School Uniform


General uniform requirements for all grades

HRS students are expected to follow uniform policies, dress appropriately on free dress/spirit days, and be well groomed. It is the staff’s responsibility to strictly enforce the policy; to do this, we need the support and cooperation of all school families. It is the parents’ responsibility to ensure that their children arrive to school in compliance of the uniform policy. Any student not in compliance will be given an infraction to be signed by his/her parents. Students may be required to call home to have the proper uniform/clothes brought to school (and wait in the office until the correct uniform/clothes arrive). A fourth uniform infraction will result in a detention.

  1. For perfect uniform in grades K-7th, shirts must be white knit, polo or oxford style with a collar or turtleneck (8th graders may also wear navy blue shirts/turtlenecks). White camp shirts purchased from the uniform store are allowed. Shirts must have long/short sleeves (no 3⁄4-length or rolled-up sleeves) and may not be oversized, baggy, or tight. T-shirts worn under uniform shirts must be plain white (no emblem, logo or color). Shirts must be long enough to stay tucked in.  Perfect uniform includes a red item over the white polo or turtleneck.  Red items include: red sweater/fleece vest options with school logo from Dennis Uniform, red sweatshirt with school logo from Land’s End, or the cadet-collar sweatshirt with school logo, purchased through the school.  
  2. Red sweaters (cardigans/pullovers/vests purchased at uniform store) may be worn; Holy Rosary logo red sweatshirts purchased through the Lands’ End Uniform Store may also be worn as can the new red zip jackets. Red cadet-collar zip-up sweatshirts will be available to order in early September, delivery in late October.  Limited stock is carried in the school office.  Eighth graders may wear Holy Rosary logo navy or Holy Rosary logo grey sweatshirts purchased through Lands’ End Uniform Store. On perfect uniform days, students must wear proper uniform sweaters, sweatshirts or vests as defined in the policy. All school Mass days are perfect uniform days.
  3. In K-7th, red knit, polo style shirts with a collar purchased through Lands’ End Uniform Store or Dennis Uniform may be worn on non-perfect uniform days.
  4. Gator Gear and Sports Tek may be worn to school each Friday, except on perfect uniform days, in place of regular uniform sweatshirts or sweaters. Nicknames written on the back of Gator gear must be appropriate.
  5. Red polar fleece vest with HRS logo purchased from the uniform store may be worn instead of uniform sweaters, sweatshirts or vests. Students may not wear any other type of fleece vests, coats, or jackets in the classrooms. Red polar fleece vests with HRS logo can be worn on perfect uniform days.
  6. Pants must be dark navy corduroy or cotton twill (ankle length, no contrast stitching or brads). No navy jeans or sweatpants are allowed. 8th graders may also wear khaki pants. No sagging, oversized, cropped or tight pants may be worn. Pants with extra pockets, such as cargo or painters pants, may not be worn to school. Pants must have zippers, not buttons.
  7. Navy shorts (or khaki for 8th graders) can be worn to school year round. All shorts must be navy blue cotton twill. Shorts may not be shorter than 6 inches above the top of the kneecap and cannot be sagging.
  8. Girls (Gr. K-4th) may wear Macbeth plaid jumpers or skorts; (Gr. 5th-6th) may wear Macbeth plaid jumpers, skirts or skorts, and (Gr. 7th-8th) may wear navy skirts or skorts. All jumpers/skirts/skorts must be purchased from the uniform store, may not be shorter than 3” above kneecap and may not be rolled at the waist. Macbeth plaid can only be purchased at Dennis Uniforms, there is a store location in Tukwila, WA. 
  9. Socks for boys and socks or tights for girls must be worn. Socks/tights must be mostly solid colors— white, black, gray, red or navy—and can be knee-high or ankle length and must match. Lands’ End approved uniform ankle-length leggings may be worn in navy or black under jumpers or skirts.
  10. Shoes must have heels/straps; laces must be tied. No platform shoes or flip-flops are allowed. The only exceptions are on special spirit/theme days. Parents must ensure that students wear matching shoes that are safe for the playground. Shoes/boots with high heels are considered unsafe. Students must wear tennis shoes on the days that they have Health & Fitness.
  11. Hats, hoods, scarves, and bandanas may not be worn inside the school, gym, or church. The only exception is on special spirit or theme days.
  12. Girls in Gr. K-6th may not wear make-up. Girls in Gr. 7th-8th may wear light, natural-toned make-up. The following may not be worn: excessive eye shadow, black eye liner, glitter, and heavy mascara; boys may not wear make-up.
  13. Students may not wear unsafe or distracting jewelry or headgear. Girls may not wear more than two earrings (none longer/larger than the size of a quarter) on the same ear. (Boys may not wear earrings.) Body piercing/temporary/permanent tattoos are not allowed. Belts must be solid colors; large buckles, metal belts, chains are not allowed.
  14. Hair styles/color that disrupt the learning environment are not allowed. Hair must be a natural color. Boys’ hair must not extend below the collar, below the eyebrows, or fall in the face; faces must be clean-shaven.

Policy for Free Dress Days

Students may occasionally be allowed to come in free dress (e.g. every student may enjoy free dress on his/her birthday). On free dress days, students may not wear hats, hoods or bandanas inside buildings. Jewelry, belts, shoes and make-up not allowed with uniform are also not allowed on free dress days. Students may wear jeans or loose sweatpants on free dress days; however, any with holes or graffiti and ones that are too baggy/sagging are not allowed. Shirts with inappropriate words, slogans, or art, and ones that are oversized/inappropriately tight are not allowed. Halter-tops, spaghetti straps and/or any tops that do not cover the waist (or that reveal waist when arms are raised) are not allowed. Skirts worn on free dress days must not be shorter that 3” above the kneecap and shorts must not be shorter that 6” above the top of the kneecap (and may not be sagging). When leggings/yoga pants are worn as pants, tops must reach mid-thigh. When policy is not followed appropriate consequences may be given including those listed above and wearing a school-issued top/shirt. Leg warmers cannot be worn, and underwear cannot be worn as outerwear. Students may not wear coats in classrooms on free dress days.

Spirit or Theme Days

Holy Rosary sponsors several spirit/theme days throughout the year. Students are encouraged to wear specific theme clothes that are appropriate for school. Students choosing not to participate in the Spirit Day must come in uniform. On Spirit Days any exception to the free dress guidelines will be listed in weekly communications from the school.