Faith Family Books For 8th Graders

About Faith Families

Each Holy Rosary student and faculty member belongs to a Faith Family. Faith Families are multi-age groups that meet about once a month for prayer and service activities. These activities are designed to promote bonding across grade levels, foster leadership by 8th Grade students, and nurture growth in our faith and as disciples of Christ. 

There are 16 Faith Families, each named for an important Catholic virtue or value. At the beginning of each year, we joyfully welcome our newest school members to each Faith Family. Siblings are placed together in the same Faith Family, and all students remain in their same Faith Families throughout the duration of their time at Holy Rosary. By the end of a student’s time at Holy Rosary, very special bonds are formed within the Faith Family groups. At the close of each year, we reluctantly say goodbye to our 8th grade leaders as they prepare to go off to their chosen high schools. One of the Faith Family spring traditions is writing letters to each of their Faith Family 8th graders. The letters are bound into a book which is given to the graduating 8th graders at their Baccalaureate Dinner. 

This year students will be writing their letters from home.

Instructions For Creating Letters
  • Students may write a letter, a prayer, and/or draw a picture for each of their Faith Family 8th graders. That is, if there are three 8th graders in their Faith Family, they’ll write one letter to each 8th grader. This year students have the choice of writing their own or writing a letter as a family; just be sure you have a letter for each 8th grader in your Faith Family. You can find the 8th graders in your Faith Family in the steps below.
  •  Download, print, and use any of these templates, or use your own 8.5×11 blank sheet of paper. 
  • Letters should be colorful and neatly done. Make it personal and heartfelt — have fun with it! These books are cherished for a lifetime. Include a greeting and remember to sign it at the bottom. View samples here. Click to enlarge.
  • Letters should be dropped off on May 17th, 18th, and 19th, in the bins under the doorway of the school hall. If you are unable to drop-off, contact Mr. Barker at 
Finding Your 8th Graders
  1. Click here and follow the instructions on the page to find what 8th graders are in your Faith Family. When you find the 8th graders in your Faith Family, return to this page. 
  2. Click here to refer to the 8th grade information sheet. Find your Faith Family on the slide show and use the information listed by your 8th graders to help write your letter, prayer, picture, etc. ! Any questions, please email Mr. Barker at