Family Communication (eFC) 2-26-15

February 26, 2015

Principal’s Newsletter


Our eighth graders received their letters from the Catholic high schools last week. I am happy to say that everyone who applied was accepted into a Catholic high school. Many received multiple acceptances. The students did very well on their tests and their references. The general findings are as follows.

HOLY NAMES ACADEMY – 19 students were accepted. Ten of those students were accepted with academic financial scholarships and honors. Four of those students were accepted with honors.

KENNEDY CATHOLIC – 23 students were accepted. 11 received Lancer Academic and leadership financial awards.

SEATTLE PREPARATORY – 18 students were accepted, four with academic honors.

O’DEA HIGH SCHOOL – 12 students were accepted. There is one academic and leadership award.

BISHOP BLANCHET – 14 students were accepted

Congratulations to the students, the staff and the parents. Results like this come from a committed team effort —- over many years. Go Gators!


Remember our last “Outreach Day” of the year is Holy Thursday. It is part of our Lenten journey. There will be a brief prayer service at the beginning of the day. Students will bring in their financial donations, offerings of food for the food bank, and some type of item(s) for a cause their class has picked out. These will all be delivered and deposited after the service, with the help of some staff and eighth graders. This incorporates prayer, almsgiving and social action into our Lent. It is an important part of what a Catholic School is all about. The more a family talks about, reflects on and participates in this journey —- with their children —– the more of an impact it becomes. Please do whatever you can to help us make Lent a truly meaningful experience for your children.


One of the major sewer lines to the school has collapsed. Hopefully it has been repaired by the time you read this. Some would say — appropriately it is right outside my window —- leading into the middle of the street. It is beyond repair so it must be replaced. I believe it is the original sewer line. Needless to say —- the repair cost is not in our budget. So those of you who received our “Valentine’s Day Appeal” because you have not gotten around responding to our Annual Fund Letter —– I ask that you respond with some help ASAP. It is really going to make a difference. Hopefully the repairs will not (or did not) impact our traffic too much.


I am conducting my yearly review meetings with the staff. Among other things we are reflecting on the way they implement our programs dealing with student conflict, their plans on using the results of the IOWA Test, their lesson and unit planning, any needs they might have, reflections on the school survey, and their contract for next year. Needless to say the meetings are pretty full. At this point I am anticipating everyone returning, but we are very early in the process. This is a part of my Lenten journey, as these encounters offer a great deal to meditate upon.


In an effort to provide as much information as possible for families who are enrolled in or are considering Holy Rosary School, the school has looked at projected tuition for the years 2016-17 through 2019-20. At this point, the school expects in-parish tuition to increase between 5-6 percent annually and out-of-parish tuition to increase 2-3 percent annually.

These numbers are projections and are subject to change. Future tuition is subject to several variables including enrollment, fundraising and grant receipts, building and grounds obligations, and changes to the Parish subsidy. While these projections are subject to change, Holy Rosary School believes it is important to move toward a multi-year strategic plan, which can be tailored to specific conditions each year, and to share that plan with existing and potential HRS families.

Toward that end, the school administration has formulated and adopted a multi-year salary scale for school faculty and staff. One of the most important and obvious goals of the school budget is to ensure fair compensation for and retention of our faculty and staff.

These projections narrow but do not eliminate the difference between in-parish and out-of-parish tuition. The consensus is to retain a discount for in-parish families but also to narrow the gap, in part to make HRS more attractive to out-of-parish families. If you have any questions about these projections, please feel free to contact Principal Hofbauer or any representative of the school commission.


HRS Budget Presentation – Holy Rosary School Commission will present an overview of the HRS 2015-16 budget on March 11 at the School Hall beginning at 7:00 pm.

Father John’s Newsletter


Many people find that fasting during Lent is impossible! Some say, “I just can’t go without my usual intake of food — even for a day”. On closer inspection the culprit may be the stress and the rush of life; this is what really causes us to eat mindlessly instead of mindfully and stuff ourselves into overweight and ill health instead of maintaining health and well-being. The body demands compensations for the use and abuse to which we subject it.

When I go on a retreat to spend mindful time in God’s presence away from the rush of life I find it easy to eat less. Last summer I went on three-day retreat while In Ireland in the equivalent setting to Jesus going into the wilderness where I was only allowed a cup of tea and a slice of bread each day and amazingly I was not hungry. Water was freely available but I was surprised that I didn’t feel the hunger. I would not continue such a regimen often or for long periods of time but I found that it is possible to limit ourselves more than we realize in healthful living.

What is the kind of fasting that God wants?

Rabbi Joseph Telushkin in The Book of Jewish Values, offers this different perspective on fasting as prayer:

“My wife and I periodically try to engage in a “complaining fast”. For a week at a time, we try to refrain from all whining and complaining. What generally motivates us to initiate such a fast is a spate of constant grumbling. It happens that one of us will start complaining about things — how bad they are. Initially these complaints evoke sympathy and understanding but soon the other spouse begins to list the complaints of the week or month. By the time the conversation is finished, we are aware of everything in our lives that is not going well, and we are both miserable …

“One way to achieve more happiness is to declare at least a temporary moratorium on complaining. Doing so makes it easier to be conscious of the things that are going well in your life”.

During Lent, instead of being frustrated with not being able to fast from food or alcoholic beverages so that we can be reminded of the more important hunger for the things of God, what about fasting from behaviors that could give a breakthrough in our relationship with God and others in life.

  • fasting from complaining so that we can become more aware of all we have to be grateful for in our lives.
  • fasting from criticism, so as to see anew the good that exists in everyone created by God.
  • fasting from anger, so as to realize our own need for forgiveness and understanding.
  • fasting from TV to spend more quality time with family.
  • fasting from “me time” in order to give more volunteer time.
  • fasting from noise to spend more time in silent, mindful, attentive prayer.
  • fasting from over-activity to spend time with the church community on Sunday asking God to help us all make a breakthrough in these things.

The spirit of fasting is not what we fast from but what fasting enables us to do; to shift our focus to the things of God that really matter.

This Lent: REBOOT; REFRESH; RESET your spiritual life.

Fr John.


“They must hear that Christ is not a character in a novel, but a living person, who wants to share their irrepressible desire for life, commitment and dedication. If we content ourselves with offering them mere human comfort, we let them down. It is important to offer them the best we have: Jesus Christ, his Gospel, and with Him, a new horizon, which enables them to face life with coherence, honesty and high-mindedness. They see the evils of the world and ….. they place their finger in the wound and ask for no substitutes. They want to be in control of their present and builders of a future in which there is no place for lies, corruption and the lack of solidarity”. – POPE FRANCIS.

St. Martin de Porres

During Lent, our students will be participating in a variety of service outreach and prayer opportunities. The details for our annual Lenten Brown Bag lunch program with St. Martin de Porres can be found below. Please watch your child’s classroom newsletter and website for details about our upcoming Holy Thursday Service Outreach. The six weeks of Lent give us ample time and opportunity for service outreach. Pick and choose the activities that work for your family.

BROWN BAG FRIDAYS FOR ST. MARTIN de PORRES SHELTER will begin tomorrow. Every year, as part of our Lenten Outreach, Holy Rosary School has provided lunches to the men at St. Martin de Porres shelter. Students are asked to bring a lunch or two and a toiletry item on designated Fridays during Lent. These lunches can be kept cold, so perishable food is fine.

**If you are interested in driving a few students to deliver the lunches one Friday in Lent, please contact Jennifer Hazzard in the school office.

Please keep the toiletry items separate from the lunches:

  • February 27 – Men’s gloves
  • March 6 – men’s socks
  • March 13 – disposable razors/shaving cream (sample size)
  • March 20 – No School due to Archdiocesan In-service Day
  • March 27 – travel size toothpaste and disposable toothbrush (singles)

Thank you!

School Play – FAIRY TALE NETWORKDrama Play

Bring the whole family to enjoy the debut of Fairy Tale Network, a fast-paced, humor-filled play about a television network challenged to improve its viewership ratings with exciting new programming! Presented by Holy Rosary School, featuring original scenes, which have been masterfully authored by the students themselves. Additionally, the whole student body of Holy Rosary School has collaborated to design a beautifully intricate and fanciful set! Come feast your eyes and indulge your imagination in an evening filled with humor, memorable fun and whimsical entertainment. This is a spectacle not to be missed!

When: Wednesday March 4 and Thursday March 5 at 7:00pm

Where: Holy Rosary School, Main Entrance: School Hall

Cost: Donations warmly accepted at the door

*Delicious treats & refreshments will be available from our very own, Starfish Cafe!*


Mark your calendars for the upcoming annual Father/Daughter Glow Bowl! This event is scheduled for Friday, March 6 from 5-8pm at West Seattle Bowl. Bright yellow copies of the registration form for Glow Bowl were distributed at school for your convenience. There are extra copies in the school office too. Complete and return the bottom of the form to the office with payment. This event fills up quickly. To download a form, go to this page on the school website father-daughter glow bowl form 2015



AUCTION – Rock Around The Clock

Holy Rosary Auction – April 25, at 5 o’clock at Holy Rosary School

Dust off your blue suede shoes and break out your poodle skirt, because the Holy Rosary Heart Auction is taking you back in time to the nifty fifties! Brush up on your dance moves, ’cause we’re gonna jump, jive, and twist the night away.

Invitations will go home soon. Start organizing a table to attend the event of the year! Tickets will again cost $75 per person; or $25 for Silent Auction attendance only.


Last year we held our first online auction and it was a smashing success. So make sure to participate and be tuned for our Online Auction this year.

Save the date: April 4th – 18th

Many interesting items will be available. Here is a sample of the items up for bidding at Holy Rosary’s upcoming online auction:

  • Restaurant Gift Certificates
  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Free Dress Passes
  • Theater Tickets


Several shifts are available. We need all “all hands on deck”!

To get fundraising hours and help us with the auction, log into the link below. Keep in mind that more shifts will be added, as we get closer. To sign up, go to:

NIGHT OF AUCTION – Two greatly needed positions open:

LIVE AUCTION DATA ENTRY – Two people needed. This is not a position that would allow you to regularly “attend” the Auction. However, you would be able to be right in the center of the action. It’s an ideal job for a couple or two friends.

CO – LEAD CLEAN UP CREW (Sat.) – One parent is needed to support Ben Palmer and his volunteer team on the night of the auction. The clean up team is essential to this event!

Interested? Contact Kamila Kennedy today!


For Students:

  • Dance & Pizza Party (NEW THIS YEAR*) – May 1 6:00-8:00 pm
  • Bingo With the Teachers – April 17

For Parents:

  • Stay tuned for upcoming details on events/parties

*Hosted by SunDance featuring a LIVE DJ and Pizza in Lanigan Gym, $35 per child. Forms will go home soon.

Annual Fund

Update – Goal $200,000 by June 2015

80% percent of the school families have pledged to the annual fund – Thank you!

The Annual Fund is made up of unrestricted annual gifts from parents, alumni and friends. Donations to the Annual Fund allow us to continue our goal of keeping tuition at a level that allows all parish families to attend the school if they so desire. Annual Fund donations allow us to close the gap between the actual cost of educating each student and what is charged for tuition. Donations also support the school’s operating budget, provide essential resources for educational opportunities for students, financial aid for students, and competitive salaries for teachers.

The Annual Fund is a year-round program, commencing on July 1 and concluding on June 30. Gifts to the Annual Fund can be made by check, online payments or transfer of stock and may be tax deductible as allowable by law.

Annual Fund donations to date (as of 2/20/2015)

  • Pledged $181, 230
  • Paid   $146,403

Centennial Campaign

Celebrate Our Future, Today

The Centennial Campaign provides the opportunity for everyone (current families, alumni, parish community and others) to contribute toward the success, strength and future of Holy Rosary School by addressing critical capital needs, providing faculty with additional professional development opportunities from which our students will benefit and ensuring future financial aid assistance by growing the Father James Mallahan Endowment Fund.

The funding areas for the Centennial Campaign are as follows:

  • Windows (installed summer 2014)
  • Roof
  • Staff Development
  • Technology
  • Playground
  • Endowment Fund
  • Campaign Costs

Thanks to the incredible generosity of our community, we have raised more than $485,000 toward our Campaign goal of $2,000,000. That effort has allowed us to complete installation of the windows this past summer.

We continue to need your help. Now is the time to ensure our School’s financial future and achieve our vision to be recognized as community leaders in education.

Campaign Pledge Update (as of 2/20/2015):

  • Total Pledges $498,861.06
  • Total Paid $247,018.20
  • Number of Donors* 171

*Included are: parents, grandparents, HRS staff members, a grant from Ganeau-Nicon Family Foundation, companies that provide matching gifts and the net proceeds from the Centennial Gala held in the fall of 2013.

To inquire about the Campaign or make a pledge, please contact the Development Office or Mr. Hofbauer directly.

Extra Recess Patrols

Thank you 8th grade for covering this week. Calling all 2nd grade families – please use the link below to sign up for the extra recess patrol for next week 3/2-6. These extra patrols are outside the fence. Also, please do not forget to wear an orange safety vest. They are located in the patrol room and help identify you to the children and our HRS neighbors.

Volunteer Needed

The office is looking for a volunteer with a nursing background or medical background to assist with auditing our immunization forms. We need to ensure all the immunization information we have on file is up to date as students sometimes forget to get an updated immunization form if they have received additional immunizations after a well visit. If you are able to help, or if you have questions, please contact the office or Theresa Westlund.

Computer Monitor/Display Needed

The computer lab is in need of a 15” or larger working computer monitor. Screen quality isn’t important. An HDMI input is preferred but not necessary. Please contact Mr. Barker ASAP if you have a used one you’d like to donate. Thank you!


Feb 24 070Congratulations to Holy Rosary’s Elect!

Lilly K., Ruben S., Amelia P., and Harper Mae W. were enrolled in the Order of the Elect during the Rite of Election celebrated by Archbishop Sartain at St. James Cathedral, Monday February 23rd. During the Rite of Election and Call to Continuing Conversion, parishes present the catechumens and candidates to the bishop and the congregation. Godparents and sponsors are asked by the bishop to affirm that those in preparation are sufficiently ready to continue their faith journeys, and the catechumens and candidates affirm their desire to fully enter into the life of the Church. The catechumens’ sign their names into the Book of the Elect, signifying that the catechumens are now members of the Order of the Elect. The Elect will become fully initiated Catholics, receiving the Sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation, and Eucharist at the Easter Vigil Mass celebrated here at Holy Rosary on April 4th. For more information about the RCIA process and becoming Catholic please contact JoAnn Tobin (adults) or Sister Stella (children)

Don’t forget to sign up for the Junior High Youth Rally, March 7, 2015 at St. James Cathedral and O’Dea! All Parish 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th Graders are welcome. Come join 600+ Youth from all over the Archdiocese for an all-day energizing Faith-filled event with games, music, praise, and so much more. The Rally is from 8:30am-6:30 pm and the $50 registration fee covers the entire event, lunch and T-shirt. Please click on this link to register

For more information about Youth Rally 2015 click on this link: For more inspiration check out the Youth Ministry Facebook page

IMPORTANT: On the Registration form, please type in Ruth Reiser as the Coordinator and also select Parish, Holy Rosary-Seattle. Scholarships are available…please choose “check” as method of payment but don’t pay and let Jennifer know at For more information about the Youth Rally, you can also visit our Youth Ministry page at or call Deyette at 206-937-1488, ext. 251.


Were you aware that a Catholic is fully initiated into the Church with the reception of all three sacraments of initiation: Baptism, Confirmation and Eucharist. Catholics also believe that there is a grace that comes with being fully initiated. Why full initiation? So that we may be ready to do the work the Spirit is calling us to. If you are an adult who has not yet been confirmed, Holy Rosary is offering a series of sessions, beginning Wednesday evening, Feb. 11 from 7-8:30 in the Parish Center, to prepare you to receive this sacrament May 10 at the 10:30am Mass. Please contact JoAnn Tobin at or 206-937-1488, Ext. 203 for more information or to register.


Each month, Holy Rosary provides a dinner for homeless teens and young adults. We do this through the Orion Center, which is dedicated to serving homeless teenagers and young adults to help them stay off the streets and complete their high school education. The Orion Center also provides meals, shelter and tutoring. We need help preparing dinner on Thursday, March 5, 1-3 pm. Dinner prep will take place in Lanigan Gym, and we need help with making a salad and fruit platter. If you can assist, please contact Chris Dormaier. Her email is or call her at 206.412.0168. Thank you for considering!


Want to do something fun and holy with your little girl (aged 5-13)? Teach her that she is a princess, a daughter of the King!

Daughters of the King: Catholic Princess Retreat

Teaching Girls Their Dignity in Christ and their Place in the Kingdom of God

May 1-3, 2015 * Led by: Camille Pauley

For more information visit: or call: (206) 274-3130

Community Notices


St. Francis of Assisi School is presenting its all-school musical, Disney’s The Little Mermaid Jr., featuring the junior high students. You are invited to attend one of the performances, Friday and Saturday, February 27 and 28, at 7:00 PM at Highline Performing Arts Center, 401 South 152nd St, Burien.

Tickets may be purchased at the door or at St. Francis School – adults $12.00, students/seniors $10.00.


Catholic spring break soccer camp now open. Early sign-up rate when registered by April 1! Plus free camp scarf and Nike gym/string bag when registered by April 1! In addition to your free soccer ball and camp t-shirt! Day camps for ages 5 – 13 years old. Sign up now at:

Phone: 206-547-4143. Please see flyer – 2015-Springbreak-CYO.pdf


Seattle Prep is hosting an information evening for parents and guardians on the topic of Drug and Alcohol Prevention on Monday, March 30th starting at 6:30pm. As the attached letter explains, the program is sponsored by Seattle Children’s Hospital and one of the presenters will be a physician with a specialty in Adolescent and Young Adult Medicine. The event is free and open to the public. Please see flyer for more details.- SP Parent Form Letter Drug and Alcohol prevention.


Seattle Prep Drama presents the Tony Award winning musical Pippin! A cast of 45 talented Prep students bring magic and intrigue to life in this beloved coming-of-age musical comedy written by Stephen Schwartz (creator of Wicked and Godspell). February 20 – March 1, 2015 Fridays and Saturdays 7:00pm Sundays 2:00pm. Tickets available


Volunteer hours needed? The St. Patrick’s Day Dash, a 31-year Seattle tradition, is looking for a few volunteers to work shifts at West Seattle Runner. Duties include registering runners and distributing bib number packets. This is an approved HRS volunteer shift and will count toward fundraising hours. A great parent/child volunteer opportunity since 7th and 8th graders are welcome to volunteer with a parent. Shifts are in two-hour blocks from March 7-10. The Detlef Schrempf Foundation, producer of the St. Patrick’s Day Dash, will donate $1000 to HRS for covering these volunteer shifts at West Seattle Runner!

For additional details and to sign up:


3/4/15 – School Play 7:00 pm

3/5/15 – School Play 7:00 pm

3/11/15 – School Budget Meeting – 7:00 pm School Hall

3/11/15 – 2nd Trimester Ends

3/20/15 – Deanery Curriculum Day – No School

3/27/15 – 2nd Trimester Reports Cards

4/3/15 – Good Friday Noon Dismissal

4/6-10/15 – Easter Break, No School