complete 50 hours annually. Hours begin accruing mid-June before the September school start date and must be completed and reported by the last day of school.  New families for their first year are required to complete 35 hours.  Hours may be fundraising or general hours in any proportion. Individuals who are exempt from the volunteer hours requirement are the CYO Director, Holy Rosary teachers, and school/parish staff. 

Qualifying single-parent families must complete 25 volunteer hours. To qualify as a single-parent family, there must be no other parent, step-parent or guardian to help complete the hours. To apply for single-parent family status, mark “single-parent family” on your registration agreement. This will be regarded as a request for single-parent family status, but you must receive confirmation that the request has been approved in order to be treated as a single-parent family. If you do not receive the confirmation by the end of September, or if you wish to request single-parent family status at some other point in the year, please contact the School Commission Vice President (scvp@holyrosaryws.org).

Families who come into HRS during the school year will be required to complete a prorated amount of hours based on when they start school. The proration will be the number of months they will have attended at the end of the year divided by 9 (example: a family joins HRS in January, they would be required to fulfill 5/9 of the hours – 28 hours).

Adult (i.e. over the age of 18) family members, such as parents or grandparents, may contribute to a family’s hours. Extra hours may NOT be transferred to another family or held for next year.  All volunteers are required to complete background checks and to complete Safe Environment training in accordance with Archdiocesan policy, as well as regular training updates. Time spent in this training may be counted as general hours.

Each family is responsible to report its own hours. Families are expected to use good judgment in reporting hours. Every family needs to report hours through the online reporting form, including fundraising chairs, Parent’s Club officers, and School Commission members. The responsibility to fulfill volunteer hours is separate from any tithing or charitable giving. A family is not exempted from reporting volunteer hours simply because of its donations to the school.

A family that fails to meet their hours requirement will be billed at the rate of $50.00 per hour. This payment is billed the first business day after the last day of school. We realize that problems may arise during the school year. Contact the School Commission Vice President as soon as problems arise so a resolution can be reached. Please do not wait until reporting of hours is due to request a resolution. Remember it is your responsibility to notify the school of any impediment to completion of your hours. Any special arrangements are granted for the current school year only.  Contact the School Commission Vice President with any questions.

Point of Contact for Volunteer Hours:

You will receive periodic emails during the school year advising you of the number of volunteer hours that you have reported. If you have questions about the number of hours you have reported, please contact parent volunteer, Laura Kingston (laurafkingston@gmail.com).

Parent hour trackers will notify the school if any questions arise regarding a family’s reported hours.  The School Commission may request an explanation of the family’s reported hours and if necessary, may reject hours reported.