Family Communication (eFC) 9-10-2015

Principal’s Newsletter

While listening to the four speakers before me I realized that each had a word they stressed a number of times throughout their talk. Those words were “EXCITING, JOY, FUN and HOPE”. Now those are, in my mind, great words to start out a school year with. And they seem very appropriate for a Catholic school. So, welcome back to another exciting year here at Holy Rosary School. We are already off and running. We have started our journey. During these three years that I have been with you we launched a new Math program, we launched new Language Arts program, and this year we are launching both our STEM (plus) program and we are updating our Religion program.

We purchased new, more challenging IOWA tests and moved the testing date to the beginning of the school year to help teachers better understand the needs of their students and to participate in a Consortium of schools which allows us to compare ourselves to other high scoring institutions.

We have also introduced iPads into grades K through 4. (We now have around 200 of them.) And we have all done this together.

Oh, and let’s not forget about a new roof, a new camera security system, and a new, less exciting, but very costly sewer system.

Much of this is because of our Centennial Campaign and our Annual Fund.   Parents, staff, students and an increasing base of alumni and grandparent supporters have helped us boldly step into the future. Yes, we have done a great deal together. And now we have a new Pastor, a new Parish Administrator will be arriving soon, and this year well, it is time for me to step down and make way for a new Principal.

And that team, that new Trinity of leadership, will help guide you into a new and bolder vision for the future.   I am excited for you and for your future prospects.

I came here for three months and that turned into three years and three months. That is because of the dynamism I found here within this community of students, staff, parents, and parishioners.   I can think of no better, no finer community for me to end my 45-year career in Catholic Education with.

Our children here at Holy Rosary have been are being and will continue to be exceptionally well educated. They will enter the high schools and colleges of their choice. They will win scholarships, awards, and recognitions for their character, leadership, outreach and intellect.   But that is nothing new. We are an excellent educational institution that has received the National Blue Ribbon Award for education, not once, but twice!

Our students will become productive faith filled citizens committed to personal excellence and service for those in need. They will be voices for the voiceless, and power for the weak. That is after all what a Catholic education is about but there is more.

You see we are really counter-cultural and I am proud to admit to, no, to proclaim that. We do not believe in or teach Me First, Self-Centeredness, Situational Ethics, or a spirit of constant condescending superiority over all others.

In David Brook’s recent book titled the Road to Character he explains that “we live in a society that encourages us to think about how to have a great career but leaves many of us inarticulate on how to cultivate the inner life”. We are entering an age when more people are spending more time in the years of their life absent of any engagement in a career than being actively engaged in one. We also live in an age when more and more time is invested in activities, and at times, professions that do not really feed the soul. So our interior lives can be empty.

And, at times, it is in this emptiness that our children find us as they become the guardians of our lives.

So you see the seeds of responsibility planted by a school like this in the hearts of our children really will one-day impact us.

They will impact the world in the not too distant future.

That is why Catholic education is a Holy Mission. It is a Sacred Quest. As Theodore Roosevelt once said, “We cannot prepare the future for our children but we can prepare our children for the future.” And in so doing we make the world a better place.

Just as we once, and in some cases still do hold our children’s whole world in our hands they will one day in the not too distant future do the same with our world. So let us teach them well for the sake of the world and for our sake.

You see, Catholic education is a multiplier. It is an amplifier. It is not a whisper.

It is a roar that does not just accept the status quo. It accentuates everything we do and say because the basic premises behind it all is that there is a God, a God who calls us to goodness, to care, to develop our talents for the good of all, a God who calls us to greatness in our role as stewards for all life on our planet and a God who does indeed hold us and our world in the palm of his loving hands.

But those hands are our hands or really the hands of the God within us inspiring and calling us to do our best to be our best for the sake of all life in this wondrous, beautiful and holy world He has gifted us with.

So I ask you to really travel with us this year travel with each other travel with me this one last time as we do what needs to be done for the sake of the school for the sake of each other for the sake of your child and all the other children and their yet unborn grandchildren seven generations removed. For you see, we impact the “foreverness” of time.

It will not be easy, but then nothing worth doing ever is. It will be a wild ride. It will be a great adventure. It will leave an impact on history forever. And remember our school motto “Deum videre in omnibus” SEE GOD IN ALL THINGS
Finally, I thank you for all you have done with your cooperation, support, your investment of time, energy, creativity and resources for the good of all. I thank you for all you are doing, and I thank you for all you are about to do.

God Bless

Opening Mass Reminder

Our first all school mass is tomorrow at 8:45. Please remember to have your child in Perfect Uniform (uniform pants or skirt, white shirt, red Holy Rosary logo sweatshirt or sweater).

The Gators Review

Holy Rosary School is now a STEM Plus School, and with this embracing of technology, Holy Rosary School is introducing The Gators Review, our premiere digital school magazine. The Gators Review highlights our educational excellence and community events, like WestFest. This year, The Gators Review features all the fun of WestFest, the 100th birthday of our school and is a great way to showcase our generous sponsors. We invite you grab our latest copy on your phone, tablet, desktop or laptop to get a glimpse of what we have been up to. Click here to visit. Also, visit our sponsors at:


It’s time for that great fall tradition – WestFest! Your WestFest committee has been working hard all summer to prepare a wonderful event. We are reaching out to the larger West Seattle community via the local schools, as well as the West Seattle Blog and Facebook. Tell your friends and family and help us welcome our school and parish members, neighbors, friends and families from all over West Seattle! WestFest begins Friday evening at 6:00 and ends at 10:00. The Saturday hours are from 10:00 in the morning until 10:00 in the evening.

VOLUNTEERING – Volunteer positions are open and posted – there are only a few spots left! Thank you for your amazing response! There are two different links to choose from – one for the parents here and the other for 7/8th graders here. Please choose the appropriate one because a parent can’t work a student shift or vice versa. Thanks! Be mindful of what shift you sign up for – we need everyone who volunteers to work their shift. If for some reason you are not able to show up, you must find a replacement to work your shift for you. Thank you!

SPONSORSHIPS – Click on “Sponsorship” on the menu bar at the top. Thanks to Annabel Quintero and Randy Rodriguez for all their dedication to this project! Be sure to patronize the businesses that donate to Holy Rosary and let them know how much we appreciate their support!

PANCAKE BREAKFAST – Yum, it’s the WestFest Pancake Breakfast! Come and enjoy a stack of pancakes, along with ham or bacon, served before or after Masses this coming Sunday, September 13, 8:00-12:00. Bring your appetite across the street to the school hall, along with $20 for families, $6 for adults, $5 for seniors and $4 for kids, and eat your fill! Attention Seahawks Fans! The game will be broadcast live during the pancake breakfast, so you can cheer on the team and nourish yourself at the same time!

SHIRTS – Style-up your (and your kids’) wardrobe with a WestFest T-shirt! There are three colors to choose from to spread the WestFest spirit. Holy Rosary students can enjoy free dress when they wear their shirt on Spirit Day, next Friday September 18. Shirts may be ordered using the order form that was mailed to you in the back to school packet, at the Parent’s Club Meeting tonight, or at the Pancake Breakfast this coming Saturday. The shirts will be distributed next Thursday.

WRISTBANDS – There are three different ways to secure wristbands – the gold order form mailed to you in your back to school packet, at the Pancake Breakfast this coming Saturday September 13, and at the parents club meeting tonight.   Wristband prices at the event go up, so take advantage of the savings and get your bands early! This year’s rides include the Rock Climbing Wall, the Pirate Ship, the Tea Cups, the Tall Slide, an Obstacle Course AND A Bouncy House! We are bringing back the Toddler Time option where kids age four and under get exclusive access to 3 of the rides from 10-12 on Saturday, for a reduced price. Enjoy the option that best fits your family and come join us! For those who turned in their WestFest wristband order forms last week, their wristbands will be coming home today in a white envelope with their family name on. Please check your student’s backpack. Questions – please call Irene Merz at 206-769-7117. Thanks!

RAFFLE TICKETS – We are offering great baskets of prizes – tickets are only $1 each and will be on sale at the Parent’s Club Meeting tonight, as well as at the Pancake Breakfast this coming Saturday, September 13. Load up on these affordable tickets to try your luck at winning! Bring cash to make ticket buying easy! Prizes in the baskets include fabulous items such as a GoPro camera, movie tickets, a spa gift certificate, wine, restaurant gift cards, a watch, and much more! You can also donate to the WestFest raffle baskets. How about those new but unused items taking up room in your house? Add it to one of the baskets! Contact Lori Draper at

EARN FUND RAISING VOLUNTEER HOURS – Get a head start on earning those fund raising hours early in the school year! Shadows are needed for the positions below. Contact Kara Klem at

  • Stage Management
  • Decorations
  • Raffle Donations/Ticket Sales

CAKE WALK – Up to four hours of volunteer time(!) can be earned for home-baked goods for the WestFest cake walk. Goodies can be dropped off in the BASE art room (in the gym hallway) beginning Friday after early release at noon, as well as Saturday morning beginning 10:00. Contact Krista Zeissel at

CALLING ALL PERFORMERS, PEOPLE AND PETS! – West Seattle’s Got Talent! Sing, dance, juggle or joke your way to fame this Saturday at the WestFest Talent Show! Join us for the West Seattle Idol, Saturday at 6:00. To sign up contact Tiffany Fuentes (contact info below), or, just visit us near the main stage Friday or Saturday and get your name on the list. Kids and teens of any age or welcome.

Best in Show! Cavalcade of Pets – All pets welcome, with prizes for everyone. Bring your dog, fish, goat, ferret, cat, etc. to the WestFest stage Saturday at 4:00. Costumes are optional but encouraged. Every pet is special, so bring yours onstage and introduce it to the world! To sign up contact Tiffany Fuentes at

COFFEE PLEASE! – WestFest needs ground coffee! Seeking donations of ‘markout’ from all of our Starbucks families. Help keep costs down and WestFesters awake! 🙂 Contact Melissa Ardales at

WESTFEST USED BOOKS/DVD/VIDEO SALE – We are currently rebuilding inventory for the upcoming WestFest used books/DVD/Video sale (September 18 and 19). Please bring your donation to the boxes under the table in the church (at the side entrance). If you or your business need to have your donation picked up, or if you have any questions, please contact Shaughn FitzGerald by email at This is a great way to find a new home for your pass-along books and DVD’s while helping to support WestFest!

Parents Club

REMINDER – Join us for the first Parents Club meeting of the school year, tonight at 6:30 pm in the school hall! All families are welcomed and encouraged to come! You will not want to miss learning more about the STEM Plus plans for the year presented by our wonderful Holy Rosary staff with grade-specific examples. We will get to hear about what the classes are doing to highlight the STEM aspect of HRS. Very exciting!

The class with the most parent participation will enjoy an ice cream float party and a coffee for their teacher for encouraging you to spend your evening with us.

You can always email us at or drop a note in our box located in the office if you have any questions, comments or concerns. Thank you for sharing your ideas and for sharing our commitment to continuing the success and memory-making at Holy Rosary!

Magazine Drive

The Magazine Drive is in full swing, with its official kick-off assembly this Friday, September 11 at 2:00!

Important dates to keep in mind:

  • First deadline for online orders is Monday 9/14 at 9PM
  • First “Tally Tuesday” will be on Tuesday 9/15 where we will enter and tally online orders and donations for the weekly class competitions
  • Donations must be turned in on “Tally Tuesdays” at drop off
  • BONUS PRIZE: 3 online actions must be complete by Monday 9/14 at 9PM for your child(dren) to win the first ever bonus prize! Actions to complete are as follows: 1) create an online profile on com + send 12+ emails 2) create an avatar or upload a picture 3) share your storefront on social media
  • Bonus Prizes will be distributed on Tuesday 9/15!

All orders should be placed online & remember the time you spend helping your customers order online counts as fundraising hours! THANK YOU for supporting our school and helping us get to our goal of $125,000!

To register your child on AP Hearst, please follow these easy steps.

  • Go to
  • Click on “I am a parent/guardian or student”
  • Select your school. Use the school code: ROSARY when searching for Holy Rosary
  • Follow the steps to create the account

Once the account is created, get familiar with the various selling tools available – avatars, e-mail blasts, printable flyers, social media, etc. Complete all the steps needed to quality for the bonus prize.

To order online:

  • Go to
  • Click on “SHOP NOW”
  • School code: ROSARY
  • Students’ First and last name
  • Shop magazine titles
Safe Environment Update

The Archdiocese has developed a new system and the instructors are all being trained at this time.  Classes are being added.  Holy Rosary’s onsite instructor is working on scheduling classes here but we don’t have the dates yet. The following classes below have been added for “Protecting God’s Children for Adults”:

  • Saturday, September 12 at 9:00 at St. Anthony Catholic Church – Renton
  • Sunday, September 13 at 1:30 at St. James Cathedral Seattle Downtown
  • Thursday, September 17 at 6:00 St. Joseph School – Seattle
  • Tuesday, September 22 at 6:00 St. Alphonsus Catholic Church – Seattle
  • Tuesday, September 22 at 6:30 St. Philomena Catholic – Des Moines
  • Thursday, September 24 at 8:45 – St. Alphonsus Catholic Church – Seattle
  • Thursday, September 24 at 6:00 St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church – Seahurst
  • Tuesday, September 29 at 6:30 St. Philomena Catholic – Des Moines
  • Saturday, October 3 at 9:00 St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church – Seahurst

The link to find the information and to sign up for classes is:

  • Click – Safe Environment
  • Click – Training Requirements
  • Section – Volunteer Requirements
  • Click – Virtus
  • From Virtus create a profile

If you haven’t received an email from the Archdiocese with a temporary sign in to the new system “Virtus”, you can begin the process by using the instructions above.

Annual Fund

Thank you for the many responses this week.

The annual fund is a yearly campaign that runs from July 1 – June 30. We have started our 2015-2016 Annual Fund drive. Our goals are 100% participation and $200,000 by June 2016! Have you pledged yet? Download the pledge form here. Pledges range from $25 to $10,000. No amount is too small! The Annual Fund is vitally important to the school’s ability to meet operating costs and balance the budget. Gifts to the Annual Fund provide unrestricted monies to help fill the gap that tuition alone does not cover. Recognizing that you may not be fully aware of what the Annual Fund is and its importance and impact on our school, read more here. Please feel free to contact the development office with ANY Annual Fund/fundraising questions! Kamila Kennedy at (206) 937-7255.

Where To Find Information on Fundraising

Find our Giving links on our website on the GIVE tab.

Screen Shot 2015-09-10 at 11.58.50 AM

1% Receipt Program with Thriftway

We are collecting the Thriftway receipts to get 1% of your shopping back to the school through their ongoing 1% Receipt Program.  You may drop off the receipts in the school office.  There is a box placed on the shelf behind the door.  If you have any questions, please contact Irene Merz at Thank you for all your continued support.

Mother Son Glow Bowl

The Mother Son Glow Bowl will be Friday, October 23 at 5:00. See attached flyer here. The forms should be turned into the office no later than Friday, October 9.

Pizza Lunch

Please see the attached form here to sign up for the 8th grade pizza lunch fundraiser. Please turn in the forms by October 2 if you would like your child/ren to participate in this fundraiser.

Picture Day

Picture Day is September 22. Your children may wear free dress on that day. Ordering online is available please click on here or you can place your order here with a picture day envelope. The envelope will be distributed next week. Siblings payments cannot be combined in one envelope, each student must turn in an envelope and a check.

Photo Release Form

Please complete and return this form to the main office of the school. If the school does not receive a completed form, permission is assumed. Forms are due to the main office by Friday, September 25. Thank you!

After School Art Workshop at HRS!

This 6-week course is packed with unforgettable art projects that are designed to introduce kids to new and wildly fun avenues of creative expression, create lasting memories, and produce priceless works of art. This course is held throughout the school year, and runs for 6 weeks at a time. Each session offers an array of new projects. Parents often register their children for multiple sessions far in advance, so spots tend to fill up fast.

Some projects we will be doing during this year’s workshops: Ceramic keepsakes with melted glass, Paper mache piñatas, Elaborate cardboard forts, Melted crayon art, Multi-media photo collage, Splatter paint masterpieces, Miniature garden landscapes,…and more!

  • Who: All 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders are welcome to join.
  • When: Tuesdays 3:15 – 5:00.
    • Art Workshop 1.2 – This class is FULL. Sept. 8, Sept. 15, Sept. 22, Sept. 29, Oct. 6, Oct. 13
    • Art Workshop 2.2 – Oct. 20, Oct. 27, Nov. 3, Nov. 10, Nov. 17, Dec. 1. (No Art Workshop on Nov. 24 due to Conference Week)
    • Art Workshop 3.2 – Dec. 8, Dec. 15, Jan. 5, Jan. 12, Jan. 19, Jan. 26
    • Art Workshop 4.2 – Feb. 2, Feb. 9, Feb. 23, March 1, March 8, March 15. (No Art Workshop on Feb. 16, March 22, and March 29 due to holidays and school days off.)
    • Art Workshop 5.2 – April 5, April 12, April 19, April 26, May 3, May 10
  • Where: Art Room in Parish Center. (Escort to and from BASE can be arranged, upon request.)
  • Cost: $160 – includes all materials, snacks and prizes! Limited scholarships are available during each workshop session. Inquire at time of registration.

To register your child from an upcoming workshop session contact Lacey Reuter at

Sponge (same as last week)


Hola! Ni Hao! At Sponge, we see language as a passport to global citizenship. Students learn to see the world through a different lens while acquiring language skills and the confidence to use them. Young learners are especially primed for language learning – research shows that students are 70% more likely to gain fluency when they begin in elementary school. We are excited to offer Spanish and Mandarin at Holy Rosary this fall, with our engaging, research-driven curriculum, taught completely in language. Students learn important, everyday language through exciting thematic units and a wide variety of interactive games, activities, songs and art projects. Our goal is to build a strong foundation of comprehension and communication skills, all while having fun! Spanish and Mandarin classes for K-5th grade are held after school on Wednesdays at Holy Rosary from 2:20-3:20. Register online at Payments will be made through your account on the Holy Rosary website. Questions? Contact us by email at or give us a call at (425) 274-5188. Sign up today to save your spot. Classes begin October 7!


NEW HOLY ROSARY GATOR BAGS – Gator Gear! Are you geared up for sports? Don’t forget to order your new Gator Gear Duffel Bag and show your support with an adult Gator Gear Jacket! We are now taking orders. All proceeds benefit our CYO sports and scholarships! Find the order form here.

CROSS COUNTRY – They that hope in the Lord will renew their strength, they will soar as with eagle’s wings; They will run and not grow weary, walk and not grow faint. (Isaiah 40:31). I’m excited that my second season of leading the Holy Rosary Gator cross country team is about to commence! Our practices will start Tuesday, September 8th and will continue every Tuesday and Thursday from 4-5 pm. Please note that we meet at the south end of Lincoln Park, the parking lot closest to the ferry terminal. This newsletter may be review for many of you but I want review my goals for the team, introduce the coaches, the CYO sports philosophy, and the expectations for practices. If you have not yet signed up your child(ren) please do so via this link on the HRS website: For more information on cross country please go to this link.

Registration for 2015 CYO Soccer is still open for the Fall Season! Click
 here to register. The CYO organization at Holy Rosary offers the amazing opportunity for all K – 8th graders in the parish to:

  • Build school spirit by participating in organized sports with classmates and peers.
  • Represent our school and parish in friendly competition with other Seattle area parishes.
  • Develop new friendships while having fun and working towards a shared goal.
  • Become involved with CYO Sports and the Holy Rosary community (esp. for new Kindergarten families).

If you have any questions, please contact Russell Nishimoto, Soccer Coordinator for Holy Rosary at


BACK-TO-SCHOOL BLESSING from Fr. Oakland! Come to any of the masses this weekend to receive a special back-to-school blessing from Fr. Oakland!

WELCOME RECEPTION for Father Oakland. Save the date!

Volunteers are needed for this. Help decorate the Gym on Saturday, September 26 and/or serve or clean up at the party on Sunday, September 27. If interested, contact Virginia Radel at 206-658-3680 or

YOUTHCHOIR! – Rehearsals on Wednesdays 2:30-3:15. Started September 9th! Come and check out the new YouthChoir! at our convenient Wednesday rehearsal! Choir rehearsals end at 3:15 – a convenient pick-up time similar to the rest of the week. Fifth graders who are in HR band can come directly to the chapel at 2:30. We also escort kids back to BASE after choir!  We’ll go over all the music so they can also sing at the mass!   Register here.

  • Remember that music helps kids become better learners! Choir helps kids become more confident persons!
  • YouthChoir! is open to all students in grades 3-5.
  • Practices are September 9, 16, 23 (Wednesdays, choir 2:30-3:15 in chapel; cantors continue 3:15-3:40)
  • Mass:  Sunday, September 27 @ 10:30 mass (Sunday rehearsal 9:30 in chapel)

PARENTS – Please volunteer! Volunteer time counts towards school hours! Help to support YouthChoir! by volunteering your time and fun ideas or resources (t-shirts, video recording, website, field trips, community performances, pool/karaoke parties, etc.) Contact Paul Dolejsi, director at to register, volunteer or for questions. Thanks for your support!

NOTE: Religious Education students are invited to participate beginning on Sunday October 18.  Even if they can’t attend weekly Wednesday 2:30 rehearsals, they are invited to the Sunday pre-mass rehearsal at 9:30 on October 18 in the chapel.  We’ll go over the music so they can sing at the mass.

JUNIOR HIGH CHOIR – Fast Start: First Mass September 12 @ Saturday 5:00 mass  (Please RSVP. Thanks!) The Junior High Choir is ready for a fast start this year – coming together to lead the music on Saturday, September 12 at the 5:00 pm mass! Singers from grades 6-7-8 will provide the music leadership, joined by a praise band of talented musicians! Teens are mentored to become their best musical selves, whether singing or playing an instrument. This is a praise and performance opportunity for our young teens! Students sing together as a choir, and are trained to add solo’s and harmonies!

Weekly rehearsals are available after school on the Thursday prior to the Saturday mass. The JHC also rehearses one hour before mass at 4 in the chapel, then moves to the church to set up.

JHC Fall practice & performance schedule:

  • Sept. 10, Thursday, 3:00-4:00 in chapel. Voices & instruments.
  • Sept. 12, Sat., 5:00 mass.  Rehearse in CHAPEL from 4-4:40.
  • Oct. 1, Thursday, 3:00-4:00 in chapel. Voices & instruments.
  • Oct. 3, Sat., 5:00 mass.  Rehearse in CHAPEL from 4-4:40.
  • Nov. 5, Thursday, 3:00-4:00pm in chapel. Voices & instruments.
  • Nov. 7, Sat., 5:00 mass.  Rehearse in CHAPEL from 4-4:40.
  • Dec. 10, Thursday, 3:00-4:00 in chapel. Voices & instruments.
  • Dec. 12, Sat., 5:00 mass.  Rehearse in CHAPEL from 4-4:40.
  • Students may offer to sing or play an instrument (some competency expected—a great learning experience!). Music will be geared to emphasize the talents and abilities of those involved.

Parents can assist (for volunteer hours):

  • Offer to assist in organizing activities (pizza, cookies),
  • Set-up before mass, storage after mass,
  • Video or audio capture of singing performance.

RSVP your student’s participation (sing/play) to: Thanks for your support of the Junior High Choir! ~ Paul Dolejsi, Director YouthChoir!

ALTAR SERVERS – One of the great services that young people can provide is to participate as altar servers at Mass. Girls and boys in fifth grade and above can become altar servers, to assist the priests and other liturgical ministers. New servers must take part in one of the two training sessions, which begin on September 14 and October 5. To learn more and to sign up for training sessions, click here.

WALKING WITH PURPOSE REGISTRATION – Are you looking for a way to make faith a greater part of your life, but struggle to fit prayer into your hectic daily schedule?  Walking with Purpose is for all women and is a Scripture-based program that is fresh and relevant. Women of all ages are welcome!  No prior experience necessary! The 22-week course begins October 14. Two group options: Wednesday evenings and Friday mornings (childcare is provided for the morning session). Please register by Monday, September 21.  A $90 registration fee covers a study guide and hospitality. To register or find more information, click here visit here. “I continue to grow exponentially through my time with WWP. I am a better parent, wife and person as a direct result of the time I spend studying and understanding my faith and growing closer to God.”

FIRST RECONCILIATION AND FIRST COMMUNION REGISTRATION – If your child is in 2nd grade or older and you would like them to receive the Sacraments of Reconciliation and 1st Holy Communion (SAC 2) please click on this link for the online Registration. Please note, Holy Rosary Church follows the Archdiocese of Seattle’s guidelines that all children must have one year of religious instruction before being prepared for the sacraments of First Reconciliation and First Communion. Preparation can take place in a Catholic School or during Catholic Sunday School Faith Formation.  Children are normally prepared for these two Sacraments in the second grade. If you have a first grader who is not attending a Catholic school, please make sure you have your child enrolled in Sacramental I of our Faith Formation program and regularly attends the class. If you have older children who have not yet received either of these two Sacraments, please call so we may arrange to have them prepared.  For any questions, please contact Sr. Stella at 206-937-1488, ext. 252.

Community Notices

PUYALLUP FAIR PARKING – The Washington State Fair in Puyallup begins on Friday, September 11. Support Catholic education in East Pierce County by parking at one of the All Saints School’s fair parking lots. Our main entrance is located on 7th Ave SW between 2nd & 3rd St SW.  Our paved parking lots are located on 3rd St SW between 5th and 6th Ave SW in downtown Puyallup.  We are just a short distance from the main gate of the fairgrounds.  All proceeds from our fair parking fundraiser goes directly to our operating budget. For your convenience, you can pay your parking fee with a major credit card. Look for our friendly volunteers in red aprons to direct you to our lots.  Thank you in advance for supporting our school while you Do the Puyallup! Questions?Call Diana at 253-845-5025.

Upcoming Dates to Remember
  • 9/10 – Parents Club Meeting 6:30
  • 9/11 – Opening All-School Mass
  • 9/17 – 7th Grade Pilgrimage
  • 9/18 – Noon Dismiss – WestFest set up
  • 9/18 – WestFest Begins 6:00
  • 9/19 – WestFest 10:00-10:00
  • 9/22 – Picture Day
  • 9/29 – 10/1/ – 8th Grade Ropes Retreat
  • 10/2 – No School – Archdiocese In-service Day
  • 10/10 – Golf Tournament
  • 10/10 – Italian Dinner