Family Communication 9/20/18


Dear Holy Rosary Families,

Earlier this week, you received an email message from me regarding the Called to Serve as Christ Campaign.  I am including additional information in this week’s message, and some FAQs you may be pondering. I am also pleased to state that we have received confirmation that The Carmelite Sisters of our Lady (the order Sister Juanita and Sister Stella are a part of) are officially included as part of this campaign as well.  Thank you for reading this important information.

To give you some background on this campaign: 

The primary purpose of this $100 million Archdiocesan campaign is to fully fund the priest pension plan for the Archdiocese for the long-term future.  The Archdiocese has a responsibility to support priests who have dedicated many years of spiritual service to support the faith family in Western Washington.  Since its creation in the 1960s, the priest pension fund was never funded.  Instead, priest retirement has been paid for as a “pay as you go model” where local parishes pay an assessment annually to the Archdiocese to fund retirement, and a significant portion of your Annual Catholic Appeal monies are also used for this purpose.  At present, this totals about $39,000 a year from Holy Rosary – an amount which has been increasing every year, and will continue with people living longer, more senior priests retiring, and healthcare and retirement costs that continue to increase each year.  The goal of this campaign is to establish an “endowment” of sorts, which will allow the Archdiocese to utilize the investment earnings to cover the ongoing costs, thereby reducing or even eliminating the burden on local parishes like ours.  Without a campaign like this, the increasing cost of retirement is going to fall back on local parishes (us!) thereby affecting local ministries.  With this campaign, we will have more money to spend on our own ministries.  It should be noted that no funds raised through this campaign will be used in any way to fund past or present abuse settlements, nor will any individuals who have been credibly found to have abused a minor receive retirement benefits that are funded through this campaign.  This campaign and the pension fund itself have been set up separate from regular operations of the Archdiocese of Seattle, so that the funds are specifically restricted from any other use. 

Additionally, this campaign will support the retirement of religious women, who have dedicated their lives faithfully to this Archdiocese.  Women religious have been a part of our Archdiocese from the very beginning.  Holy Rosary School owes a particular debt of gratitude to the Tacoma Dominican Sisters who started Holy Rosary School in 1913 and served faithfully here for 60 years!  The Carmelite Sisters of our Lady began their ministry in our school in 2005 and Sister Juanita and Sister Stella continue their faithful service in our community today.

Finally, each parish will receive a 15% rebate on all monies pledged up to its goal.  The Holy Rosary Parish Community received a goal from the Archdiocese to raise $1.411 million.  This campaign asks individuals to consider a pledge, payable over the next 3 years.  We’ve added a local goal to raise additional funds. Our total goal is to raise $2 million through this campaign over the next three years.  We will receive 15% of all monies raised up to the Archdiocesan goal, and 85% of all monies raised beyond that.  We will spend this local rebate to fund a number of important projects.


For 60 years, the stained glass in our beautiful church has reminded us of those who have gone before us in faith. Two decades ago, most of the stained-glass windows received needed work and new exterior covers. There are more than a dozen remaining windows that still need work. Half of these are bulging and breaking. This campaign will help complete the work to ensure the windows will continue to radiate the light of God for another generation.


The playground is a center of activity on our campus – whether during recess, after school or on weekends. The beloved Big Toy, the heart of much of this play, is slowly falling apart and has reached the end of its useful life. Through a successful campaign, we will replace the Big Toy and install a new safer, durable surface underneath. These changes will keep our campus a space for safe and fun play for all our community’s children.


While never exciting work, tuck-pointing our buildings is necessary to maintain the beautiful brick of our campus. The mortar can erode over time, and must be replaced and sealed to protect the structural integrity of the buildings.

I urge you to carefully read the campaign materials, watch the campaign video here, and prayerfully consider making a pledge to support this effort.  This is an extraordinary ask, beyond your regular school and parish giving, and support of the ministries of the Archdiocese of Seattle through the Annual Catholic Appeal.  It is also extraordinary in its size – there is no doubt about that.  But there will be a significant local benefit from this campaign, as we will use the rebate to fund some campus projects that have been a long time coming.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to Father Oakland or me with any questions you may have.  Thank you so much for your prayerful consideration of this essential campaign.

In Christ,

Fr. Oakland and Anna Horton


What will the campaign accomplish?

The $100 Archdiocesan campaign will establish long-term funding for the medical needs of senior priests and will provide them with a stable, modest retirement. It will also significantly increase the ability of communities of women religious to care for their senior sisters and allow active sisters to continue their ministry in the Church. It will also return a small portion of each gift (15%) to each parish for its own needs.

Why now?

We need this campaign because the funding model (pay-as-you-go) was never adequate and was flawed from the time it was first established in the 1960s. That model worked when there were a large number of active priests paying into the plan, and only relatively small number receiving benefits. Now, with the severe shortage of priests in active ministry – and a large and growing number of retired priests who are living longer – the pay-as-you-go model no longer works. As a result, parishes (us!) have to pay more and more into these plans each year through increased billings and through the Annual Catholic Appeal. The campaign will also raise funds for women religious, who have played a crucial role in the history of our Church’s mission in Western Washington and continue to. Because these sisters served for decades in our schools, hospitals, and parishes with almost no compensation, the campaign will raise funds to recognize, acknowledge and thank them for their sacrifice and service.

What about the timing?

Many have asked why we are going ahead with the campaign in the midst of the revelations that are appearing in the news these days. This campaign started almost two years ago. Archbishop Sartain has decided to go forward with it because he is aware how urgent the need is, and believes people will be grateful for the opportunity to express their support for the vast majority of faithful priests and sisters who have given, and continue to give, generous service in our parishes. There is still a great deal to celebrate and be grateful for. The Archbishop is also confident about the transparency and accountability of the campaign itself and the handling of the funds that are donated.

What assurance can the Archdiocese of Seattle give to donors that no funds from the campaign will be used to pay future settlements in abuse cases, or for pensions for those credibly found to have abused children?

The campaign has been established as a separate Washington State non-profit corporation whose funds can only be used for the purposes designated in the campaign. Similarly, the Priest Pension Plan is a qualified pension plan whose funds can only be used to pay pension benefits.  Both undergo annual independent audits to assure they are conforming with all legal and ethical requirements.  A separate fund has been established by the Archdiocese of Seattle, primarily funded through real estate sales and using no parishioner donations, to pay for settlements, counseling for victims, and required pensions for these priests.

Where did the amount of my “ask” come from?

Obviously, coming up with an “ask” is an inexact science. The amount of the “ask” is based on your past generosity to the parish and to the Archdiocese, as well as on the amount the Archdiocese needs to raise. But the Archbishop, of course, has no way of knowing your particular circumstances or commitments.  If he has asked for too much, we apologize for that, and if you are able to commit to more, we’re thankful for that!   It’s kind of like Goldilocks.  We encourage you to consider a monthly gift over the next three years.  A gift of any size is welcome.

Additional campaign materials can be found here.


Coming Soon – Pizza Lunch 2018-19

Signups for the eighth grade Pizza Lunch fundraiser will be coming in next week’s eFC! Orders will continue to be processed through the FACTS payment system, similar to last year. The eighth grade pizza fundraiser helps pay for the many events throughout the year for the graduating class. Events include retreats, fun day, baccalaureate dinner, graduation, and the graduation reception.

Puyallup Fair Tickets

We have 150 student tickets for the Puyallup Fair in the main office. First come, first served. Parents must come to the main office to request the tickets. One ticket per student.

Parents Club Volunteer Opportunity

We have an open position on the executive board for a secretary. The primary responsibilities for this position include:

  • Meeting communication
  • eFC reminder to office administrator on theTuesday before the meeting week and a Wednesday email blast the week of the meeting.
  • Ensures accuracy of PC page on website
  • Minutes for meetings

2018-19 Parents Club meeting dates are 10/17, 1/9, 3/13, and 5/8

Social time is from 6:30-7 p.m. in the School Hall and the meeting is from 7-8 p.m. Childcare provided.

View the Parents’ Club mission statement here.


  • October 3 – High School Regional Night
  • October 17 – Parents Club Meeting
  • October 19 – Mother/Son Glow Bowl
  • October 27 – Fall Open House


Family Handbook

Our 2018-19 family handbook is available online here. Each school year we require parents to review the handbook and sign the online acknowledgement form. Please complete the handbook acknowledgement form by Friday, September 28. Thank you!

Alternative New Perfect Uniform Option For Grades K-7

The cadet-collar full-zip sweatshirt is available now and can be seen in the main office. Order online here by October 15 and your order will be available for pickup in the main office in mid-November. The next ordering window will be January/February 2019.


Development Directives

MAGAZINE DRIVE – Another Turn in Tuesday for the MAGAZINE DRIVE has come and gone.  Keep selling those magazines.  Last day to take orders/renewals is October 8.  Remember donations accepted, $25 = one subscription.  Donate here and share the link with family and friends!

Congrats to the top selling grades:

  1. fifth grade
  2. kindergarten
  3. second grade

Our top seller this week is third grader Ella E.

Magazine Drive INCENTIVE:  Sell three NEW subscriptions between September 17 and September 24 at 9 p.m. to receive a FREE DRESS PASS!

CLASSROOM AUCTION PROJECT LEADS NEEDED – Looking for ways to fulfill your fundraising commitment hours and make a personal contribution to the success of your child’s year? Then leading the Heart Auction project for the grade might be for you. This is a chance to get creative, leave your mark on your child’s school year and fulfill your family’s commitment hours.

Start rallying the troops (creative or not) to help create a project you’d love to see displayed at the auction to commemorate the 2018-19 school year.

If interested or if you have questions, email the Action Project Coordinator Brittiony Borges at

AMAZON – Remember to shop through the Amazon portal on the Holy Rosary homepage.  The past few years Amazon has donated over $10,000 annually. Shopping through the app does NOT apply.

WESTFEST – A huge THANK YOU to the WestFest Committee and all the volunteers for putting on a wonderful community event!

  • Jodi Sherwood – Communications & Publicity
  • Tara Martin – Finance
  • Jessica Murphy – Operations
  • Andrea Geraghty – Activities
  • Marianne Wintermute – Logistics
  • Melissa and Chris Ardales – Food Booths

We have an awesome community. Look at all the diapers collected for WestSide Baby. Not only is WestFest a community building event, but it also gives back to members of our own community. Great job Holy Rosary!


Do you have some ideas on how to make it even better?

We’re already planning for next year and want to get a head start! We need to fill the following positions.


  • WestFest Chair
  • First Aid Booth
  • Face Painting
  • Book Sale
  • Food Booth Setup
  • Volunteer Sign-ups Organizer

For full details on each opening, please contact Jodi Sherwood at 206-356-2999 or


Chess Club

The chess club meets every Thursday after school until 3:45. All levels and ages are welcome, as long as the child can focus for the required amount of time. The chess club seeks to teach and hone the chess skills of our members. Chess club is $15 per month and will be charged to your FACTS account. The first class will be Thursday, October 4 and continue all year until the end of May. Please contact Mr. Ritscher at to sign up for chess club.

Coding With Kids

Robotics with Little Coders with Ozobot is an opportunity for young children to develop their computational thinking skills, build their first programs, and have fun with new friends! Ozobot’s programming is designed specifically for early readers, taking into account the cognitive abilities and typical attention span of children ages 5-7. Students are introduced to basic coding concepts with simple tasks, such as customizing their Ozobot and assigning commands through different colors, then build up to more complex tasks with Ozobot’s simple drag-and-drop language. See the flyer here.

Robotics for Little Coders is offered to grades K-2 students on Thursdays from 3:10-4:10 from September 27 – December 13. There will be no class on November 22. The 11-week session is $270 and will be charged to your FACTS account. To register, email with your phone number, child/s name, and homeroom.


Sincere gratitude to all the fifth grade band parents that attended the instrument rental meeting! I appreciate your time, patience and support of your child’s instrumental studies! ~Miss McKamey


Altar Server Training – September Dates Added! – Fifth Graders Invited!

Come and server the Lord! Girls and boys in grades 5, 6, 7, 8 and high school can serve the holy people of God during Mass. When we join in the Mass, we remember Jesus and give thanks and praise for all the good things that God does for us. Altar servers assist the whole church in praying. They carry the crucifix and candles at Mass. They prepare the altar so that bread and wine can become the Body and Blood of Christ! The priests and the other ministers who help us celebrate the Mass rely on the altar servers so that we can all receive Christ through the Word of God and through the Eucharist.

Training Information — Servers are trained after school or in the evening. Current altar servers receive follow-up training. Older altar servers can become acolytes, or head altar servers, and lead the younger servers at Mass!

Pick one of the following times. Sign up here to choose your session. Note that after-school sessions start five minutes after the end of school. All training is done in the church.

  • Wednesday, September 26 —  2:20-4:20
  • Thursday, September 27 — 6:30-8:30

We will train all altar servers together — new and old. This helps the new servers learn quicker and helps refresh older servers. We’ll sign up 20 servers per session and can accommodate more if needed.

School Bells Will Be Ringing!

Brand new! This year we are forming School Bells, a handbell choir for students in grades 4-8. School Bells will meet on Wednesday, September 19 from 4:00-4:30 in the Parish Center chapel and all grade 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 students are invited. Students from Holy Rosary and all area schools are welcome! We especially invite our religious education families to participate!

Handbells are easy and fun to play and NO musical experience is needed. Don’t want to sing? Ring a handbell! It’s easy!! As a member of School Bells, you’ll learn a new musical skill, and have fun as you add to the assembly’s celebration of the Mass.

Note: This program depends on there being enough interest to make it affordable for all. Cost will be determined based on participation.

Junior High Choir News – First Mass On Saturday, September 22 At 5. Please RSVP.

Come and sing! The Junior High Choir is ready to go! Let’s get our voices together to lead the music on Saturday, September 22 at the 5 p.m. Mass. Singers from grades 6, 7, and 8 will provide the music leadership, joined by a praise band of talented musicians! Teens take the lead — cantoring, singing solos, and adding harmonies. This is a great praise and worship performance opportunity for our young teens. Singing in church can give them experience, confidence and a spiritual boost! Register online here.

Weekly rehearsals are available after school on the Thursday prior to the Saturday mass. The Junior High Choir also rehearses one hour before Mass at 4 in the chapel, then moves to the church to set up.

Fall practice and performance schedule –

  • 9/20, Thursday, 3-4 p.m. in CHAPEL. Voices and instruments. Cantors must rehearse Thursday.
  • 9/22, Saturday, 5 p.m. Mass. Rehearse in CHAPEL from 4-4:40. Come and sing at 4 p.m., even if you miss Thursday.
  • 9/26, Wednesday, 8:35 a.m. school Mass. Rehearse in CHURCH at 8:20. Come and sing Wednesday, even if you miss Saturday.
  • 10/11, Thursday, 3-4 p.m. in CHAPEL. Voices and instruments.
  • 10/13, Saturday, 5 p.m. Mass. Rehearse in CHAPEL from 4-4:40.
  • 10/17, Wednesday, 8:35 a.m. school Mass. Rehearse in CHURCH at 8:20.
  • 11/1, Thursday, 3-4 p.m. in CHAPEL. Voices and instruments.
  • 11/3, Saturday, 5 p.m. Mass. Rehearse in CHAPEL from 4-4:40.
  • 11/ 7, Wednesday, 8:35 a.m. school Mass. Rehearse in CHURCH at 8:20.
  • 12/6, Thursday, 3-4 p.m. in CHAPEL. Voices and instruments.
  • 12/8, Saturday, 5 p.m. Mass. Rehearse in CHAPEL from 4-4:40.
  • 12/12, Wednesday, 8:35 a.m. school Mass. Rehearse in CHURCH at 8:20.

Students may offer to sing or play an instrument (some competency expected—a great learning experience!). Music will be geared to emphasize the talents and abilities of those involved.

Parents can assist (school parent volunteer hours):

  • Video or audio recording of singers!
  • Set-up before mass, storage after mass,
  • Assist in organizing post-Mass treats (pizza, cookies).

Please RSVP your student’s participation (sing/play) to:

Thanks for your support of our Junior High Choir!

Religious Education students are invited to participate, too! Some local schools are getting out earlier now. Even if your student can’t attend weekly Wednesday 2:30 rehearsals, maybe they can make the one Wednesday that they get out early for teacher in-service. They are also invited to the Sunday pre-mass rehearsal at 9:30 on October 1 in the chapel. We’ll go over all the songs, so they can sing at the mass!

Remember: Music helps kids become better learners! Choir helps kids become more confident persons! Singing and serving helps them become closer to Christ!

Faith Formation At Holy Rosary Parish

Welcome back to Holy Rosary! Our parish offers many opportunities to grow in your faith beyond the school day. We’d like to highlight a few:

  • Bible Study to grow your faith! – The Bible is God’s letter to us, telling us who he is, who we are, and how he loves us. Holy Rosary is offering two new studies this fall: we’ll study the Acts of the Apostles on Wednesday mornings at 9:30, and we’ll look at A Biblical Walk through the Mass on Saturday mornings at 9:30. Both meet in the Parish Center. Contact Robert King at for more info!
  • Sacrament of Confirmation – This year, Holy Rosary Parish will offer preparation for the sacrament of confirmation to all high school students. If you have a child who will be in grades 9-12 and who has not yet received confirmation – or if you are an adult who has not been confirmed yourself – please visit or contact Robert King for more information and registration. Our first session for high school students will be on Sunday, September 30 at noon.
  • First Reconciliation and First Holy Communion Preparation – Each year, Holy Rosary prepares young parishioners (usually in the second grade) to receive the sacraments of reconciliation and communion for the first time. If your children are baptized as Catholics and wish to receive the sacraments – even if they are older than second grade – please register on our website. For more information, please contact Sr. Stella at or 206-937-1488 x252.
  • Becoming Catholic: the Rite of Christian Initiation for children and adults (RCIA) – Are you, or is your child, interested in becoming Catholic? If you or your child have not been baptized, or were baptized in another Christian tradition, we are happy to help you learn more. Our first sessions will be next week! Adults on Wednesday, September 26, and for children and teens contact Sr. Stella at or 206-937-1488 x252. Adults, please contact Robert King at or 206-937-1488 x203. Also, all are welcome to learn more at our weekly inquiry sessions every Tuesday evening.

We offer a variety of offerings for both children and adults! Find more information on our website at and in future eFC’s!

Job Opening – Child Caregiver For Holy Rosary Sunday Nursery

Holy Rosary Parish has an opening for our Sunday nursery to play with and take care of children from age 1 and walking, up to age 5 years old at both Sunday Masses. Looking for a person with experience taking care of small children, Safe Environment compliant, and 1st Aid/CPR for children certified. This position is paid hourly with no benefits. Perfect for juniors and seniors in high school, local college students, adults who wouldn’t be bringing their own children or other relatives to the nursery program. Please contact Deyette at if interested or have questions.

New Walking With Purpose (WWP) Session Fall Bible Study Program

BEHOLDING HIS GLORY – For women of all ages and stages of life! Join us on our nine-week journey to face the everyday challenges with the solutions given to us through the teachings of Christ and the Catholic Church. No experience necessary and open to Catholic as well as those not Catholic but looking for something more.

Choose a group:

Beginning this Friday morning, September 21 at 9:15, OR Wednesday evening, next session, September 26 at 7:15.

  • Both groups meet in the Parish Center.
  • Free childcare for Friday morning group.
  • Order the book, Beholding His Glory, online here.
  • If you don’t want to order the book online, you can purchase through the church.
  • Register on the Parish website here.

For questions about WWP or if you need a scholarship, please email Deyette at

SAINT OF THE WEEK – Every week we highlight a particular saint. This week, we focus on our guardian angels. Angels are pure spirits, servants of God whose role in creation is beyond the physical, material world. Yet, what little we know of them shows their importance in God’s plan for us. For example, we know that each human is assigned an angel to guide and protect it, a guardian angel. Many Catholics have found their guardian angels to be friends and helpers in time of need. We celebrate them all on October 2.


Junior Cheer Camp – Kennedy Catholic High School

Kennedy Catholic High School Cheery Squad presents Junior Cheer Camp for kindergarten through grade 8 girls on Sunday, September 23 9-12. Participants will receive a 2018 Cheer Squad t-shirt, souvenir photo, and will learn an original routine and cheers taught by the Varity Cheer Squad. See this flyer for more information.


Postpartum Doula

Hello Holy Rosary families! Welcome to a new school year and the busiest month for birth workers! Are you or someone you know pregnant and in need of support and care when you bring baby home? Have you heard of a postpartum doula? A postpartum doula offers physical and emotional support, evidence-based information and tips, and in-home assistance to families as they experience the early stages of this profound life change. And they are not just for first time parents!

Mary Killeen Peña is an Holy Rosary graduate and a West Seattle mom. She is a Bastyr-trained postpartum doula and certified Lactation Educator (CLE). You can learn more here at her website.

VFW Scholarship Competition

The Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 2713 of West Seattle is holding its annual youth essay competitions. All students in grades 3-8 attending private, public, or home schools are eligible to compete. Click on this link to view the .pdf for more details.