HRS wins WOW! factor at Robotics Extravaganza

Holy Rosary Robotics elective attends the Archdiocese Robotics Extravaganza at Seattle Prep.

On Saturday, student representatives from the Holy Rosary Robotics elective demonstrated their creativity and programming skills at the Archdiocese Robotics Extravaganza. Fifteen elementary schools, several high schools, and the Port of Seattle were present to share and demonstrate their creativity and technical prowess. Although not a competition, the Holy Rosary elective left the Extravaganza winning the WOW factor – five teams with five mats and many more robots. We want to thank Max, Nik, Patrick, Sal, Michelle, Garrett, Quinn, Natalie, and Grace for attending, programming, creating, and demonstrating! It was quite an event.

The Robotics elective will continue for the rest of the year, programming Lego robots and also delving into some Makers creativity and construction! Click on the photo gallery pictures for higher resolution.

This year’s Robotics Extravaganza had it all — creativity, robotics, science, art, and engineering! Not to mention the 200+ phenomenally articulate Catholic school students from 20 different schools! They displayed amazing creations on the floor and in the sky. There were robot dancers, sumo wrestlers, baseball players, and drones. Volcanoes, bowling alleys, danger zones, and robot dogs! In one corner of the room, Robot Harry Potter clashed in an epic battle against Robot Voldemort, and in another, a candy dispenser noisily popped and churned out sweets. It was a day where all students could shine and enjoy one another’s brilliance!

Special shout outs went to:

  • Holy Rosary West Seattle school – Wow Factor!
  • Holy Rosary West Seattle after school group (the Gator Bots) – Excellent use of science and materials!
  • Assumption/St. Bridget – Great articulation and demonstration of Newton’s Laws!
  • St. Joseph Issaquah – Creativity and Fun!
  • St. John’s (sumo robots) – Sophisticated use of programming!