Family Communication 11/1/18


Dear Holy Rosary Families,

Happy All Saints Day! I hope this message finds you well.

There is much happening around the school these days- a few updates:

1)  Last weekend you received an email from me regarding an individual who has been lingering and seen in the vicinity of the school. I just wanted to pass along that we have received a tremendous response of support from the Seattle Police Department and their Community Police Team. While I cannot pass along all of the details, I do want you to know that the matter is being addressed and I am grateful for their quick and very attentive response. If you see this individual on our property and we are not around to alert, please call 911. Likewise, at any time, if you feel unsafe, do not hesitate to call 911.

2)  I’d like to welcome two new staff members! Karla Lawson joins us as the new Office Assistant. Kristin Bentler is transitioning into the Office Administrator Position with Kimberly Tish’s upcoming departure. I thank Kimberly for all of her hard work- we will miss her tremendously!

I would also like to welcome Selena Borne! Selena joins us as our school counselor and will be here on most Tuesdays and Thursdays. Selena comes to us with a tremendous amount of experience as a school counselor, recently serving as a school counselor in a Catholic school in Lake Oswego, Oregon. Selena will send out a separate letter introducing herself and the types of support she will provide students. We’re grateful and excited to have her join our community.

3)  You have all heard us speak of the Call to Serve as Christ Campaign, and the importance of this campaign. The primary purpose of the campaign is to fully fund priest and religious sister retirement. Doing so, will actually reduce the financial burden on local parishes like ours, freeing up more money for local ministries. But there is an additional benefit to a successful campaign in that each parish receives a local rebate on all monies raised- 15% until our campaign goal is reached and 85% of all monies raised beyond that. School and parish leadership bodies have identified a number of local projects we’d like to complete with our campaign rebate- repairing the damaged stain glass in the church, tuck pointing, and replacing the big toy! I wanted to share with you some preliminary plans for the playground (click here) if we are able to raise sufficient funds to do so. One of our parents, Lindsey Heller, has put together this sketch (thank you Lindsey for your work!). She is a landscape architect and has done a lot of work on playgrounds. The ultimate goal, if we are able to raise the funds, is to join the play areas and create one fluid play space between the big and little toys, with a new synthetic surface underneath. Work of this magnitude could cost upwards of $300,000. If you have not done so already, I’d encourage you to contribute to this important campaign. Not only does it support a very important cause, but the rebate will allow us to complete some much needed work. If you have a company that would potentially make a matching donation, please speak with me prior to submitting your pledge.

4).  And finally…. installment three of the Great Mysteries! Great Mystery 3: The Pascal Mystery (again written by Fr. Ron Nuzzi).

The Paschal Mystery refers to suffering, death, and resurrection of Jesus, an event of which St. Paul writes that were it not true, our faith would be in vain (I Corinthians 15:17). Easter is the day we commemorate Jesus’ victory over death and Sunday in the Christian dispensation is understood to be a “little Easter” for every Sunday memorializes the first Easter morning. In the Paschal mystery, we find meaning in suffering, courage in the face of death itself, and hope that, like Jesus, we too will be raised to glory with God in heaven.

Like the other mysteries, the Paschal Mystery is not simply about affirming some long-past historical watershed moment. It is that, of course, but the Paschal Mystery, too, has immensely important significance today, for as Scripture attests, “all of us who were baptized into Christ Jesus were baptized into his death” (Romans 6:3). Our faith in Jesus and in his resurrection points us to a similar resurrection in our own lives. Followers of Jesus understand that life is immersion in the Paschal Mystery and that all of the ups and downs of life, the joys and sorrows of our days, are all somehow caught up in the dying and rising of Jesus. This is the order of the universe by God’s design-death and resurrection-and there is no escaping it.

Belief is the Paschal Mystery means that suffering and death have purpose, that good ultimately prevails, and that the power at the center of the universe is gracious and loving. We embrace the Paschal Mystery not only at our own death or the death of those we loved. We walk in its shadow every day, surrendering our will to the greater good, our youth to the passage of the years, our control to forces beyond ourselves. The Paschal Mystery reminds us that all of life is about letting go, about loving more freely and deeply, about dying and rising.

In terms of human development and education, there is no mystery more directly applicable to the school setting that the Paschal Mystery, for this mystery teaches the entire community that all of the successes and failures of life-the aced quizzes as well as the failed tests, the state championship trophy as well as the career-ending injury-are simply different ways to identify with Jesus Christ and to participate in the Paschal Mystery. They are ways of dying with Christ in order to rise with him. Educators of every sort depend on the Paschal Mystery as a primary way of giving witness to the Gospel, of affirming faith in Christ, and the good news that if we die with him, we shall also rise with him. An education absent such a central conviction about the order and direction of the universe might well be judged incomplete if not inadequate by people of faith.

Have a wonderful rest of the week! 



One of the beautiful things about the Church is that we are intimately united in Christ – those on earth, those in Heaven, and those who have died who are on their way there. With our celebrations this week – we are celebrating our family, the Church united throughout time. Today is All Saints Day, as we celebrate all those in Heaven, in particular those whom the Church has canonized and holds up for us as models and intercessors. They are all different in that some are young, others are old; some are married, others are priests or religious; some are doctors and nurses, others teachers, others are lawyers, others undertook to care for their family full time. But they all followed Christ and shared His love with others. Mass this evening for the Holy Day of Obligation is at 7 p.m.

Tomorrow is All Souls Day, as we pray for our loved ones who have died, and all others, and commend them to God’s love and mercy. In Heaven we are perfect, and united with Christ. When we die, it is rare that we are perfect, and death itself is one of the effects of Original Sin and therefore can’t make us pure and spotless. And so those on the way to Heaven we need to stop over in Purgatory first. They are happy than ever when on earth, being that much closer to perfect union with God in Heaven. The sorrow comes from being so close – and not yet being there. It is important that we continue to pray for our loved ones, to help them by our prayers and works of charity, sharing with them the grace we are receiving. Masses are at 7:45 a.m. and 7 p.m.

Take some time during these days to celebrate the Saints in Heaven, to share as a family who are your models and whom you strive to be like, or those who you in particular turn to in prayer. And take some time to remember and pray for your loved ones as well who have died. These days, let us call to mind the greatness of our family – the family of God.

Parish Goal:  $2.0 Million

Pledged to Date:  $636,805 — 32% of Parish Goal. Total Pledges:  90

15% Rebate to Parish:  $95,071      

Separate Donations with Corporate Matches:  $42,500*

Total Parish Benefit:  $137,571

*Some companies do not match religious donations, but will if it is not used for church purposes.  The Archdiocese is allowing us to offer these parishioners the option of splitting their pledge, donating some directly to the campaign school projects, allowing us to take advantage of some of the company’s matching donations.

This is good news!  We are on our way, with just 49 individuals and families participating thus far.  Imagine where we will be if everyone participates—and how much good will be accomplished!


You’re Invited! School Commission Open Meeting November 8

The School Commission has three open meetings a year. I would like to invite anyone who is interested in learning more to attend our first open meeting on Thursday, November 8 at 6 p.m. in 7B.

Preschool And Kindergarten For 2019-20

The priority application period for our current school and parish families ends in two weeks! (Nov.15th). All students entering kindergarten for 2019/20 at Holy Rosary must fill out an application for our K-8 school. If you have a new student entering our preschool (2s, 3s, or PreK), this is also the time to submit an application. There are very few available spots in our preschool 3s and PreK class; early submission is highly encouraged! Reenrollment for current students (except kindergarten) will happen in January. We have our kindergarten testing day scheduled for Friday, February 8, 2019. Any questions about the process, how to set up a tour, or our preschool through eighth grade school, contact Jennifer Kokkonis, Admissions Director,


  • November 3 – Italian dinner
  • November 8 – School Commission open meeting
  • November 12 – No school, Veteran’s Day (BASE closed)
  • November 19-21 – Parent/Student/Teacher Conferences (regular school not in session, BASE open
  • November 22-23 – Thanksgiving break, no school (BASE closed)
  • November 23 – Tree Lot Opens
  • December 7- First Trimester Report Cards
  • December 18 – Preschool Christmas Program
  • December 20 – Christmas Program
  • December 21 – Noon Dismissal, Christmas Break Begins


Parent/Teacher/Student Conference Signup Schedule

Conferences are coming up soon, and will be held the week of Thanksgiving on November 19, 20 and 21. Reminder that school will not be in session this week. The signups for conferences will be posted at noon this Monday, November 5 on the Holy Rosary School website. You should be able to select a time that works for you and your family using the SignUpGenius that will be posted.

Pirate Attire Needed For Drama Elective

As Halloween quickly approaches and you dig through your old decorations and costumes we ask that you consider donating any old pirate costumes/gear to our Holy Rosary drama elective who will be putting on a pirate play this spring. There will be a box in the front office where you can drop off / donate these items. If there are any other pirate theme decorations/items you’d like to offer but are unsure if they can be used, please email Sara Weythman at to discuss these items. Thanks in advance for your help!

Volunteer Hours Available At Our Scholastic Fall Book Fair

We are looking for volunteers to help run our Scholastic Book Fair this fall. Volunteers will be asked to monitor book fair and process purchases during their shift. If you are interested in donating your time, please use this SignUpGenius link.

Financial Aid Applications For 2019-20

Financial aid applications for Fulcrum and school aid (one application form) are now available. Please submit your applications by January 1. Please contact Jennifer Kokkonis at with any questions.

Medications At School

Tis the season for coughs and colds. If your child is in need of a cough drop or other over-the-counter medication during the day, the school office needs an Oral Medical Form signed by a doctor.


Get Your Italian Dinner Tickets Now!

Buon Appetito! Come enjoy our annual Italian Dinner on Saturday, November 3 from 6:15 – 9. It’s a family friendly event, serving a delicious Italian pasta meal with dessert. Purchase tickets here.

Interested in volunteering for the Italian Dinner? You can earn double hours! We still need help on the cleanup crew. Signup through the SignUpGenius and earn double fundraising hours.

Development Directives

Students who sold 25 magazine subscriptions or siblings that sold 40 will be heading to the Family Fun Center tomorrow. The 120+ students and chaperones will depart about 10 a.m. and return by 2 p.m. This is a FREE DRESS DAY for Family Fun Center participants ONLY! Pizza lunch will be served at the Family Fun Center.

Also tomorrow, a shave ice truck will be on campus as the prize for fifth grade selling the most magazine subscriptions. Fifth graders will receive a comp shave ice, but the truck will remain on campus until 4 p.m. selling shave ice for $4 per cup. The truck will be located outside Lanigan Gym.

Seeking MATCHING FUNDS! If you work for a company that matches time or money that you donate to nonprofit organizations, then please submit prior to year-end. Direct questions to Beth Martin.

The TREELOT SIGNUP GENIUS will be published in the eFC in the coming weeks. Sign up early and often because its a great way to knock out fundraising hours in a fun and festive environment!

The BUSINESS COMMITTEE could use a few more volunteers to help in contacting businesses in West Seattle for donations, as we have already started working on the 2019 auction. You can do as much or as little as you like, by phone or in person and on your own time. If you are interested, please email Giulia Canali at for more info.


No extracurricular news this week.


Faith Formation At Holy Rosary Parish

Our parish offers many opportunities to grow in your faith beyond the school day. We’d like to highlight a few.

  • Monday Rosary – Looking for a way to renew your Faith? Stressed and need a break? Join us for only 25 minutes to pray the rosary on Monday evenings at 7 in the Chapel! Rosaries and prayer aids provided. All are welcome!
  • Inquiry is an open-ended discussion of life, the universe, and everything from a Catholic point of view! A perfect preparation for RCIA or adult confirmation, or a chance to deepen your understanding of Christ and the Church. All are welcome, and no topic is off limits! We meet every Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. in the Parish Office, and our next meeting will be Tuesday, October 30. Please contact Robert King at or 206-937-1488 x203 for more info.
  • Sunday Nursery During Mass – The Sunday nursery  runs during 8:30 and 10:30 mass and is open to all children aged one and walking, up to kindergarten. We have wonderful paid caregivers along with student volunteers to watch and play with your children. For questions, email Deyette at
  • Baptism for infants up to age 7 – If you are interested in having your child (infant up to age 7) baptized Catholic, please contact Deyette at

We also offer a variety of offerings for both children and adults! Find more information on our website (, and in future eFC’s!

Need General Volunteer Hours?

Volunteers (adults and/or high schoolers) needed to help Children’s Ministries with administrative tasks such as putting folders together, sorting, organizing supplies, etc. Some work can be done at home and some during school hours. Please email Deyette at for questions and/or interested.

Saint Of The Week

Every week we highlight a particular saint. This week we celebrate St. Vincent de Paul. In the early 1600’s, St. Vincent was chaplain to a wealthy family. Working with their tenant farmers led him to found the Daughters of Charity and the Congregation of the Mission, whose mission is to serve the poor. Though he did not found it himself, his example inspired Bl. Frederic Ozanam to form the St. Vincent de Paul Society in 1833, which helps us serve the poor in our own community today. We celebrated St. Vincent on September 27.


Catholic Voter Resources

WSCC advocates on behalf of Catholic Schools to the Washington State Legislature, as well as administrative groups like OSPI and the State Board of Education. When state lawmakers go back to work in January, we want to ensure that the voices of Catholic school leaders and families are heard. View this attached flyer which provides information on their important work. We encourage you to visit and join their network to stay connected!

Mini Cheer Camp

The WSHS cheerleaders will be holding a Mini Cheer Camp on Saturday, November 17 in the West Seattle High School Gym from 10-1. K-8 grade kids will have a great time learning fun cheers and making crafts with the Westside cheerleaders. See this flyer for more details

University of Washington, College of Education School Psychology Program

COUNSELING FOR CHILDREN AND ADOLESCENTS – The University of Washington’s College of Education is offering free weekly therapy sessions for children and adolescents between the ages of 6-18 years old. Those experiencing anxiety, depression, attention-deficit, social skills, and behavior problems are examples of appropriate referrals, although we will assess for your individual needs. Please see this flyer for more information.

TESTING FOR SCHOOL-AGE CHILDREN – The University of Washington’s College of Education invites you and your child to participate in the school psychology graduate’s assessment testing course. The tests administered by graduate students (under the supervision of licensed psychologist/faculty), are designed to identify strengths, weaknesses, and learning disabilities that may be influencing the child’s academic performance. Please see this flyer for more information.

Seeking Vendors For Holiday Bazaar

Vendor spaces are still available for Saturday, November 17 at St. Francis of Assisi. The holidays are coming up quickly and that means the shoppers will soon be ready to shop! Looking to sell your unique art or newest craft? This is the perfect place to start selling to those early holiday shoppers! Whether you’re new to selling your wares or not, we’d love to have you at this wonderful community event. Please contact Paula Hall at 206-552-6652 or to reserve your space today! Saturday, November 17 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at St. Francis of Assisi, 15216 21stAve. SW, Burien, WA 98166.

Ingraham High School Open House For Private School Families

Ingraham High School is holding a general information night in its library on November 7 at 7 p.m. It’s open to parents and students new to the Seattle Public Schools. Ingraham staff will answer any questions about academics, sports, clubs, and student life at Ingraham. More information is posted on the Ingraham High School website.