School Commission

The function of the School Commission is to set school policy and establish, approve and monitor the annual school budget. It does not interfere in the day-to-day administrative details of running the school. The School Commission meets regularly on the first Thursday of each month from September to June at 6:00 p.m. There are three open meetings each year.

School Commission Members

Officers and At Large Members
Christine Tobin-Presser President
Mike Curran Vice-President
Terry Burns At Large
Pat Galvin At Large
Kevin McMahan At Large
Andrea Geraghty At Large
Sarah Katsandres At Large
Brendan Kolding At Large
Tara Martin At Large
Mary Moan At Large
Ben Gauyan At Large
Mary Ann Fessler At Large
Julie Leonardo At Large
Amanda Roberts At Large
Bill Skibitzke At Large
Ex Officio Members
Fr. Matthew Oakland Pastor
Anna Horton Principal
Mary Jo McFaul Vice Principal
Ted Mohrbacher Vice Principal
Joellynn DeRonghe Parent’s Club President
Dino Annest Parent’s Club Vice President


The committees and goals come from the Holy Rosary School 2009-2014 (5-Year) Strategic Plan. Parent and parishioner participation, comments, and suggestions are welcome in any of these committees. If you would like to sit in one of the open subcommittees (some are closed), please contact the School Commission President.

Catholic Identity

Committee Members:  Amanda Roberts, Mary Ann Fessler, Christy Tobin-Presser

The Committee’s objective is to assist and encourage School families to strengthen their Catholic faith The overall goal for all Catholic schools is to prepare its students to be virtuous disciples of Christ and, as such, to be active leaders in our Catholic Church and civic communities.

The Committee’s goals for 2016-17 include exploring and implementing new ways to (1) strengthen the relationship between the Parish and the School in order to further our Catholic Identity as a whole and (2) to encourage School participation in events in the larger West Seattle community in a way that will show our community that our Catholic Identity includes service and inclusion.

School Finance

Chair:  Tara Martin

Members include the President and Vice President of the School Commission.

This Committee oversees the Effective and Proactive Management of the Holy Rosary School Finances towards financial sustainability.  Working with Principal Horton, the Finance Committee supports the development of the 2017-2018 School operating budget and will advise and make recommendations the School Commission as to underlying decisions required to be made with respect to the budget.

School Building and Grounds

Members:  Kevin McMahan and Pat Galvin

The Building and Grounds Committee serves as the liaison between the School and the Parish Facilities and Maintenance Committee (“FamCom”), which prioritizes and makes decisions with respect to all of the Parish buildings, including the School.  The Committee informs and educates FamCom with respect to the School’s facility-related needs.

Emergency Preparedness Committee

Chair:  Jodie Underwood

In addition to School Commission Members Jodie Underwood and Andrea Geraghty, this Committee is made up of numerous School parents with law enforcement and safety-related backgrounds.  The Committee continues to evaluate and make recommendations to the Principal with respect to optimizing the School’s level of preparedness across the spectrum of potential emergencies.

Communications Committee

Members:  Sarah Katsandres, Brendan Kolding and Mary Moan

This Committee supports the School Registrar and Principal with the goal of ensuring student retention and increasing student enrollment.  This includes developing marketing initiatives, enhancing communication between the school and parent community and communicating about Holy Rosary to the larger West Seattle community.

Commitment Hours

Members:  Mike Curran and Bill Skibitzke

This newly-formed Committee will evaluate the School’s current Commitment Hours program and make recommendations to the School Commission with respect to improving the program.


Pursuant to the bylaws of the Father James Mallahan Endowment Fund, at least one School Commission member is to sit on the Endowment Committee.  Earnings from the Endowment Fund are used to support the School’s operating budget.  Terry Burns and Ben Gauyan currently serve as the Endowment Committee liaisons from the School Commission.

Application Form for 2017-2018

Holy Rosary School Commission Application 2017-2018

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