2020 HRS Christmas Program

View our Christmas Program from the comfort of your home! Grab some hot cocoa and a snack and kick back and enjoy the show. Stay tuned til the very end because the staff has a special surprise.


First up is our preschool 3’s (because they have an early bedtime)
And now our elder preschoolers — PreK!
So much cuteness preschoolers. Are you ready for more? Come on in kindergartners!
Now we’ll bring in the first grade with 1A leading it off.
Followed by 1B.
And next up is our newest 1st grade class, 1C
On to our jolly 2nd graders — go to it 2A!
2B, you’re up!
And don’t forget about 2C! Hit it! 
Moving on to 3rd grade. Bring it 3A!
3B, lets go!
4th grade has some bells they’ve been waiting to shake. Do it 4A!
And 4B be right behind.
Whew! What a show! Take a little stretch, come back, and we’ll kick it off with 5th grade who has a nice little welcome for ya.
And we’re back at it with 5A and 5B bringing the spirit!
6th grade can’t hold back their enthusiasm – rock it 6th!
7th grade would like to share a joyful message for everyone.

Now bring it all home to the North Pole 8th grade!
Last but not least – It’s an annual tradition that we do a Christmas sing-a-long on the last day before break. We’re sad that we can’t all be together in the school singing loud for all to hear, but the staff has put together it’s traditional song for you to enjoy. And a one, and a two, and a …..
Merry Christmas everyone! See you next year!