Magazine Drive

 This year’s theme is “TREAT YOURSELF”. The opening assembly for the Magazine Drive is Friday, September 6, with the closing assembly Thursday, October 10. LAST DAY TO SELL MAGAZINES, TO BE COUNTED TOWARD PRIZES, IS OCTOBER 6th at 9pm! If we meet our fundraising goal, over $60K will go back to Holy Rosary! The good news is that it won’t take much of your time and you can even get started before the first day of school!  The annual Magazine Drive is one of Holy Rosary School’s largest fundraisers, approximately $125,000 is raised!  Past year order records will be sent home the first week of school. Cash donations, in lieu of magazine orders, are welcome! $25.00 donation = 1 magazine order.



It is strongly encouraged that your child be registered with a seller profile on the AP Hearst website. This will allow you to take advantage of all the amazing tools AP Hearst has to offer to enhance your sales efforts. AP Hearst offers a simple way to send e-mail blasts and print personalized flyers that you can hand out to your friends, family and neighbors. The flyer contains a code unique to your child so they can get credit for the sale. The site will also allow you to share your child’s storefront via social media so you can get all your friends and family involved in this fundraiser.

  1. Go to
  3. Enter ROSARY in the code field and submit
  4. Follow the steps to create the account
  5. Once account is created, familiarize yourself with the various selling tools available. These include avatars, e-mail blasts, printable flyers, social media, etc.
  6. Complete all steps needed to quality for the bonus prize!
  • This prize will be distributed the first “Turn in Tuesday” of the drive, so students won’t have to wait until the end for their reward!
  • “Turn in Tuesday’s”: While there will be no paper slips to turn in on Tuesdays, we will continue keeping an online order cutoff each week of Monday nights at 9 p.m. On Tuesdays, families are welcome to bring any cash donations for magazine order credit. We will tally the online orders and donations and will release top-selling class reporting as in past years.
  • The AP Mags Website is ready to go so you can start buying, selling and renewing NOW! It would be great to have a portion of your sales complete by the time school starts, especially if you have more than one child wanting to go to the Family Fun Center!
  1. Go to
  3. Enter code ROSARY
  4. Enter the Student’s First Name and Last Name from whom you’d like to purchase. If you do not know a student’s name, then please use first name: HRS and last name: Student
  5. Click on Start Shopping. Browse the hundreds of magazine titles!

In lieu of purchasing a magazine a cash donation may be made to Holy Rosary School. Every $25 donated equals one magazine.  Please share this link with family and friends. Donate $ here.


Prize list will be posted on the main hallway bulletin board.

What is the Magazine Drive?

This fundraiser’s success is crucial to supporting the current year’s operating fund and relies on our excited students, dedicated families, supportive staff and generous customers. We are so proud that sales over the last several years have exceeded $120,000. Our school gets to keep 51% of the sales! This year’s goal is $125,000!


Magazines provide reading materials for both children and adults and make great gifts. By placing orders through the school, we keep 51% of the purchase price contributed. Our prices for magazines are not inflated. Even if you are already receiving a magazine, you can renew through Holy Rosary and the order will extend on your current subscription. The publisher guarantees 100% satisfaction.

How does it work?

Students and parents work together to obtain new, renewed, or gift magazine subscriptions from relatives, friends, neighbors and co-workers. Digital subscriptions are offered on some your favorite titles to be enjoyed on your e-reader or iPad. The catalog also offers many unique gift ideas if a customer is not interested in a magazine. Gift cards ($25) are also available so there is something for everyone! Catalogs, prize information and your last year’s orders are sent home with the students the first week of school.

A big kick-off assembly will be held the first Friday of school to get everyone excited about our school theme and the Magazine Drive. Orders are placed online and it is strongly encouraged that students have their own seller profile created on the AP Mags Website so they can take advantage of all the great selling tools available. Cash donations are also accepted in lieu of a magazine order and are turned in each Tuesday during the drive for order credit ($25 = 1 order). Subscriptions $99 and over are worth 4 subscriptions and $200+ are worth 8 subscriptions! The Turn In results are announced at the end of each Tuesday and summarized in the weeks eFC.  Individual student accounts will NOT reflect $25 donations or subscriptions $99 and over.  Those calculations are made manually the last day of the Magazine Drive.

At the end of the Drive, we will have a final assembly to celebrate our results and prizes are distributed on that day as well.

Selling Tips
  • Magazines provide reading materials for both children and adults. They also make great gifts!
  • Gifts cards are available for $25 to give to those who want to decide on their own what to purchase.
  • Most families purchase magazines, so why not purchase through the Magazine Drive and benefit our school at the same time?
  • Prices for magazines are not inflated.
  • Even if you are already receiving a magazine, you can renew through and the order will extend on your current subscription.
  • Many magazines are now available in digital format.
  • Consider making a donation to our school instead of purchasing magazines. $25 counts as one magazine order credit.
  • Renewals may occur even if the original subscriptions weren’t purchased through the HRS Magazine Drive.
Magazine Sale Customer Service

If you have questions regarding creating an account, purchasing a product or other magazine related issues please contact American Publishers Customer Service.

Phone: 800-284-9711