Family Communication 9/1/22


Dear Holy Rosary Families.
It was wonderful to see so many of our families yesterday on campus and I am beyond excited for the first day of school next week!  Please pay attention to the drop off and pick up schedule that is included in this eFC for drop off/pick up times the first week of school and for information regarding procedures during the drop off and pick up window.  
I want to draw your attention to a very important change from the Archdiocese regarding volunteers in schools.  We are now able to allow unvaccinated volunteers to request a moral or ethical exemption to volunteer at school or at school related activities or to volunteer only for outdoor activities without an exemption.  Beginning with this year, all volunteers, regardless of vaccination status are asked to complete this volunteer attestation and screen yourself for symptoms prior to volunteering.  In order to simplify things, we’re hoping all parents will complete the form which can be printed from our website and is also available in our office.  This will make it much simpler when it comes time to join in on a field trip or volunteer at a school event.  Thank you in advance for your help with this!  We also encourage you to login to your Virtus account and ensure your Safe Environment status is up to date, required of all volunteers including those volunteering at Westfest!
Finally, I want to remind you that we continue to have COVID testing available in our office and are able to help if you, your child, or any family member needs to be tested at any time.  Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you or your child have had an exposure and need testing.  This is one important way that we can work together to keep our school a safe place to be each day.
As we begin this year new, full of hope and inspiration, please do not hesitate if we can be of service to you and your family at any time.  This is going to be a great year!
In Christ, 


  • September 6th – 1st Day of School (K-8)
  • September 8th – Parent Night
  • September 16th – Movie Night
  • September 23rd-24th – WestFest
  • September 27th – School Pictures


Billing Change

Our new billing software, SchoolAdmin, bills your account once a month. Any payments to the school for BASE, school supplies, etc. will be pulled from your account on the day your tuition is pulled. You are able to go into your SchoolAdmin account and make an additional payment prior to that pull date if that works better for your household finances.

Family Handbook

Our 2022-23 family handbook is available online here. Each school year we require parents to review the handbook and sign the online acknowledgement form. Please complete the handbook acknowledgement form by Sunday, September 19th.

Drop Off & Pick-Up

Morning drop off and afternoon pick-up can be a hectic time. It’s a good idea to have a plan in place before the school day begins. Due to area construction and morning traffic we ask that you read through the Drop Off and Pick-Up Procedures. These are very important to keep the students safe and keep traffic flowing. Please DO NOT exit your car in any of the Drop Off areas for any reason during morning drop off. Your child can enter the school through the front door, back door closest to the playground, the front kindergarten doors or the back kindergarten door. Please say your goodbyes outside. Staff will be in the hallways to assist your student if finding their way to class.

Who Do I Contact?

We have a number of support staff here to help at any time.  
To reach our office:
To reach our school counselor, Megan Choitz: 
To reach our Vice Principals:  
Lauren Tipton (grades K-6):
Ted Mohrbacher (grades 6-8): 
** Our Vice Principals are here to help in a number of ways.  If you have a problem that has not been resolved after speaking with the homeroom teacher, for a sudden or immediate need, or a need of a serious nature that needs more support, please reach out to one of our Vice Principals at any time.  Note- there is some overlap with the VPs with grade 6.  You are welcome to contact either and they will work with each other. 
Principal Anna Horton can be reached at any time at 


Because COVID levels are currently in the low range, the whole school will attend Mass together in the church of Wednesday mornings.  Masks are optional.  If you are more comfortable sending your child in a mask for Mass, please feel free to do so.  Mass will begin at 8:45 and we will continue to turn on the livestream link for any parents/family members who wish to watch from home.  Due to limited space in the church, there is not space for parents to sit with their child’s class to attend Mass.  Parents who wish to attend may sit in the limited space available in the side pews inside of the side doors.  As a reminder, there is no free dress on Mass days. All students should come to school in perfect uniform for Mass, which is a white shirt and something red on top (exception being 8th graders who wear blue or navy with a white shirt).

Outdoor Movie Night- Save the Date!

Join us to watch a movie with family and friends (new and old) on September 16th at 7:00 PM on the playground. Stay tuned for additional information in next week’s eFC.

Playground Use After School

The Holy Rosary School playground is a popular place after school.  Most days we have over 100 students a day in our BASE program and it is important that we are able to safely supervise BASE students while out on the playground.  Therefore, the playground is open for general use/play (supervised students only please) for half an hour after school each day.  At 3:30 each day (2:30 Wednesdays, 12:30 on noon dismissal days) the playground will close to general use and be available only for BASE student use.  Thank you for your understanding with this.  

COVID And Health Screening

Please find the latest COVID screening flowchart on our website and linked here.  This should be used to help families determine how to screen symptoms for school attendance.  
All students are asked to return a COVID testing permission slip this fall, which will allow us to test students at school if needed.  We have testing available on site and can test any student, parent or family member if needed.  NOTE- parent permission will always be obtained prior to testing at any time. This permission slip can be found here and should be returned to the school office. 
Please contact the office as soon as possible if anyone in your family tests positive at any time at or  Kristin Bentler will work with you then on protocols and next steps.  
Students who have a family member test positive may remain in school, but should engage in a Test to Stay Protocol testing prior to attending school each day.   Per the Department of Health (DOH) guidance, students are asked to mask at school if a family member tests positive until that family member is no longer contagious.  If a student tests positive, he/she should wear a mask until day 10 even if returning to school on day 6, per DOH guidance as well.  
Due to the disruption it causes to the learning environment, Zoom instruction will not be offered building-wide this year.  Individual teachers will share protocols for addressing COVID-related absences.  

COVID Protocols

Masks are optional for staff and students this year unless we find ourselves addressing an outbreak or transmission within a classroom that needs to be managed, if a student has a family member who has tested positive, or if he/she has tested positive and is returning to school on day 6 after isolation.  It is extremely important that as a school community we promote an environment of respect for the choice to mask or not mask within families.  
There will be opportunities for all families to volunteer this year and protocols for this will be included in next week’s eFC.  
Students will return to eating lunch in their classrooms this year which will allow us to shift our instructional support more to the classroom and to provide increased supervision at recess.  There are no requirements for distancing in the latest Department Health guidance with the classroom. 
This year we will continue to implement a number of important COVID mitigation strategies including:
Hand washing and sanitizing:  Hand sanitizer dispensers remain in all classrooms and at all entrances to the building.  We continue to have additional hand washing and bottle fill stations in the hallways.   Students will be required to sanitize hands upon entry to the building and to wash and/or sanitize before and after eating.  
Cleaning:  We will continue to sanitize high touch and frequently used spaces (such as door knobs and restrooms) daily.   A professional cleaning company will clean and sanitize each evening.  
Ventilation:  Windows will be kept open and blowers that bring fresh air into classrooms have all been professionally serviced and all have MERV 13 filters installed (as does the system on the roof of the school and gym).  Additional stand alone air purifiers are also in place in all classrooms.  

Back To School Night For Parents

Back to School Night is scheduled for Thursday, September 8th in the Church. We will open the doors at 6pm and begin at 6:30pm. The evening provides the best opportunity for you to meet your children’s teachers and find out about classroom goals and learning expectations.

Puyallup Fair Tickets

We have 500 student tickets for the Puyallup Fair in the main office. First come, first served. Parents must come to the main office to request the tickets. One ticket per student.

Holy Rosary School and Parish Are Hiring!

Holy Rosary is currently looking for a Custodian- 40 hours/week, Monday-Friday, shift hours are negotiable

CYO Athletics at Holy Rosary Needs Athletic Director! 

The Athletic Director (AD) is a critical volunteer position that we need to fill immediately. The AD keeps our CYO athletic program operating smoothly for the school and parish, and the parent who takes on this position will fulfill their full 50 volunteer hours each school year. This role requires an individual with strong communication and organizational skills since much of the job entails communication with coaches, parents, and CYO leadership both in the parish office and at the Archdiocese. Ideally, the individual who takes on this role will fill the position for more than one school year.  

Some of the responsibilities of the Athletic Director include:

  • Timely announcements/reminders about open enrollment of each sport in the school eFC and parish bulletin
  • Coordinating with the parish office to ensure coaches/volunteers are compliant with background checks/Safe Environments before each season begins
  • Communications with the parish office to schedule gym for practices, games, and tournaments.
  • Meeting deadlines set by the Seattle Archdiocese CYO office to ensure timely team registrations, uniform orders, and game/tournament eligibility.

We have experienced coaches, leaders, and staff who are happy to support a new AD as they learn the role.  Please email Libby at if you would like more information or want to volunteer for the position!

First Week Of School Schedule


Junior High Summer Reading List And Battle Of The Books Competition
Keep your reading skills sharp by choosing some of these great books to read over the summer. In Junior High you will all take part in Battle of the Books, a fun academic team challenge where you will collectively read a list of books for a competition in the spring. You can get a jump start by reading some of the books off our Battle of the Books list this summer. You might also enjoy reading some great titles that have been nominated for book awards. No matter what books you choose, the most important part is to have reading be a part of your summer routine. Take your books with you on all your summer adventures and enjoy! Book List
Calendar Updates & Schedule Changes

One change has been made to the 22-23 school calendar per the Office for Catholic Schools:  January 2 is now a non-student day. There will be no BASE on that day. We are also adjusting our start time in the morning. The first bell will ring at 8:15 for students A-L. The second bell will be at 8:25 for student M-Z. Classes will begin at 8:30am each day for all students. We will continue to have our current pick up times of  2:55/3:05 on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays; 2:00/2:10 on Wednesdays. K-8 Calendar

Summer Math & Reading Challenge

It’s almost summer, which means time for fun and relaxation!  Students also have the opportunity to keep their math skills sharp and their imagination active by participating in the summer math and reading challenge.  Students should fill out and record their time as the summer progresses and be ready to turn it in during the first week back at school.  It will be due on Sept. 9th!  Both the summer math and reading challenges are optional.

Medication Policy

Washington State Law requires in order to dispense medication, prescription and over the counter, your child must have an oral medication/prescription permission form authorized by a licensed healthcare provider, who has prescribed the medication and the parent/legal guardian. The parent/guardian must also provide the medication, which is from a licensed healthcare provider in its original labeled container from the pharmacy. The container must include the name of the student, medication, dosage information, and enough medication to be administered at school. For non-prescription medications such as aspirin, acetaminophen, and ibuprofen the school also needs an oral medication/prescription form signed by a health provider and parent. No medication will be given to a child without an oral medication/prescription form on file.


Beginning Band Registration

5th graders find your joy in music. Welcome to a new school year! If your child is interested in band, I have attached the Beginning Band Registration form to this email. Your student will have the opportunity to meet our Band director and hear a performance from some of our current band members the 1st week of school. Beginning band is Mondays from 10:45 to 11:30 and Wednesdays from 1:45 to 2:30.

Milk Order Form

Order milk online here for your student for the entire school year. The milk cost is $25 per student, with the option of 1% white milk all week, or 1% white milk Monday-Wednesday with 2% chocolate milk available on Thursday and Friday. Your SchoolAdmin account will be billed for your selection. *Class Letters were mailed out yesterday. Please wait to sign up for milk until you have received your child’s class assignment.*

Lunch Programs

Lunch Ladies
I am excited to introduce (to our new families) and re-introduce (to our current families), the Lunch Ladies program offered at Holy Rosary School! This fabulous optional lunch program provides healthy, daily offerings spanning across hot and cold lunches. Each meal consists of an entrée with 2 sides, typically fruit and veggie, paired with an optional dessert. Lunch Ladies is run by Wendy Szabo and her amazing employee Alex, who services the school. Wendy and her team have partnered with local restaurants and are excited to offer some new and exciting options this year to expand offerings and bring healthy and delicious lunches to our school.
This is a great program that offers an affordable and fantastic selection, paired with the convenience of removing that additional task of making lunches every morning 😊. Please visit the school website which will take you directly to the ordering site. The password for ordering is HR264.
Bon Appetit! Wendy and Alex

Academic Eats
We have paired with Academic Eats to provide lunch options to our junior high students.  Academic Eats pairs with local restaurants to offer a fun option for lunch.  Lunches are delivered to the school by the restaurant just in time for their lunch break.  Please follow the directions on the flier to sign up. Remember, we are listed as Holy Rosary Seattle.  (There are other Holy Rosary’s listed)

Uniform Closet Requests For 2022-2023

We are currently collecting uniform items that are no longer needed for your child.  Clothing items that are collected for the uniform closet are Junior High navy & grey sweatshirts and navy skirts.   All HR Macbeth plaid jumpers, skirts & skorts.  Any embroidered Holy Rosary clothing such as  jackets, sweaters, vests & sweatshirts.   We accept HR embroidered emblem items to recycle even if  stained/faded/ripped.  All clothing items donated need to be clean.
Uniform closet does not collect plain red, white or blue polo shirts, Navy or Khaki shorts and pants.  Anyone willing to sew can collect volunteer hours by sewing uniforms needing attention. Contact Karla Lawson if interested. The Uniform Closet is FREE.  Uniform clothing that isn’t the right fit for your child, please return to the Holy Rosary

School Uniforms!

Our vendors are working hard to deal with potential supply chain issues, but we encourage families to purchase uniforms early.  LandsEnd is offering a 20% discount  on School Uniforms until August 24 using CODE: BREEZE  PIN: 7193
You may also purchase uniform items through Dennis Uniform
To help with your planning and purchasing, here is an abbreviated version of the uniform policy (full policy can be found in the Family Handbook):
General Uniform Requirements For All Grades

  1. For perfect uniform in grades K-7th, shirts must be white knit, polo or oxford style with a collar or turtleneck (8th graders may also wear navy blue shirts/turtlenecks). White camp shirts purchased from the uniform store are allowed. Shirts must have long/short sleeves (no ¾-length or rolled-up sleeves) and may not be oversized, baggy, or tight. T-shirts worn under uniform shirts must be plain white (no emblem, logo or color). Shirts must be long enough to stay tucked in.
  2. Sweaters (cardigans/pullovers/vests purchased at uniform store) may be worn; Holy Rosary logo red sweatshirts purchased through the Lands’ End Uniform Store may also be worn as can the Cadet red zip jackets available through the school office. Eighth graders may wear Holy Rosary logo navy or Holy Rosary logo grey sweatshirts purchased through Lands’ End Uniform Store. On perfect uniform days, students must wear proper uniform sweaters, sweatshirts or vests as defined in the policy. All school Mass days are perfect uniform days.
  3. In K-7th, red knit, polo style shirts with a collar purchased through Lands’ End Uniform Store or Dennis Uniform may be worn on non-perfect uniform days.
  4. Gator gear may be worn to school each Friday, except on perfect uniform days, in place of regular uniform sweatshirts or sweaters. Nicknames written on the back of Gator gear must be appropriate.
  5. Red polar fleece vest with the HRS logo purchased from the uniform store may be worn instead of uniform sweaters, sweatshirts or vests. Students may not wear any other type of fleece vests, coats, or jackets in the classrooms. Red polar fleece vests with HRS logo can be worn on perfect uniform days.
  6. Pants must be dark navy corduroy or cotton twill (ankle length, no contrast stitching or brads). No navy jeans or sweatpants are allowed. 8th graders may also wear khaki pants. No sagging, oversized, cropped or tight pants may be worn. Pants with extra pockets, such as cargo or painters pants, may not be worn to school. Pants must have zippers, not buttons.
  7. Navy shorts (or khaki for 8th graders) can be worn to school year round. All shorts must be navy blue cotton twill. Shorts may not be shorter than 6 inches above the top of the kneecap and cannot be sagging.
  8. Girls (Gr. K-4th) may wear Macbeth plaid jumpers or skorts; (Gr. 5th-6th) may wear Macbeth plaid jumpers, skirts or skorts, and (Gr. 7th-8th) may wear navy skirts or skorts. All jumpers/skirts/skorts must be purchased from the uniform store, may not be shorter than 3” above the kneecap and may not be rolled at the waist.  Socks for boys and socks or tights for girls must be worn. Socks/tights must be mostly solid colors—white, black, gray, red or navy—and can be knee-high or ankle length and must match. Lands’ End approved uniform leggings may be worn in navy or black under jumpers or skirts. 
  9. Shoes must have heels/straps; laces must be tied. No platform shoes or flip-flops are allowed. The only exceptions are on special spirit/theme days. Parents must ensure that students wear matching shoes that are safe for the playground. Shoes/boots with high heels are considered unsafe. Students must wear tennis shoes on the days that they have Health & Fitness.
Classroom Supplies And Comfort Kits

Student classroom supplies have been ordered. A fee of $50 per student will be charged via SchoolAdmin on the 10th of September. Please note there are a few items we are still asking families to provide. Click here for details.  Students should bring comfort kits to their classrooms on the first day of school.

Red Cadet Collar Sweatshirts

The Main Office currently has the red Cadet Collar sweatshirts in stock in ALL sizes.  An order form must be completed to pick up a sweatshirt. If you purchased one over the summer, they are ready for pick up in the office starting Monday, August 22 between 8am and 4pm.

4B Room Parents Needed

Be a room parent for the 2022-2023 school year! If you enjoy planning and attending classroom parties, parent nights out, and spoiling the teachers with birthday gifts, then this job is for you! Room parents fill such an important role in each class and help take a little weight off our teacher’s shoulders. This time spent also goes towards your family commitment hours. If you are interested in being a room parent during the 2022-2023 school year or would like more information on room parent responsibilities, please contact Joellyn DeRonghe at


Magazine Drive

Magazine Drive will kick off in a few weeks, with new individual and a class prize.  Stay tuned for details and the theme.

Volunteer Hours

The volunteer hours portal is ready for the 22/23 school year.

  • Go to ‘Report Volunteer Hours‘ (also a red hyperlink on our home page.)
  • New families:  If you haven’t set up a volunteer log-in yet, you will need to do that first, use the same link!  Remember, only one account per family, NOT per parent

It’s back…Holy Rosary’s Carnival of Community is the weekend of September 23 and 24. Get ready for carnival style rides, games, food booths, live music and a beer garden.  This is a huge volunteer event, check future efc newsletters for volunteer positions.

Thank you to everyone who responded, we now have filled our chair positions for Westfest! There will continue to be more volunteer opportunities for Westfest. If there is something in particular you’d like to volunteer for, or just want to know more, please reach out to Marianne Wintermute (

Westfest T-shirts

Coming soon…..Westfest T-shirts!
 We are are looking forward to seeing everyone’s Westfest pride on display later this month! T-shirts will be available in adult and children’s sizes. In-person sales at Parents’ Night 9/8 and an online ordering link will be available in next week’s eFC. SchoolAdmin will be billed. 

Westfest Sponsors Needed

Westfest is back and just around the corner! Holy Rosary is looking for sponsors to help support this family friendly community event.  With all in person events on hiatus for the last two years, we expect a great crowd this year.   If you own a small business or your family is looking for a fun way to support our community, please consider a sponsorship.  I’ve included the information in the attached flyer and happy to discuss other ways to activate a sponsorship.  If you have a personal connection to additional business owners, please feel free to pass the information along or connect them with us.  I can be reached at or feel free to give me a call (206) 226-4046.

Westfest Activities Committee Seeking Leads

With 5 weeks left before West Fest (9/23 & 24) the Activities Committee is in need of 6 parents to lead the following activities: Rides (need a co-chair), Cake Walk (need a co-chair), Bingo (need 2 parents), and Face Painting (need 2 parents). This is a great opportunity to earn some coveted fundraising hours and contribute to the success of West Fest! Please reach out to Tora Anderson at with any questions or to volunteer.



Welcome new families! Excited to see you the evening of September 1 for the School Walkabout. Join us, if you are able, for a walk around the school to determine the best door for your child to enter on the first day. Meet Beth Martin outside the main office doors at 7pm.


Covid Volunteering Protocals

The COVID Protocals for volunteering in the school and around children have been updated for the new school year. COVID vaccinations are not required, but ALL volunteers working with or around children will need to complete the School Volunteer Agreement. Whether you are volunteering in the next few weeks or in the next few months, please fill out the School Volunteer Agreement now and return it to the school office.

Safe Environment Training

There are many opportunities to help out this year. All of our volunteers are required to take Safe Environment training prior to volunteering with the school or church. If you have not taken the class, please sign up as soon as possible. There are in-person as well as online classes. **It can take a couple of weeks after you’ve taken the class for you to be cleared to volunteer.**

Traffic Patrol

We are looking for parent/guardians to do traffic patrol duty this year for volunteer hours. You would need to be fully vaccinated, and available to arrive on time and stay until your duty is complete. This would be a trimester obligation.
Start Date:
September 12th – December 9th
December 12th – March 24th
March 27th – June 16th
2:45-3:15pm   1:45-2:15pm (Wednesdays) 11:55-12:20pm (1/2 days)
You could choose to do one day per week, AM or PM, or both AM & PM on the same day if you wish. Please contact Maggie Juddif you are interested.

Playground Volunteers

We are looking for playground volunteers to help us during lunch recess. Shifts are Monday through Friday from 10:55am to 1:05pm. If you have one or two days available each week, please contact Maggie Judd. Prompt arrival and a full shift are needed. Covid vaccination is not necessary.

Auction Committee

The auction committee is looking for a parent to serve on the Executive committee.  Parents in this role are considered co-chairs and thus automatically fulfill their 50 hours. These are integral roles leading up to the auction, but let you attend the party as a guest.
Business Procurement – work off the list provided to coordinate a group of volunteers in procuring at local businesses.
Contact Beth Martin ( for details on any of the above positions or to be put in touch with the current parent volunteers for further details.

Do You Love To Garden

Our gardeners have not been able to come to the school recently. Pulling weeds near in the back Preschool area, the flowerbeds at the school, parish and the round-about is a great way to earn volunteer hours. You get to pick your days and hours. Vaccination is not required.



Fall CYO Soccer Registration Still Open!

There is still time to register for CYO Soccer! Come join the fun! CYO soccer is one of the most popular sports at Holy Rosary. Please go to and select the enroll option for soccer to register. Registration is open to all grades (K-8) in the school and parish. We welcome all abilities from experienced players to those that have never tried the sport before. Last year we had 18 teams and over 200 participants so come join the fun! 

We are in need of more players for both our 8th grade Boys and Girls teams. CYO soccer welcomes you even if you are playing on other teams. Come play with your classmates and compete for a CYO championship! We have also opened up another Kindergarten team and are looking for a few more players to join the fun! Interested in coaching soccer? We are still looking for a coach for the 4th Boys team. No experience necessary. Just bring your passion for the game. Please reach out to the CYO Soccer Coordinator  Neil Smith – with any questions. 

CYO Referees

We are excited to kick-off our 2022 CYO soccer season. We are in search of enthusiastic and qualified referees for our 4th, 5th, and 6th grade games. Starting pay is $35 an hour. An entree level referee license is required. Age level is 14 and above. This is a great opportunity for high schoolers to use their soccer experience and give back to the game. Please reach out to the Jihanna Ness at CYO Athletics if interested and to find out more information:

Cross Country

Cross Country RegistrationCross country registration is open for all Holy Rosary grades
This is a fun and quick season that gets runners outside exercising, burning energy, and having fun.
We are still looking for coaches/assistant coaches to ensure this season can take place!
Cross country practices will be Tuesday and Thursday 4-5pm at Lincoln Park through mid October. Practices will start on Tuesday, September 13th – we will meet at the south lot of Lincoln Park. You can do both cross country and soccer – making all practices isn’t required.
Meets are held at Woodland Park. Preliminary meets are Sunday Sept 18th and Sept 25th with K-3 Championship Oct 2nd and 4-8th grade Championship October 9th – times to be determined. Every runner must participate in one of the preliminary meets in order to run in the championship race.
4th/5th Grade and Kindergarten/1st Grade Coaches needed! We are still looking for coaches/assistant coaches to ensure this season can take place for these grades.
Please email Lisa Nooyen ( if interested in coaching or with any questions.


Sing With The Holy Rosary Children’s YouthChoir! – Practice Starts Sept. 14

Come and be part of a Holy Rosary tradition: the children’s YouthChoir!

  • Convenient Wednesday rehearsals from 2:30 to 3:15.
  • BAND students go directly from band to choir!
  • BASE kids are escorted back to HR BASE after choir!

YouthChoir! is open to all students in 3rd – 8th grades!
Practices begin September 14 on Wednesdays from 2:30-3:15 in chapel; older students are eligible for cantor practice from 3:15-3:40.
Register online:
Choir participation fee: $100/child per year. Financial aid available via GatorAid • Holy Rosary School (
Parents: Volunteer time counts towards your school hours! Help support our YouthChoir! by volunteering your time and fun ideas or resources (t-shirts, video recording, website, field trips, community performances, pool/karaoke parties, etc.) Contact Paul Dolejsi, director at for more info.
Religious Education students are invited to participate, too! Some local schools are getting out earlier now. Even if your student can’t attend weekly Wednesday 2:30 rehearsals, maybe they can make the one Wednesday when they get out early for teacher in-service. They are also invited to the Sunday rehearsal at 9:30am before Mass. We’ll go over all the music so they can sing at the mass!
Remember: Music helps kids become better learners! Choir helps kids become more confident persons! Singing and serving helps them grow closer to Christ!

Altar Server Training

Use this SignupGenius link to sign up early and reserve your place!  
Time for Altar Server training! This is for new and returning altar servers. Training is required in order to serve. Girls and boys in grades 5, 6, 7, 8 and High School can serve the holy people of God during Mass. When we join in the Mass, we remember Jesus and give thanks and praise for all the good things that God does for us. Altar Servers assist the whole church in praying. They carry the crucifix, candles and books at Mass. They prepare the altar so that bread and wine can become the Body and Blood of Christ!
The priests and the other ministers who help us celebrate the Mass rely on the altar servers so that we can all receive Christ by hearing the Word of God and receiving the Eucharist. Servers are trained after school or in the evening. Current altar servers receive follow-up training. Older altar servers can learn to lead the other servers at Mass!
Altar Server Training (One class from each session required)
Training Session 1

  • Fri, Sept 9th – 12:15-2:15 pm
  • Thur, Sept 15th – 3:15-5:15 pm
  • Sun, Sept 18th – 12-2 pm

Training Session 2

  • Wed, Sept 28th – 2:30-4:30 pm (pick only one 9/28)
  • Wed, Sept 28th – 6:30-8:30 pm (pick only one 9/28)
  • Fri, Sept 30th – 3:15-5:15 pm
  • Sat, Oct 1st – 9:30-11:30 am
  • Sun, Oct 2nd – 1-3 pm

We will train all altar servers together–new and old. This helps the new servers learn quicker and helps refresh older servers. We’ll sign up about 10 servers per session.
Location: Church Sacristy

Sacramental 2 Preparation
(First Reconciliation & First Holy Communion)

Holy Rosary parish follows the guidelines of the Archdiocese of Seattle regarding children’s preparation to receive the Sacraments of First Reconciliation and First Holy Communion. Children must have one year of religious instruction before being prepared for the sacraments of First Reconciliation and First Holy Communion.

Children who are Baptized Catholic and in Grade 2 can receive the Sacraments of First Reconciliation and First Holy Communion. Registration is open online: 2022-2023 Sacramental 2 (

If you have older children who have not yet received either of these sacraments or for information about First Reconciliation/First Communion Preparation, please contact Sr. Stella at or 206 – 937-1488 ext. 252.

Youth Confirmation

Youth Confirmation kicks off September 11th after 10:30 Mass. Youth Confirmation will normally meet Mondays from 6:30 – 8:00 p.m. Registration is now open.

Adult Confirmation

Adult Confirmation will start November 3rd and will meet Thursdays from 6:30 – 8:00 p.m. And for anyone interested in becoming Catholic or wanting to learn more about the Catholic Faith, RCIA kicks off on September 14th and will meet on Wednesdays from 6:30 – 8:00 p.m.RCIA Flyer

Rite Of Christian Initiation Adapted For Children

Holy Rosary Church welcomes children 7-18 years of age who have never been baptized, along with their families, on a journey of preparation for initiation into the Catholic Church. If you or your children are interested to know more about RCIA, please contact Sr. Stella at or 206-937-1488 ext. 252 or you can register online: RCIA for Children (


Pack 793 Cub Scouts

Join the Adventure of Cub Scouting at our sign-up event on Thursday, September 15th, from 6:30pm-7:30pm in the Holy Rosary school gymnasium!  Pack 793 Cub Scouting is fun in the outdoors with camping, crafts, friends, and much more.  And yes – it’s for boys AND girls in K-5th grade from any local school.  Stop by with your family and friends- we’ll have an exciting rocket building activity for the kids!  Can’t come to the sign-up event?  Join online here or contact George Panger at

Pearl Drum Bell Set For Sale

Child in band who needs a bell set? $100 for pretty much brand new/barely used for one year Pearl Bell Set with case and stand. Retails for much more $$$. Contact Mr. Barker at 

Westside Baby

Please join us in supporting WestSide Baby during their “From the Bottom Up” (formerly Stuff The Bus) diaper drive. We will be collecting WSB’s most needed items from 9/6-9/30.  You can drop off your items at the WSB bin during school hours.  You can also give online by donating dollars or by purchasing items that will be directly delivered to WSB.

This donation drive matters because few people realize that unlike other essentials such as food or health insurance, there is no federal assistance for purchasing diapers.  Additionally, diaper prices have risen at alarming rates since the beginning of the pandemic, becoming more expensive and inaccessible to working families.  This has a tremendous negative effect on the health of families in need in our community.  Thank you for helping babies stay healthy and happy!

Rainbow Parrot Art Classes for HRS students – Online art enrichment program

These super fun art classes are taught by former Holy Rosary art teacher, Lacey Reuter. Free/donation based class