Principal’s Notebook: 9/18/14


WestFest It takes place this weekend. So many have worked so hard for so long to make this a smashing success — that — you just have to come! Bring the family. Bring neighbors. Bring friends. The food is great. The community building is fantastic. Oh, and by the way, we do raise a nice chunk of change on this! Please come. Enjoy and support.

Snow Closure

The most important thing to know and remember is that — we do whatever the public schools will be doing. If there is a late start for Seattle Public Schools, we will be starting late. If there is a closure for Seattle Public Schools, we will be closing. If, however, the Seattle Public Schools announce an early dismissal, we will not be dismissing early. We will remain in the school until the end of the day, but if you feel the need to come and pick up your child, feel free to do so. We do not encourage you to pick up other children because then some feel left out. We could not let you pick up someone else’s child without written permission from their parent(s). That may be something you want to think about way ahead of the time.


I sent out a long memo on this the other day. I purposefully did that so it was not part of a published document. Hopefully, you could see that action is taking place. A number of meetings took place this week. I feel good about our progress. There will be more in the future.

– George