Family Communication 11/8/18


Dear Holy Rosary Families,

November is here! During this month, we give thanks for the many gifts God has bestowed upon us.

We will be working with our students this month to give thanks for the gift of an education. Particularly we will help students reflect on the fact that there are parts of the world where children do not have the same access to an education, either because guaranteed access does not exist, or because it is cost prohibitive. Holy Rosary School has a long history of supporting five students in Uganda have access to a quality education. These students are:

Nabasajji Betty – grade 11
Nalwadda Brenda – grade 11
Ssamula Dickens – grade 7
Nakimbugwe Judith – nurse’s training
Nakato Rosemary – teachers’ training school

Here are some pictures!

These students are very grateful for their education and to our community for their support.

In previous years, we’ve asked students to bring in $1 per month to support the tuition for these students. This year, we’ve decided to do the collection a bit differently. Rather than bringing in $1/month for 10 school months, we’re taking up the entire collection in November. This way, the tuition funds will be fully available when it is due in January. And what better way to support our students in giving thanks, than by being of service to others. We’d like to ask that if at all possible, each student make a $10 donation (money will be collected by homeroom teachers) during the month of November. I’d encourage you to consider working with your children to do something to earn these funds- so that they are doing something to actually be of service in solidarity to other students throughout the world. I know my own children will be doing a few extra chores this weekend to earn the $10 each, and that I will speak with them about how they are going to donate the money they earned to be of service to others. This is a wonderful opportunity to engage in a conversation about Catholic social teachings at home and in our classrooms this month.

Finally, as we continue into November, I am thankful to God for the gift of community, and especially for the Holy Rosary Community. The past few weeks I’ve included a short reading on the Great Mysteries of our Faith as part of my eFC message. This week is the final installment and really speaks to the power of community, as we bring together the Incarnation, the Trinity, and the Pascal Mystery to celebrate the greatest of the mysteries, the Eucharist. This celebration of the Eucharist is central to our faith and why it is so important that Catholics gather together weekly to celebrate Sunday Mass.

The Fourth Great Mystery: The Eucharist (written by Fr. Ron Nuzzi)

The greatest of the mysteries of the faith, however, is the mystery of the Eucharist, what Vatican II called “the source and summit” of the Christian life (Sacrosanctum Concilium, #, 1964). The Eucharist constitutes Christ’s abiding and real presence in the world, through the sacrament of His body and blood. Moreover, Jesus’ command, repeated in all the Gospels, was specific and clear. We are to partake of the Eucharist and in so doing we eat His body and drink his blood, so deep and personal is our relationship with Him and He with us. Every Eucharistic celebration in its own way follows from Jesus’ command at the Last Supper and takes us back to that important event.

As a church, the Eucharist is arguably the most important thing we do. In celebrating the Eucharist, we encounter all of the great mysteries wrapped up into one. The celebration of the Eucharist involves and engages all of the great mysteries of the faith. What happens at the Eucharist is that a community of disciples of Jesus Christ who share a common faith (a relationship rooted in the Trinity), come together and recount the story of Jesus’ death and resurrection (the Paschal Mystery) and in so doing, make Jesus present anew in the community (Incarnation) through the sacrament of His body and blood. It is a beautiful, tantalizing thought, to realize that the Eucharist helps us to appreciate and understand, to taste and to see, the goodness of our God. 

In her wisdom, the Catholic Church teaches that immersion in these mysteries is so crucial to Catholic life that the Eucharist will be celebrated every day. That is, it is so essential to enter into these mysteries-to understand, live, and proclaim them-that the Church provides the opportunity every day. Additionally, at a minimum, the Church directs that all Catholics partake of the Eucharist weekly, on Sundays, so vital is our attention to these great mysteries in our quest to become more Christ-like. Thus the Church has consistently taught that participation in the Sunday Eucharist is a sine qua non of the faith. Celebrating the Eucharist affirms the importance of relationships, the beauty of a shared faith, the dying and rising pattern present in our daily lives, and the real and abiding presence of Jesus, the Word made flesh. The Eucharist brings into sharp focus our dependence on God and one another, and leads us to reflect on the struggles of our lives, while finding strength for the journey. The Eucharist has the power to open our eyes and our hearts as it calls us to see the signs in our own lives of the Trinity, Paschal Mystery, and Incarnation.

In Christ,



November 2 was All Souls Day, a day in which we remember those who have died who are on their way to Heaven. The entire month of November is a time in which we pray for these individuals, in particular our loved ones. I would encourage you to stop by the Family Tree that has been put up in the church by our faith formation families. The next time you are at Mass, or at pick up one day perhaps, stop by the table and write the name/s of your own loved ones who have died and add it to the family tree – as we call to mind our connection to them and one another as one family of God. It’s nice to do so with your child/ren – a way to keep our loved ones who are gone from our midst close to our hearts. Say a prayer, commending them to God as you add your leaf to the tree. We are remembering all these individuals throughout the month at Mass. And if your loved one are buried at one of the local cemeteries, make some time this month to go for a visit and say a prayer with them there, as well.

Called To Serve As Christ Update

Parish Goal:  $2.0 Million

Pledged to Date:  $706,845 — 35% of Parish Goal. Total Pledges:  105

15% Rebate to Parish:  $106,026     

Separate Donations with Corporate Matches:  $44,300*

Total Parish Benefit:  $150,327

*Some companies do not match religious donations, but will if it is not used for church purposes. The Archdiocese is allowing us to offer these parishioners the option of splitting their pledge, donating some directly to the campaign school projects, allowing us to take advantage of some of the company’s matching donations.

This is good news! Thank you to those who have already pledged! We are on our way, with just 105 individuals and families participating thus far. Imagine where we will be if everyone participates — and how much good will be accomplished for our retired priests and sisters for generations to come, and for our family of faith here at Holy Rosary, as well!

SPECIAL OPPORTUNITY — A donor who has already made their pledge is willing to increase it by $500 for every pledge received by Sunday, November 11, up to $15,000. We have received 10 pledges already since this offer was made. If you haven’t already, please consider turning in your pledge to the parish or school office or in the collection by this Sunday! Any pledges submitted online or mailed and postmarked to the Archdiocese by Sunday will count as well.


Phishing Scam Emails

There has been recent phishing emails sent to school staff lately that appear to be from Father Oakland and/or Anna Horton. Please be aware that if an email message doesn’t seem quite right, or if there are details missing, please check the originating email address carefully. It should either be “” or ““. If it’s anything else, chances are its phishing. If you’re unsure, send a new message to Father, Anna, or Mr. Barker if you have questions. 

Welcome Our New Counselor

My name is Selena Borne and I am the new school counselor at Holy Rosary! I will be working two days a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I am so excited to be joining this community! My background is in both public and private school counseling. I have a very special place in my heart for the community within Catholic education and cannot wait to build relationships here.

A school counselor can wear many hats, but in general focuses on three main areas:  classroom guidance teaching, small group skills training, and individual student support. Classroom guidance lessons address broad developmental topics; self-esteem, social skills, problem-solving skills, and anti-bullying. I will work with the classroom teacher on specific lessons that can be helpful for that classroom.

Small group counseling are for those students that share concerns that are similar to others (e.g. children of divorce, grief groups, assertiveness training, impulse control, and friendship groups). Small groups offer students the opportunity to share experiences with others, have support, and learn from students who are dealing with similar issues.

Individual counseling is available for students who have specific needs that need private one on one support. I will take opportunities to be out on recess and throughout the school to help with solution focused problem solving.  Counseling referrals may be received from students, teachers, and parents/guardians.

I look forward to working at Holy Rosary and getting to know these wonderful kids.  


Selena Borne

School Counselor

You’re Invited! School Commission Open Meeting Tonight!

The School Commission has three open meetings a year. I would like to invite anyone who is interested in learning more to attend our first open meeting tonight at 6 in room 7B.

Preschool And Kindergarten For 2019-20

The priority application period ends next Friday, November 15. All students entering kindergarten for 2019/20 at Holy Rosary must fill out an application for our K-8 school. If you have a new student entering our preschool (2s, 3s, or PreK), this is also the time to submit an application. There are very few available spots in our preschool 3s and PreK class; early submission is highly encouraged! Reenrollment for current students (except kindergarten) will happen in January. We have our kindergarten testing day scheduled for Friday, February 8, 2019. Any questions about the process, how to set up a tour, or our preschool through eighth grade school, contact Jennifer Kokkonis, Admissions Director,

Emergency and Weather Notification

Even through the weather is not freezing yet, it’s a good time to remind you about our emergency notification system. Generally, Holy Rosary School follows Seattle Public Schools. If SPS closes or has a delayed start, so will we. If there is a delayed start, there will be no AM BASE and no BASE in case of a full closure.

As early as possible on the morning of a delay or closure, we will notify families in the following ways:  email to school families, post to our website and Facebook, notify the West Seattle Blog, and through the app (available for smart phones and devices). Attached are the directions to sign up for if you have not already done so. We also use in case of any other emergency notifications, so it’s a good system to be signed into.


  • November 8 – School Commission open meeting
  • November 12 – no school, Veteran’s Day (BASE closed)
  • November 19-21 – Parent/Student/Teacher conferences (regular school not in session, BASE open)
  • November 22-23 – Thanksgiving break, no school (BASE closed)
  • November 23 – Tree Lot opens
  • December 7- first trimester report cards
  • December 18 – Preschool Christmas program
  • December 20 – K-8 Christmas program
  • December 21 – noon dismissal, Christmas break begins
  • January 7 – school resumes


Parent/Teacher/Student Conference Signup Schedule

Conferences are held the week of Thanksgiving on November 19, 20 and 21. School will not be in session that week, but BASE will be available November 19-21. Students in grades 1-8 are required to attend the conference with their parents. Sign up for a conference time here. Conference signup will close next Friday morning.

Pirate Attire Needed For Drama Elective

As Halloween quickly approaches and you dig through your old decorations and costumes we ask that you consider donating any old pirate costumes/gear to our Holy Rosary drama elective who will be putting on a pirate play this spring. There will be a box in the front office where you can drop off / donate these items. If there are any other pirate theme decorations/items you’d like to offer but are unsure if they can be used, please email Sara Weythman at to discuss these items. Thanks in advance for your help!

Volunteer Hours Available At Our Scholastic Fall Book Fair

Looking for volunteers to help run our Scholastic Book Fair during conference week (and before!). Volunteers will be asked to monitor the book fair and process purchases during their shift. Sign up here if you are interested in donating your time.

Financial Aid Applications For 2019-20

Financial aid applications for Fulcrum and school aid (one application form) are now available. Please submit your applications by January 1. Please contact Jennifer Kokkonis at with any questions.

Medications At School

Tis the season for coughs and colds. If your child is in need of a cough drop or other over-the-counter medication during the day, the school office needs an Oral Medical Form signed by a doctor.


Scholastic Book Fair

Our Scholastic Book Fair is a reading event that brings kids the books they want to read. We’ll receive a wonderful selection of engaging and affordable books for every reading level, and all purchases benefit our school! Reading for pleasure inside and outside of school has real and long-lasting benefits. Please come to our book fair during conferences and help shape your child’s reading habits. See you at the book fair! Use this link to check out the interactive book fair flyer.

Development Directives

It’s a busy few weeks before Thanksgiving! Look for the following exciting events:

The TREE LOT volunteer signup will be sent within the week via eblast. Also, $5 off coupons will be sent so please distribute to your neighbors and friends and encourage them to purchase their tree at Holy Rosary. A portion of the proceeds from the tree lot are donated to the West Seattle Helpline.

Make your AUCTION family donation here. Remember that all families are required to contribute a minimum of $175 to the auction. A flyer will be sent home between today and Tuesday, so please read for all the details.

The annual AMAZON competition is back! A flyer will be sent home with all the details prior to Thanksgiving break. Classrooms compete for a weekly top prize between November 19 and Christmas Day. Last year we received over $7,000 by shopping through the Amazon link at the bottom of the homepage or through the links below! Gift card purchases through Amazon or purchases made through the Amazon app will NOT provide a donation to the school.


No extracurricular news this week.


Faith Formation At Holy Rosary Parish

Our parish offers many opportunities to grow in your faith beyond the school day. We’d like to highlight a few.

  • New time (6:30 p.m.) for Monday Rosary — Join us to pray the rosary on Monday evenings at our new time of 6:30 in the Chapel! With just 25 minutes, praying the Rosary is a fantastic way to relieve stress and connect with your faith. Rosaries and prayer aids provided. All are welcome!
  • Inquiry is an open-ended discussion of life, the universe, and everything from a Catholic point of view! A perfect preparation for RCIA or adult confirmation, or a chance to deepen your understanding of Christ and the Church. All are welcome, and no topic is off limits! We meet every Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. in the Parish Office, and our next meeting will be Tuesday, November 13. Please contact Robert King at or 206-937-1488 x203 for more info.
  • Bible Study — We would like to offer a Bible Study for adults, especially for parents. We’re trying to find the ideal time to offer such a study. If you are interested, please contact Robert King (evangelization@holyrosaryseattle.orgor 206-937-1488 x203) and let him know what the best time for you would be. Thanks!
  • Sunday Nursery During Mass — The Sunday nursery runs during 8:30 and 10:30 mass and is open to all children aged one and walking, up to kindergarten. We have wonderful paid caregivers along with student volunteers to watch and play with your children. For questions, email Deyette
  • Baptism for infants up to age 7 — If you are interested in having your child (infant up to age 7) baptized Catholic, please contact Deyette at We also offer a variety of offerings for both children and adults! Find more information on our website (, and in future eFC’s!
  • Save the date — Advent Gathering, Sunday, December 2, School Hall, 9:30-noon. You’re invited to our Advent Gathering as we prepare for Advent with crafts for all ages, Advent wreaths & candles, St. Vincent de Paul Food drive, Coffee & Donuts and more! Questions, please contact Deyette at
Saint Of The Week

Every week we highlight a particular saint. This week we celebrate St. Ignatius of Loyola. St. Ignatius was an ambitious soldier and nobleman who, when recovering from an injury, discovered a love for Christ through the stories of the Saints. His method still serves us well today: he noticed that the excitement of worldly glory led to dissatisfaction and anxiety, while the following of Christ led to profound peace and joy, and he developed these experiences into his Rules for Discernment. We celebrate his feast on July 31.


Mini Cheer Camp

The WSHS cheerleaders will be holding a Mini Cheer Camp on Saturday, November 17 in the West Seattle High School Gym from 10-1. K-8 grade kids will have a great time learning fun cheers and making crafts with the Westside cheerleaders. See this flyer for more details

University of Washington, College of Education School Psychology Program

COUNSELING FOR CHILDREN AND ADOLESCENTS – The University of Washington’s College of Education is offering free weekly therapy sessions for children and adolescents between the ages of 6-18 years old. Those experiencing anxiety, depression, attention-deficit, social skills, and behavior problems are examples of appropriate referrals, although we will assess for your individual needs. Please see this flyer for more information.

TESTING FOR SCHOOL-AGE CHILDREN – The University of Washington’s College of Education invites you and your child to participate in the school psychology graduate’s assessment testing course. The tests administered by graduate students (under the supervision of licensed psychologist/faculty), are designed to identify strengths, weaknesses, and learning disabilities that may be influencing the child’s academic performance. Please see this flyer for more information.

Holiday Bazaar At St. Francis Of Assisi

Vendor spaces are still available for our holiday bazaar on Saturday, November 17 at St. Francis of Assisi. The holidays are coming up quickly and that means the shoppers will soon be ready to shop! Looking to sell your unique art or newest craft? This is the perfect place to start selling to those early holiday shoppers! Whether you’re new to selling your wares or not, we’d love to have you at this wonderful community event. See this flyer for more details. Saturday, November 17th, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at St. Francis of Assisi (15216 21st Ave. SW, Burien, WA 98166). Please contact Paula Hall at 206-552-6652 or to reserve your space today!