New Student Checklist!

Here is a copy of the basic New Student Checklist.  Any completed forms can be turned into the Main Office inbox.  The Main Office will close June 28th and re-open August 19th from 9am-2pm.  We have expanded the Optional Items below to include extracurricular activities that start in the Fall.

REQUIRED Items for NEW Students:

REQUIRED Items for New Families:

  • Safe Environment Registration – required of any one who volunteers at school activities.  Register for background check and Safe Environment training (dates at HRS are Sep. 7th – 9am and Sep. 11th at 6pm, both in the School Hall).  You must register for a SE training to receive credit.
  • Volunteer Log-in Set-up – For submitting volunteer hours (One log-in per family, if two-household student family, please contact for separate accounts)

OPTIONAL Items (any hard copy forms that need to be signed can be brought in the first day of school, there will be a basket in the Main Office for forms):

Other Resources:

  • Dennis Uniforms – The closest Dennis store is now in Portland, OR.  Only source to purchase MacBeth plaid, red cardigan, and fleece vests. Sells all uniform pieces, except leggings, and the red Perfect Uniform Sweatshirt and Zip-up Cadet-Collar Sweatshirt).  If ordering school emblem red sweater cardigan, please make sure to order early (early July) for receipt before school starts)
  • Land’s End – School code: 900135310  (Only source for the red Perfect Uniform Sweatshirt w/emblem, Sells all uniform pieces except MacBeth plaid, red sweater options, and Zip-up Cadet-Collar Sweatshirt)
  • New perfect uniform Zip-up Cadet-Collar Sweatshirt will be available to order again in late August (delivery in late October).  There may be some sizes available for sale in the Main office.
  • Besides the school’s uniform closet, there is also a Facebook page ‘HRS Uniform Exchange’, families are welcome to join.