Annual Fund

annual-fund-badge-reversedHoly Rosary School has been delivering excellence in education since 1913. In order to sustain this excellence, the school relies on support from alumni, parents, parishioners, grandparents and friends to meet its operating needs each year and bridge the gap between the tuition charged and the actual cost to educate a child. It is vitally important to the school’s ability to meet operating costs and balance the budget. Gifts to the Annual Fund provide unrestricted monies to help fill the gap that tuition alone does not cover. We are very grateful for each and every one of these gifts.

 Donating to the Annual Fund



  • Download, print and complete the 2016-17 Annual Fund pledge form.
  • Make your check payable to “Holy Rosary School Annual Fund”.
  • Mail to: Holy Rosary School Annual Fund, 4142 42nd Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98116.
Employer Matching Program

Does your employer have a matching program? Check with your company’s HR department to see if they match your donation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the Annual Fund?
A: The Annual Fund is a yearly giving campaign that supports general operating expenses, including compensating our teachers at a just and equitable salary, facilities, financial aid, and continuously improving the learning opportunities for our students.
Q: Why give to the Annual Fund?
A: The Holy Rosary School’s Annual Fund is an essential source of funds for the school. Each year we ask all members of Holy Rosary School community to consider a gift to the Annual Fund so we can ensure that our students receive the best possible education.
Q: Why is the percentage of parent participation so important?
A: When we apply for grants as a non-profit institution, the percentage of constituents’ participation is taken under consideration. The greater the participation, the greater chance we have of receiving grants. Over 75% of our families participated last year.  Our goal this year is 100%.
Q: Why do we ask for contributions when families already pay tuition?
A: While tuition does cover a significant portion of the cost of a Holy Rosary School education for each child, it doesn’t cover it all. The difference between tuition and the cost of educating a student is over $3,000 per child.
Q: Is the Annual Fund the same as the Endowment fund?
A: No, the Annual Fund covers operating expenses and is used in its entirety each year. The Endowment Fund uses donations to add to its principal balance with a percentage of the earnings returned to the school each year to support our financial aid program.


If you have additional questions or need more information about the Annual Fund, please contact our Development Director.

100% participation, it’s all for the kids!