Comfort Kit Order Form

Feel like handing off assembly of your student’s comfort kit(s)?

New option this year! For the cost of $20 per student, 7th/8th grade students will put together comfort kits.  Comfort kits are part of the school’s Emergency Preparedness plan and are required for each student.  Each comfort kit (includes both the Indoor and Outdoor kit) ordered will be labeled with your student’s name and delivered to their classroom the first day of school. You are able to customize what goes into the kit.

**Parents are responsible for the personal note and/or pictures that go into their student’s comfort kit.  Personal notes in an envelope must be labeled with your student’s name and sent in with them the first day of school and given to their teacher.  Our volunteers will add them to their comfort kit.

Complete the form below to order your kit(s) today!

Deadline: Wednesday August 30

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