Family Communication 1/23/20


Dear Holy Rosary Families,

This week we continue our whole school study of the Mass focusing on the Liturgy of the Word.  As we continue to learn more about the details of the Mass, I am including information on the Liturgy of the Word with this weekly message.  I also encourage you to join us for our school Masses if you are able!

Next week we will celebrate Catholic Schools’ Week. Please pay close attention to the schedule, as there will be a lot of happenings.  We will begin by planting our annual primroses tomorrow- students may wear jeans to school tomorrow for planting.

On Sunday, January 26th we will celebrate our school at the 10:30 Mass and will have a schoolwide open house to follow.  I encourage your family to attend this Mass, and please have your children wear their uniforms!  The open house to follow will be a chance for all families, past, current, and future to celebrate all that makes our school special.

Finally, if your child has a grandparent or special friend attending the lunch during Catholic Schools’ Week, and you intend for your child to leave school early with that individual, please email the office ( ahead of time and let the office know of the early dismissal.  This will help speed things up greatly as kids are signed out.

Looking forward to seeing you this weekend!

In Christ, 



Understanding The Mass-  Information taken directly from the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (

Part II- The Liturgy of the Word

Most of the Liturgy of the Word is made up of readings from Scripture. On Sundays and solemnities, there are three Scripture readings. During most of the year, the first reading is from the Old Testament and the second reading is from one of the New Testament letters. During Easter Time, the first reading is taken from the Acts of the Apostles which tells the story of the Church in its earliest days. The last reading is always taken from one of the four Gospels.
In the Liturgy of the Word, the Church feeds the people of God from the table of his Word (cf. Sacrosanctum Concilium, no. 51). The Scriptures are the word of God, written under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. In the Scriptures, God speaks to us, leading us along the path to salvation.
The Responsorial Psalm is sung between the readings. The psalm helps us to meditate on the word of God.
The high point of the Liturgy of the Word is the reading of the Gospel. Because the Gospels tell of the life, ministry, and preaching of Christ, it receives several special signs of honor and reverence. The gathered assembly stands to hear the Gospel and it is introduced by an acclamation of praise. Apart from Lent, that acclamation is “Alleluia,” derived from a Hebrew phrase meaning “Praise the Lord!” A deacon (or, if no deacon is present, a priest) reads the Gospel.
After the Scripture readings, the celebrant preaches the homily. In the homily, the preacher focuses on the Scripture texts or some other texts from the liturgy, drawing from them lessons that may help us to live better lives, more faithful to Christ’s call to grow in holiness.
In many Masses, the Profession of Faith then follows the homily, either the Nicene or Apostles’ Creed. The Nicene Creed is a statement of faith dating from the fourth century, while the Apostles’ Creed is the ancient baptismal creed of the Church in Rome. If baptismal promises are renewed, from a formula based on the Apostles’ Creed, this takes the place of the Creed.
The Liturgy of the Word concludes with the Universal Prayer, also called the Prayer of the Faithful. The gathered assembly intercedes with God on behalf of the Church, the world, and themselves, entrusting their needs to the faithful and loving God.


Starting this weekend we begin our celebration of Catholic Schools Week.  We truly have much to celebrate in our Holy Rosary community.  On display this week will be the art and ingenuity and wisdom and faith of our students, their passions and gifts and abilities, and the breadth of our family which encompasses so many who play an important role in the life of the formation of the children entrusted to our care.  The events of this week speak to who we are as a Catholic school, our mission and our unique approach to education.  Archbishop Miller once listed five marks of a Catholic School when he was head of the Congregation for Catholic Education at the Vatican, before becoming Archbishop of Vancouver (BC).

  1. Catholic schools are inspired by a supernatural vision.  Catholic schools don’t exist to hand on information to be successful in the world.  We do that, but ultimately we exist to cast much broader vision and goal – that of Heaven itself. 
  2. Catholic schools are founded on a Christian anthropology.  Catholic schools are not factories designed to put out learned individuals who achieve well in business and industry.  Our students are not cogs.  Our approach is person centered, lifting up the great dignity and worth of each individual, and helping each to truly become the best they can, growing goodness and virtue. 
  3. Catholic schools are animated by communion and community.  It is not enough to be united with God, for He unites us with each other.  Our school is not an institution, but a home and school of community, where God’s love becomes real in and through one another (even on the Volleyball court).
  4. Catholic schools are imbued with a Catholic worldview throughout its curriculum.  Our life of faith is much more than just one hour on Sundays, and religion is much more than just one subject among many.  In science, the study of Creation leads to an awe of the Creator Himself.  In history, we explore God’s presence and action through time, and the growth of goodness and virtue in humanity.  In Mathematics, the measuring of the universe reveals the fingerprint of God, such as in the Fibonacci sequence.  Faith can never be compartmentalized, but encompasses our entire lives as we seek God everywhere.
  5. Catholic schools are sustained by Gospel Witness.  “Do as I say, not as I do” has never been effective.  Instead, it is the witness of our lives which is the greatest teacher of others.  As such, we must be changed and transformed not only by the grace of God, but by His Wisdom and Love as well.  This is not only true of our staff and the parents who play such a pivotal role in the lives of educating our youth, but is also true of the youth themselves as they respond to that which they receive.  This is the truest measure of our success, not graduation rates or MAP scores – whether the Gospel is proclaimed and lived.

During this coming Catholic Schools Week, let us give thanks to God for His many blessings in our lives and in those of our children, especially those we receive through HRS!

In Christ,

Fr. Oakland


  • January 26th – Catholic Schools Week Mass/Open House
  • January 29th – Grandparents Day
  • January 31st – Volleyball Signup Deadline
  • February 7th – Kindergarten Testing – no school for kindergarten
  • February 8th – Crab Dinner (6pm)
  • February 14th – Noon Dismissal
  • February 17th – Presidents Day – no school
  • February 18th – Mid-Winter Break – no school


No SunDance Today

SunDance is cancelled today, Thursday January 23rd.

Free Dress On Friday

Friday, we will be planting primroses around the school. Students can wear free dress. Don’t forget to bring a small shovel, if you have one.

Pizza Lunch Tomorrow!

Yum yum! 8th grade pizza lunch is Friday.

Grandparents Day – No Blue Plate Lunch

Blue Plate lunches will not be served on Wednesday, January 29th. All students need to bring a lunch to school with them.

Grandparents Day Pickup

If you are planning to have your child’s grandparent or special person take them home after lunch, please email the office at All students will need to checkout in the office. They will not be sent home early without email confirmation from their parents.


Re-Enrollment Jan 15th – Jan 31st

After this school year, we are migrating to a new Student Information System, called ALMA.  New this year, re-enrollment is a 2-step process.  Step 1: completion of our school’s online form; Step 2: set-up of your ALMA account, submitting parent, student, emergency contact information for EACH student re-enrolling for the September 2020 – June 2021 school year. Remember TWO steps to re-enroll this year!  For the first class to complete re-enrollment, each student in the class will receive a free dress pass! ALMA set-up is best done on a Desktop computer. There is a video on our website if you need help completing the ALMA set-up. Thank you!

Winter Open House

We kick off Catholic Schools’ Week with our Winter Open House, January 26th – 12pm-1:30pm.  Current school families and prospective families are welcome to walk through the classrooms and see examples of student projects.  For prospective families, we will offer tours of the school from current 8th graders.  Many families have commented that meeting one of our 8th grade tour guides had been an influential factor in their school application.  We would love to have your 8th grader be part of that tradition!  Sign up can be found here.  

Catholic Schools Week Overview

Catholic Schools week is filled with community, family and fun. The following is the schedule of activities for the week

  • Sunday  – 10:30 Mass, Champion of Holy Rosary Award Presentation. Students wear uniform to Mass.
  • Monday – In Appreciation of Parents. Students may wear Gator/CYO gear.
  • Tuesday – In Appreciation of our Community. Students wear normal uniform.
  • Wednesday – Grandparent’s Day – 11:30 – begins in the church; students have lunch with grandparent/special friend student wear perfect uniform.
  • Thursday – In Appreciation of Lifelong Learning – grades 1-4 spelling bee from 8:30-9:15. Grades 5-8 spelling bee from 9:30-10:15. Students wear perfect uniform.
  • Friday – In Appreciation of our Students – Spirit assembly, 9:30-10:45. Volleyball games at 1:30 – Holy Rosary staff vs. grade 8. Students wear 80’s theme clothing.
Financial Aid

Financial aid applications were due by January 6th.  The Fulcrum Financial Aid deadline has passed.  If you would like to be considered for Holy Rosary School Aid, completed applications are due by January 31st.  The financial aid application is the same form for both Fulcrum and HRS aid.  Completed applications must include required documentation (2018 tax return/W-2 forms). Applications can be found online here.  Any questions, please contact Jennifer Kokkonis at


Grandparents & Special Friends Lunch

Hopefully your family members have RSVP’d to the Grandparents & Special Friends Lunch as we are about at capacity.  Check the list here to see if they have RSVP’d.

Itinerary for Wednesday, January 29:

11:00am church doors open

11:30am entertainment begins

12:10pm lunch begins (school hall/gym)

12:45pm school tours and pictures

1:30pm   event ends

-Students will get to eat with their Grandparents/Special Friends.

-Sack lunch provided for Grandparents/Special Friends ONLY.  Students will need to bring a lunch, as there will NOT be hot lunch service that day.

Volunteers are needed please sign up here.

Volunteer Opportunity

Interested in fulfilling a good portion of your fundraising hours?  A raffle coordinator is needed.  Detailed instructions provided.  Detail oriented a must, as well as availability auction night.

Looking for a volunteer to organize auction table seating.  You would be shadowing an 8th grade parent.  This is a great job, that could mostly be done at home.  Bonus if you have children in multiple grades, so that family names are familiar.  Not a requirement though. 

If either of the above sound interesting, contact Beth Martin for additional details.

Third Annual Crab Dinner

Back for its third year, Saturday, February 8th at 6:15pm, join us for a Crab Feast! Tickets are $50 for adults, $40 for seniors, and $10 for kids. Kids have a crab or corn dog option. Wine and beer for sale separately.  There will be NO tickets sold at the door.  Last day to buy tickets is Thursday, February 6th.  Buy tickets here.

Crab Dinner Volunteers Needed – Saturday, February 9

Help is needed for kitchen prep, day-of help in the kitchen, servers and bussers on the floor, and staffing the cash bar.   Sign-up Genius here.

Auction Update

Auction items were due to the main office last Friday.  If you have not done so, please drop off your item/certificate ASAP.

Key Details:
Date: March 14, 2020
Location: Brockey Center, South Seattle College
Volunteer: Raffle Chair needed.
Information: Check out the Auction page HERE
Donation Needed: The Auction committee is organizing a Hawaii item.  Any leads on donated/discounted accommodations or excursions, please contact Beth.


CYO Volleyball

CYO Volleyball registration has opened! Go here to sign up to play and / or coach. CYO athletic programs are open to all members of the parish community. 
Deadline for volleyball registration is January 31.


Totus Tuus

Totus Tuus is very similar to vacation bible school, but so much more! Totus Tuus is a summer Catholic youth program dedicated to sharing the Gospel and promoting the Catholic faith. For more information and to register, visit our website at
Dates: August 2 – 7, 2020
Location: Holy Rosary Parish
$35/child (Grades 1-6)
$25/youth (Grades 7-12)
Discount: The total cost is $80 for families that register 3 or more kids
Register online at 
Totus Tuus Contact:
Bridget Bicek
206-937-1488 ext. 299

Opportunities for Adults

We offer several ways to celebrate and grow closer to the risen Christ:

  • Bible Study – We’re studying “The Eucharist: Discovering the Mass in the Bible” with Dr. Brant Pitre. There’s still time to join our Bible Study community! For more information and to sign up, please see our website:
  • Inquiry – Do family or friends ask you about Christianity or your Catholic faith at this time of year? Invite them to Inquiry: an open-ended discussion of life, the universe, and everything from a Catholic point of view! All are welcome and no topic is off limits! This is also the starting point for anyone interested in becoming Catholic. We meet twice a month in the Parish Office, and our next meeting will be Tuesday, January 28. Our topic will be “The Life of Jesus”

For more information, or if you have any suggestions, please contact Robert King (206-937-1488 x203 or

Saint of the Week

Every week, we highlight a particular saint. This week, we celebrate St. Thomas Aquinas. St. Thomas was raised as the son of an Italian landowner who intended Thomas for a privileged position at a wealthy monastery. But instead, Thomas was attracted to the poverty and passion of the newly founded Dominican order. His family kept him prisoner for a year to keep him from joining the Dominicans till his mother helped him escape. He was a quiet student, bullied by his classmates and called “the dumb ox”; but he became one of the greatest theologians in history. He reminds us to be curious, to give others the benefit of the doubt, and to trust that we’ll find God when we seek him with our whole heart. We celebrate his feast on January 28.


CYO Summer Camp Registration is Open Now

Give the gift of fun experiences and lifetime memories.  CYO Summer camp registration is open!

West Seattle Music Studio

In home guitar and piano lessons for children and adults. Beginners are welcome. Classical/Rock/Jazz. Twenty-five years of experience performing and teaching. Call Lizette at 206-349-5499 or

Free Throw Competition

Show off your basketball skills
Our Lady of Guadalupe Knights of Columbus Council is sponsoring a Free Throw Competition for all boys and girls age 9 to 14. It will be held Friday, January 31st at 6:30 PM. The competition will be held at Our Lady of Guadalupe Gym, 3410 SW Myrtle St., Seattle. Each boy & girl age group champion will be eligible to advance to the District Competition to be held in February. You must provide proof of age (birth certificate, etc.).

Write YOUR Story! Now enrolling for Spring 2020

Theme: Unexpected Endings
What: Free story writing workshops for children ages 8-12. Join kids from local schools as we read and rewrite a classic children’s story. In the second half, children write their own stories and a great party is had at the end!
Where: Curious Kidstuff Toy Store, 4740 California Ave SW, in the West Seattle Junction area
When: 3:15pm to 4:15pm, every Wednesday from January 22 to April 29, 2020
Price: $0.00 free. In return for this unique opportunity, participants are expected to attend every class.
Who: Taught for kids ages 8-12, by West Seattle resident Julia Douthwaite Viglione, PhD (“Ms. Julia”)
Space limited! To enroll, contact Ms. Julia at: or text (574) 400-9362.
Write YOUR Story: We Read. We Write. And we have a lot of fun.

Stories we will read in Spring 2020:
Zhang Fuxin, the story of Wu Duan and the piglet in The Story of Zhuang Zi, trans. Zhang Tingquan (Beijing: Foreign Languages Press, 2002), 184-85.
Jacob Ludwig Karl Grimm and Wilhelm Carl Grimm, “Hans in Luck” from Household Stories by the Brothers Grimm, trans. Lucy Crane (New York: Dover Pub., 1963), 14-19.
“The Witch of Fife” from Celtic Tales: Fairy Tales and Stories of Enchantment, ed. Mirabelle Korn (San Francisco, CA: Chronicle Books, 2016), 45-49.