9-3-19 Newsletter

Welcome 2A Families!


What a wonderful first day back to school. I enjoyed meeting each student.  Our day was short, but fun and productive.


Over the next few weeks, our class will have a chance to get reacquainted with some old friends and hopefully make a few new ones. We’ll take part in some interactive tasks that will help everyone feel comfortable in 2A.


We will begin to lay the foundation for a cooperative and tolerant classroom by establishing clear guidelines of expected behavior. I will bring out many of my favorite children’s books that will remind us of our similarities as well as teach us to celebrate our differences. We’ll also talk about how we all have individual learning styles, different rates of learning, and brains that are “wired” in unique ways, which is why we all have strengths and areas for growth.


Throughout the school year, I look forward to building a relationship with each child in 2A. Besides having the pleasure of learning about each child socially, emotionally and spiritually, I will immediately start the process of learning about each child academically. By using a variety of assessments over the next few weeks and reviewing their 1stgrade experience, I will have a chance to collect some valuable information about each student’s skill levels in reading, writing and math.


Just a few reminders for the week…


  • Please remember to pack a small, healthy snack for your child to enjoy each day after morning recess.
  • It would be great if you could include a napkin (or two!) in your child’s lunch for a ‘’picnic” at their desk which helps with cleanliness.
  • If you have a small flashlight, please send it in for Flashlight Friday when the children will be able to curl up with a book and read!
  • Both comfort kitsare needed ASAP.
  • The best way to reach me is via email: krobel@holyrosaryws.org.




Specialist Days

  • Art – Monday
  • PE — Tuesday & Wednesday  (appropriate shoes are needed)
  • Spanish— Wednesday
  • Music— Tuesday & Thursday
  • Library— Friday



Tuesday                Student Profile Sheet (due by Thursday)

Wednesday          Send in headphones for the computer lab and ipads. No  ear buds please.

Thursday              Send in a small flashlight.

Friday                   No Homework


I look forward to sharing more about second grade at Back to School Nighton Thursday evening.




Karen Robel