Family Communication (eFC) 6-4-2015

June 4, 2015

Principal’s Newsletter


At our last Endowment meeting the Endowment Board thought that we should start writing a series of articles about deferred giving. The idea was to just stimulate some thinking about it. Hopefully that will lead to some action that people will feel good about and future generations will benefit from. We all realize how people, in our case children and their parents, benefit from financial gifts, but sometimes we are not aware of how good the act of giving actually makes the giver feel. There is nothing quite like it. I am going to just share a few stories from my limited personal experience.

I was at Saint Joseph School for almost 40 years and I taught the entire time I was there, so my impact and familiarity with the community was quite different. Here, I am a relatively short timer. But while I was there, I had gotten to know people over decades and some extraordinary gifts have taken place because of that.

One woman, and I feel comfortable giving this name, was very generous to both the school and the parish during her lifetime. She never had any children and she was never married. But when she died she left the school $500,000 which went to an endowment in her name. Children will be receiving financial aid every year in her name from that endowment. Her name was Genevieve Albers. A man, who was actually a graduate from the school many years ago sent his own children through the school, and I had the pleasure to teach all of them. He recently left close to $400,000 to the school in his will. I can think of at least four parents who opened endowments in the names of their parents and donate money on a regular basis for financial aid. My wife and I donated $400,000 in an Irrevocable Charitable Remainder Trust to Fulcrum. In that scenario we receive an income of 5% per year from the money until we die. At that time, all of the money becomes Fulcrum’s and it will be placed in an existing endowment named after me that others have opened up. It also gave us a fantastic tax write off the year we opened it up.

There are many ways to establish a legacy for the future for Holy Rosary. And the institution does need it to ensure our financial security. Think about it. Feel free to call me if you have any questions. It will make you feel good. I guarantee it.

New Staff For 2015-2016

First Grade: Nikki McNerneyNikkieMc
Nikki is a graduate of Boston College. She has spent the last two years teaching Kindergarten and First Grade at Sacred Heart Parish School in Red Bluff, California, while working on her Master’s Degree through the PACE program at University of Portland. She is excited to move to Seattle, and we’re very happy to welcome Nikki to our school community!

Fourth Grade: Macaire WalderMacaireW
Macaire attended St. Mary’s College in Notre Dame, Indiana and obtained her Masters Degree from Lewis University. She
earned a Learning Behavior Specialist Certificate through the TEC program at University of Notre Dame. Macaire is currently finishing her 9th year of teaching at Holy Cross Catholic School in Champaign, Illinois where she taught 4th Gr. for four of those years. We look forward to welcoming Macaire to our teaching staff!

2015-2016 Catholic High School Information

Please see the two attachments. One attachment is a 2015/16 Archdiocesan High School Admissions Calendar and the other is a flyer about high school regional information nights next fall. Here are the flyers – 2015-16 Admissions Calendar and Information Night


IMG_9062The 2014-2015 yearbook is here! Students who ordered one in the fall will receive their book today! If you did not order one, we have some extras for sale tomorrow morning at 8:15 am in the computer lab. They are $25 and it’s first come, first serve. We are one of the few K-8 schools who produce their own yearbook and we are very proud of that. 8th grade students in our Yearbook elective learn to use Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign and use those skills to design the yearbook. Our students create about 95% of the yearbook. So here’s the Holy Rosary taking flight!


Parents of Holy Rosary, it takes an amazing village to put on a production like WestFest, and without someone to promote it, Holy Rosary cannot put on a true Carnival of Community.

I am appealing to those of you who have a background in promotion and communication. WestFest needs YOU to turn all the details of WF into directed information so folks around West Seattle know all that Holy Rosary has to offer. Most of the communication happens behind the scenes and over the summer/early September. Your guidance is needed to help your team volunteers coordinate the t-shirts, raffle items, yard signs, the school website, and those informational fliers that let local online news sources, social media sites, area schools, and daycares, etc. know all the vital details of WestFest. They won’t come if they don’t know what they’re missing!

PLEASE make the decision to keep making WestFest a successful fundraiser for Holy Rosary AND a strong builder of community ties for the school and the church. We need your HELP!!! Besides earning most, if not all, of your commitment hours in these roles, this is a very fun and rewarding way to serve the school and the community at the same time! Please contact Kara Klem at Thank you!



This upcoming school year will be a period of changes for our school, and the Magazine Drive will be evolving and changing as well. After much analysis & discussion, the Magazine Drive will now be moving to 100% online sales, with the exception of cash donations. This means no more paper orders! This year’s magazine drive proved to be a great test that our HRS community can sell magazines online and most seem to prefer to do it in that manner given the ease of use. Over 70% of our magazine sales were based online, which was a new school high in online sales.

That, coupled with the fact that online sales are more efficient, more environmentally friendly, and allow for more accurate reporting, makes us believe that we’re moving in the right direction. Not to mention that the amount of hours & resources needed for online sales are a lot lower and will free up resources for other fundraising endeavors.

With that being said, we want to go over a few things before we say goodbye to another school year:

The AP Hearst Website will be ready July 1 so you can begin selling then! How great would it be to be halfway done with your sales goal by the time fall starts? Especially if you have more than one child wanting to go to the Family Fun Center!

Please ask your customers to hold off on their renewals until they can do it ONLINE starting July 1.

To sell online, it is strongly encouraged that your child be registered with a seller profile ONLINE on the AP Hearst Website. This will allow you to take advantage of all the amazing tools AP Hearst has to offer to enhance your sales efforts.

  • NEW THIS YEAR: with this move to 100% online sales, it becomes even more important to create an online seller profile for your student on the AP Hearst Website. Therefore, we will be offering a BONUS prize for those who complete the following actions by the first week of the drive: 1) register/create a profile, 2) create an avatar, 3) send out e-mails to potential customers, and 4) share the link to their “online store” via social media. This prize will be handed out the first “turn in Tuesday” of the drive, so students won’t have to wait until the end for their reward! More information on this will follow.
  • Regarding “turn in Tuesday’s”: while technically there will be nothing to turn in on Tuesdays with the absence on paper orders, we will still keep an online order cutoff each week of Monday nights at 9pm and on Tuesdays, families are welcome to bring in any cash donations for magazine order credit. On Tuesdays, we will tally the online orders, donations and will release top selling class reporting as in past years.
  • Paper catalogs: we’re going to ease into this 100% online effort and still provide a paper catalog to sellers the first week of school. The only difference is that the paper order slips that come with the catalogs won’t be included so there is no confusion.

To register your child, starting JULY 1, please follow these easy steps.

How to register a student:

  2. Click on “I am a parent/guardian or student”
  3. Select your school. Use the school code: ROSARY when searching for Holy Rosary
  4. Follow the steps to create the account
  5. Once acct is created, get familiar with the various selling tools available: avatars, e-mail blasts, printable flyers, social media etc.
  6. Complete all steps needed to quality for the bonus prize

How to order online:

  2. Click on “SHOP NOW”
  3. School code: ROSARY
  4. Students’ First and last name
  5. Shop magazine titles

Have a wonderful summer, happy selling and, as always, thank you for all you do for our school and community!

Room Parent

Be a room parent for the 2015-2016 school year!
If you enjoy planning and attending classroom parties and parent’s nights out, and spoiling the teachers with birthday gifts, then this job is for you! Room parents fill such an important role in each class and help take a little weight off of our teacher’s shoulders. Volunteering for this role also satisfies family commitment hours. If you are interested in being a room parent during the 2015-2016 school year, please email me at Thank you!

Summer Math Challenge

Summer is almost here! We know that summer is a time to relax and recharge, but we hope the students find some time to do some math, too! 🙂 The instructions and calendar is available here. The students can fill out the calendar throughout the summer. At the end of the summer, the students will turn in their calendars with their full name, grade, totaled hours (15 or more), and parent signature into either the office or Mrs. Heuer. These students will get an ice cream party during the school day in the fall. Last year we had almost 80 participants. We hope to have even more this year!


Keep the music alive during the summertime! Kennedy catholic elementary summer band camp is July 6-10 from 12:15 – 2pm. for all current band members! Don’t miss out on this great experience! Hard copies have been given to band members! They can also be located on Kennedy Catholic H.S. web site! See Miss McKamey for additional information! Learning and fun: What an awesome combination!!


Zaijian! We’re wrapping up language classes for the year, and looking ahead. Registration for Sponge classes in the 2015-2016 academic year will open at Holy Rosary by early next fall for classes beginning in October. We’re planning classes in Mandarin for next year. If you’d like to jumpstart a new language, or keep up the learning over the summer, we have lots of engaging, culturally themed camps running from June 22 – July 24 in Bellevue and Seattle. For more information and to register for camp, visit us online at Contact us by email at or give us a call at (425) 274-5188 with any questions. We’re hiring too! If you are a native Spanish, Mandarin or French speaker, and would like to teach with us next year – get in touch! Let us know why you’re interested by emailing us at

Extra Recess Patrols

Thank you 3rd grade for covering this week and for EVERY grade for helping us keep our kids safe this year! We greatly appreciate it. Calling all 5th grade families for our final week of school! It’s a short one. These extra patrols are outside the fence. Also, please do not forget to wear an orange safety vest. They are located in the patrol room and help identify you to the children and our HRS neighbors. Sign up for extra recess patrols here.


SunDanceSunDance would like to give a HUGE “thank you” to the Joy, Ginther, Rottler, Silva, Porter, and Canto families for their generous donation of mirrors for the Parish center dance room! These families have been dancing with us since SunDance began in 2008! They will be sorely missed after graduation next spring but their legacy of exceptional dancing will continue for many years with the use of these mirrors!


TRACK & FIELD – A big congratulations goes out to the HRS track & field team. Holy Rosary, a team of 78 kids 4th-8th, took second in CYO track out of 33 teams on Saturday May 30. This was a remarkable accomplishment. We haven’t had a trophy since 1999. And the 5th grade boys won overall!!

BASEBALL – Congrats to the 7th / 8th grade CYO baseball team for making it to the CYO Baseball Tournament finals. Come root them on to bring home the trophy against St. Lukes. Sunday, June 7 at Walt Hundley Baseball Field (behind the soccer field). 12:00 pm GO GATORS!

NEW HOLY ROSARY GATOR BAGS – Introducing our new Holy Rosary Gator bag! Show your support for our Gators with the new nylon Gator bag in addition to our adult weather tech jackets. Options for names are available. All profits benefit our CYO sports. Download the order form here.

gatorsoccerSOCCER – Registration for 2015 CYO Soccer is now open for the Fall Season! Click here to register.

The CYO organization at Holy Rosary offers the amazing opportunity for all K – 8th graders in the parish to:

  • Build school spirit by participating in organized sports with classmates and peers.
  • Represent our school and parish in friendly competition with other Seattle area parishes.
  • Develop new friendships while having fun and working towards a shared goal.
  • Become involved with CYO Sports and the Holy Rosary community (esp. for new Kindergarten families).

For those already playing organized soccer in the Fall, CYO can be:

  • A low-pressure environment to refine skills or learn a new position in game-type settings.
  • An opportunity to play with friends that are otherwise on different teams/leagues.
  • Last year, we had over 133 players and 15 volunteer coaches participate. Let’s make 2015 an even bigger year for participation.

COACHES NEEDED – Please consider offering your skills, experience, and leadership in service to coaching one of our teams. Not only are community service hours are available, but volunteering provides great connection with the Holy Rosary families/larger community.

REMAINING THE SAME FROM LAST YEAR: The fee is $60. If you would like to reuse your 2014 black and blue striped Holy Rosary jersey, you will receive a $15 discount off the registration cost. Any late registrations after this open registration period will be accepted on a space availability basis.

If you have any questions, please contact Russell Nishimoto, Soccer Coordinator for Holy Rosary at

CROSS COUNTRY – Attention HRS Running Gators! The fall schedule is out! We will begin practice at Lincoln Park (south lot) every Tuesday and Thursday from 4-5pm starting September 8th. The preliminary meets will be September 20 and 27. The K-3 championship meet will be Oct 4, and 4-8 will be Oct 11. We will wrap up our last practice on October 8 with a big BBQ and awards for all participants! For you Seahawks fans, we only conflict with one home game day, so don’t let that stop you! Parents, we have at minimum 2 coaches for every age group, there will be no child left unattended at any time! I have opened registration for the FALL season of CYO cross-country early! You can now register your child to run in the fall, and not have to worry about it during the chaos of back to school! It is only $20 to run, $10 additional if your child needs a shirt click here. We are very excited for the next season of cross-country, and we have many coaches and volunteers ready to cheer your children across the finish line! Please contact me with any questions! Run far, run fast, run hard! ~Coach Charise


OUR NEW HOLY ROSARY PARISH APP COMING SOON! – In the coming weeks Holy Rosary will launch our own app for iPhone and Android smart phones. This will allow us to better communicate with you throughout the week and keep you updated with relevant parish news or updates. The app is very well designed and very intuitive. It will be a great resource for parishioners by providing daily Mass readings, Catholic news and prayers, convenient prayer and Confession reminders, our bulletins and more. We hope for our new app to be a tool for fostering stronger parish life at Holy Rosary and better engaging the New Evangelization. You can download our app by going to myparishapp.

BAPTISM – Congratulations to the following children who received baptism in May. We welcome you to a Life with Christ!

  • Caitlin A.
  • Tate B.
  • Jaxon C.
  • Camden C.
  • Mackenzie H.
  • Basilio I.
  • Nicola I.
  • Audrey M.
  • Ryan R.

Our next Baptism Mass is June 21st, 10:30AM. Please contact Deyette at 206-937-1488, ext. 251 for Baptism.

MAKING A MARK! – Five Hours to Make your Mark!
Jr. High Youth Ministry Lock-in
Friday June 5, 2015
6 PM – 11 PM (no overnight… although we hope to plan one in the future)
Who: Holy Rosary School and Parish Students in grades 6, 7, and 8 during the 2015-2016 school year
Also, High School Students may attend as youth mentors. We will start with a spaghetti feed in the gym, followed by games, fun projects and end with Rosary in the Chapel! Join us for a night of Faith, Fun, and Service! Make your Mark! (Inspired by the Gospel of Mark; Bring your Rosary & Bible.)
In order to participate you must register. To register please contact Ruth or Deyette at (206) 937-1488 ext. 251 or visit the Youth Ministry Page at

Community Notices

ONE ON ONE BASKETBALL SEATTLE PRESENTS – Half-Day Sports Camps with One on One! Join us towards the end of summer for some excellent camp experiences at Delridge Community Center! One on One has been at the forefront of youth athletic development since 1992. Our programs focus on teaching the essential motor-skills of sports in the proper progression in a positive and fun environment. We guarantee your child will learn, sweat and HAVE FUN!

Delridge Community Center – Boys and Girls Grades K – 6

August 17 – 21: Multi-Sport Camp 9 am – 12 pm, Basketball Camp 1 pm – 4 pm
August 31 – September 4: Soccer Camp 9 am – 12 pm. Flag Football Camp: 1 pm – 4 pm

BISHOP BLANCHET STUDY SKILLS CAMP – Help ease the transition to the more demanding and time-consuming homework loads associated with middle school and the first year of high school. This camp will help students with time management, organization, study strategies, and planning skills to increase success in the classroom this fall.

Upcoming Dates To Remember
  • 6/4 – 8th Grade Graduation
  • 6/9 – Kindergarten Graduation – Last Day of Kindergarten
  • 6/10 – New Parent Orientation/Kindergarten Round Up
  • 6/11 – Noon Dismissal
  • 6/12 – Last Day of School – dismiss after Mass approximately 10:00 am