School Commission

School Commission Members

Officers and At Large Members  
Karin Hansen President
Elena Gruner Vice-President
Barbara Spiering Secretary
Mary Ann Fessler At Large
Molly Ward At Large
Alison Morton At Large
Michele Zinski At Large
Jason Kadushin At Large
Karl Mowat At Large
Tara Martin At Large
Barbara Spiering At Large
Ben Gauyan At Large
Dino Annest At Large
Jackie Bryan At Large
Sara Volta At Large
Jennifer Wong At Large
Ex Officio Members  
Fr. Matthew Oakland Pastor
Anna Horton Principal
Mary Jo McFaul Vice Principal
Ted Mohrbacher Vice Principal
Martina Phelps Parents’ Club President
Rebecca Lawrence Parents’ Club Vice President
Jennifer Kokkonis Admissions Director
Beth Martin Development Director

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Application Form for 2019-2020

Holy Rosary School Commission Application 2019-2020

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You can also find minutes of School Commission Meetings from previous years in the School Commission Meeting Minutes Archive page.