Principal’s Notes: 10/9/14

Regional High School Night

This past Tuesday night, Holy Rosary School was honored to hold the regional high school night for the area. Representatives from all the Catholic high schools came and offered presentations on their institutions. It was very informative. The attendance was great. We are blessed as an Archdiocese to have so many wonderful options for our children.

National Standarized Tests

Rest and have a good breakfast. There is nothing better than a good long night’s sleep and a healthy breakfast to help young minds prepare for the nationalized tests that will take place over the next two weeks. So please help your children get ready and be prepared. Studies show that the more often children take these tests in the same type of setting the better they tend to do year after year. Please do everything you can to make sure they are here and ready and in a “happy” state of mind. But it is best that we do not stress them out over it making them feel extra pressure to “do well”.


A very productive meeting took place on Wednesday night with representative members of the Parish Buildings and Grounds Committee, Safety Committee, and School Commission. Good healthy discussion took place. A number of recommendations were made to the Pastor and he will make a final decision. Meanwhile, the tarps are functioning, the signs were put up yesterday, and parents are showing up for walking patrol outside the fence. This last area has found a definite decrease in activity. So please, please, please help if you can. Do it for a day or a week. You can get in your exercise and enjoy the fresh air and sun. All you do is walk on the outside of the play structure. Actually, to do this, you do not even really have to go thru “Call To Protect” because you are on the other side of the fence. Just check in with the main office, or Maggie Judd, our playground supervisor.

– George