Family Communication 08/27/20


Dear Holy Rosary Families, 
We’re in the final week of summer.  Wow- how can that be?
As someone who has spent the past twenty years working in schools, the rhythm of the school year is how I’ve always organized my own life.  I notice the weather starting to change, the days getting shorter, and it signifies to me that school is coming.  Even this year, with all that is different, I’m noticing these subtle signals that the change is almost here, and I’m ready for us to start school next week!  
I’ve been reflecting on the past six months, on all that has happened, and where we find ourselves today.  Never would we have imagined, on March 12th when we left school, that we would be starting school in a remote way. In some ways that day seems like a lifetime ago!  But God is good, here we are today, and I can say wholeheartedly that our staff is excited to welcome your children.  We’re prepared and know the year is going to start out well.
I know you all have worked to establish a rhythm to your days the past six months, with new routines, and seeking moments of normalcy whenever possible.  I’d like to encourage you to continue these with your children as we start this year remotely.  Though we do not know exactly when we will be able to return to school in person, setting up patterns that promote school behavior and routines will help everyone make this transition when the time comes.  Some ideas to help with this are:
1)  Establish a consistent bedtime, wake-up time, and breakfast routine.
2)  Lay out clothes the night before and ensure the student work space is ready the night before for the next morning.
3)  Consider packing or preparing lunch as you would if you were going to school in person.  Get outside and move during breaks and the lunch recess time.  
4)  Check-in at the end of the day about your student’s day- how did it go?  Are there items that still need to be completed?  Stay in touch with your child’s teacher(s).
5)  Limit screen time beyond the school day.
6)  Build in time for daily prayer as a family and attend school Mass as a family if possible.
I continue to hold you all in prayer as we start this school year.
One final note- this eFC contains a lot of important information, so please read through it carefully!
In Christ, 


Deum Videre in Omnibus
To See God in All Things
This was the original motto adopted by the Dominican sisters at the foundation of our school, which is still found on our logo.  As disciples of Jesus Christ, we are always looking for the presence of God in our day – that we may rejoice in His nearness, and follow Him on the way to Heaven.  Sometimes it is easier to see the Lord, other times more difficult, but He is always there.  It is He who can even bring good from evil, peace in the midst of a storm, light in the midst of darkness.  As we prepare for the start of this school year next week, let us be sure that we are always looking for the Lord Jesus in our lives, and helping our children do the same.
Sweetest Jesus, 
help me 
to see you always 
and in all things, 
in joys and in sorrows,
that I may grow 
in your grace 
and your love.  
In Christ,
Fr. Oakland


Preparing for Teacher Meetings Next Week

We are excited to welcome your family to our teacher meetings next week.  In preparation for these meetings, and to ensure the health and safety of everyone, we are asking for families to follow these steps:
1)  Each family member should screen themselves PRIOR to your arrival on campus.  Each family member should check their temperature prior to coming and answer NO to the following questions:
o A fever of 100.4°F or higher or a sense of having a fever                       
o Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing 
o A cough                                                                                        
o A sore throat 
o New loss of taste or smell                                                                       
o Muscle or body aches 
o Nausea/vomiting/diarrhea                                                             
o Congestion/running nose – not related to allergies 
o Unusual fatigue                                                                             
o Chills 
If your family members cannot answer NO to these questions, please contact the office to reschedule your meeting.   
2)  Arrive to campus at your scheduled meeting time and follow your meeting time schedule.  If you arrive on campus early, we ask you to please wait across the street, in a socially distanced way, on the church grass.
3)  If you are using a device from home for remote instruction, please bring this device with you (fully charged) so we can ensure that the Google account and Classroom is up and running.  Students in grades 7 and 8 should also bring their binders/filer that you purchased.
4)  If you are a returning family, please log-in to your child’s email prior to meeting sometime after tomorrow using the same login information from last spring.  Note that students in grades 6-8 will have an updated email address and will no longer use their previous Google username/email address. The new format is “first initial, last name, dot graduation“. For example, “”. This new format will take effect Friday at noon. Passwords will not change. If your child is unable to log in to her/his Google account, please contact Jon Barker (  New families, and preschool/kindergarten families should set up your child’s email address using the steps below (note, the graduation year for PS3 students is 2031, for Pre-K students it’s 2030, and for K students it’s 2029).
5)  Ideally the student and parent(s) will attend the teach meetings themselves without siblings in order to ensure that each meeting is special for each student.  If you do need to bring a sibling, please bring a book or something for the sibling to work on.   The playground will not be open for students to play on, as we cannot monitor the areas that have been touched that will need to be sanitized.
Google Accounts:

  1. Go to
  2. Click the Sign Inbutton.(If other members of the household have Google accounts, find the Use Another Account button after clicking Sign In)
  3. In the Emailor phonefield, enter the entire email address for your child, which is in this format – child’s first initial, child’s last name, dot graduation For example:  “

Click Next.

  1. In the Enter your passwordfield, type the temporary password “gators4142”. You can click the eyeball to view the password as you type it. Click Next.
  2. Acceptthe account terms.
  3. Create a new password. Passwords should be at least 8 characters long and include at least one uppercase and lowercase letter, one special character, and one number. Confirm.
  4. Congrats! This will be your child’s Google account throughout their Holy Rosary career. 

Contact Mr. Barker at if you have trouble accessing.
All meetings will take place outside.  We encourage you to bring your student(s) in uniform and to take a first day of school picture at school!

Meeting locations are as follows (tables will be labeled):
Preschool:  On the preschool playground
KA:  On the grass in front of the parish center
KB:  In front of the chapel entrance at the parish center
1A:  Between the school and the gym,  north end of the walkway
1B:  Below the staff parking lot outside of the 1B window (north side of the building)
1C:  Between the school and the gym,  north end of the walkway
2A:  Below the staff parking lot outside of the 2A window (north side of the building)
2B:  Below the staff parking lot outside of the 2B window (north side of the building)
3A:  On the lower playground outside of the gym (closest to the gym)
3B:  On the lower playground outside of the gym (closest to the gym)
4A:  On the lower playground outside of the gym (farthest from the gym)
4B:  On the lower playground outside of the gym (farthest from the gym)
5A:  Between the school and the gym, south end of the walkway
5B:  Between the school and the gym, south end of the walkway
6A:  Front of the school, north end of the school building 
6B:   Front of the school, north end of the school building 
7A:  Front of the school, middle of the school building 
7B:  Front of the school, middle of the school building 
8A:  Front of the school, south end of the school building 
8B:  Front of the school, south end of the school building 

Parents Of Students In Grades 6-8

We will be updating your child’s Google account/email address this Friday to make them more user friendly. Their new account name/email address will be their first initial, last name, dot, graduation year. For example: Their passwords will remain the same. When logging into Google, they will need to enter their new account name and the password they have been using. They will continue to receive email at their “old” address ( if anything is sent to it, but they should begin using the new format as soon as this Friday at noon. New students will receive instructions on logging into their school Google account.
Contact Mr. Barker if you have questions about this. Thank you! 

In Your Tool Kit: Cross, School Prayer, Prayer “corner”

At your Meet the Teacher meeting your student will receive a tool kit which includes a cross and school prayer.  Father Oakland has blessed the cross and selected the prayer for this school year.  Please have your student keep the cross by his/her remote school-work area for morning school prayer.  We also suggest creating a prayer or reflection corner, or area in your home, to enrich the Domestic Church in your homelife.  This “prayer corner” can be a place to keep the cross and school prayer during non-school hours or on the weekend, since the cross is a special item that has been blessed. The “prayer corner” can be as simple or fancy as you like.
It doesn’t have to be a corner. It can be any surface – top of a side table, a shelf, a mantle, a desk corner, the back of your piano… just find something that works for your family.
Place some faith-based items in the area. The Bible, some battery powered candles, rosaries, statues of saints, crosses, prayer cards, medals, pictures, palms from Palm Sunday, but be sure to have the cross and school prayer card at a minimum.
Some other possible details:

  • Provide some “kneelers or cushions or a chair in or near the area for praying. When a family member is in the area praying, others may ask to join, so make a rule to give the family member in the prayer area some space for quiet prayer and reflection.
  • Prayer jar: Have a small jar or container and label it “prayers,” place some small pieces of paper next to it, and tell family members that they can write their prayers or intentions and place them in the jar so that everyone will pray for them.
  • Liturgical Colors: Gather different colored sheets of cloth, napkins, scarves, felt, art foam, paper or placemats in liturgical colors (green, purple, pink, red, and white) and switch them out throughout the year to match the current liturgical season.
  • Use this place to display the latest religious craft your children have made throughout this school year.
  • Include a chalk board or dry-erase board to display a new scripture verse each week.
  • Choose a patron saint for your family and display a statue, candle, or prayer card.
  • Add a box or basket of religious children’s books, children’s bibles, plastic statues, and rosaries for the youngest members of the family.
  • Include a holy water font or a bottle of holy water.
  • Switch out the objects to fit the liturgical year. Maybe during Advent have a nativity set without baby Jesus (add baby Jesus at Christmas). During Lent add a crown of thorns, and during Easter add a resurrection set. For May, you can add mostly Mary items, and whatever Saint statues you have can come out for the month of that saint’s feast day.
  • Make a novena counter with something that gets added each day, or something that moves each day to denote your novena.

Let your creativity run wild. We can’t wait to see your prayer corners!  Please email pictures of your family’s prayer area/corner to: to share with our Holy Rosary Community.  Keep an eye out in future efcs throughout the year for prayer corner ideas.  Though we are currently not able to celebrate together as we have in the past, know that as a community we are joined together in our faith and through our hope and prayers, “for nothing will be impossible for God.” Luke 1:37

Class Lists

Class lists were provided to families with our mailing this week because we cannot do our traditional “post the lists on the doors” this year.   Some families have asked the school if we could help facilitate groupings of students to work together from home during this remote time period.  Please know that, though we sympathize with a desire to provide support, the school cannot participate in arranging groupings for families.  We also encourage families to minimize contact with individuals outside of your home as much as possible, so we can collectively strive to move the King County COVID-19 counts down in order to begin the process of bringing students back to campus.

Subbing In Catholic Schools!

Have you ever considered subbing in our Catholic Schools?  Subbing can be a great way to work part time!  More information can be found here:

Used Uniforms

All donated branded Holy Rosary uniforms will be available to you during your scheduled Teacher/Student meet and greet.  Feel free to bring uniforms to donate and peruse the uniforms available.  We are only taking Holy Rosary branded and Macbeth plaid Dennis uniform donations.  

Cadet Sweatshirts 

New Cadet Sweatshirts are available online for purchase.  We have some stock on hand that can be picked up at the Teacher/Student meet and greet.  If we do not have one on hand, an order will be placed in September.  

School Supplies

School supplies will be purchased by the school again this year. A supply fee of $50 will be charged per child via FACTS September 15th. We will still ask that a few supplies (headphones, calculators, and  comfort kits) be handled at the family level. Comfort Kits will not be needed until we return to school in-person. Your child’s teacher will advise you of any additional supply needs in August. We ask that in addition to the above items, you also supply your child with two cloth face masks to be warn each day.


Request Library Books Now!

Are you looking for some new books to read?  Holy Rosary will be operating a remote check out system for our library to get books into the hands of our students as soon as possible.  To check out books please follow these steps:

  1. Using the following website for our online catalog browse for and choose books you’d like to check out.
– Select Holy Rosary School West Seattle 
– Select Catalog
– Search for books using subject, title, author, etc.
– Be sure to note how many copies are available. 
– Choose your titles you’d like to check out.  Limited to:  5 picture or non-fiction books, 2 chapter books, and 1 comic book at a time.  Grades 4-8, you may only check out only one Battle of the Books title at a time. 

  1. Email a book request (one email per student) to using the format below. Requests received by Friday, August 28 at midnight will be available at conferences.  We will do our best to fulfill orders received after this date. Another pick up will be available in late September.

– Subject Line: Student’s name and date of book request
Ex:  Sara Weythman September 2nd
– Email should include: Student’s name and title and call number of each book.
Ex. Sara Weythman 
Tiger Sharks – 597 WEL
Bear Can’t Sleep – E WIL
– Limit 1 request per time between pick-up / drop-off days.

  1. Be patient and flexible as our librarian assistants work through requests.  Book requests will be taken in the order they are received.  So be understanding if a book is not available at this time.  There are no holds available at this time.  But you can request the book after our next pick-up / drop-off day.
  2. Librarian assistants will notify you of book availability, when books are checked out, and what date you can pick them up.
  3. Pick up books at our next pick-up / drop-off date.  Return them at the following pick-up drop off day.
Summer Math Challenge! Summer Reading Challenge!

Did you complete the summer math challenge?  How about the summer reading challenge? If so, then please bring in your completed sheets to your teacher meeting in the first week of school!  Make sure to put your first and last name, your grade level, and a parent signature.  We will collect the sheets from the homeroom teachers and let you know of our modified prize.  It is sweet. 🙂  Thank you for all of your hard work!!

Room Parent Recruitment 2020-2021

I am still in need of a Room Parent Volunteer for 3rd and 4th grade.  Room parent responsibilities will look a little different this year.  Currently teacher/specialist birthdays are all that is required.  As we phase back into on-site learning, there may be some additional responsibilities added so I am asking for flexibility and will communicate as we navigate this year together.  As of right now, 1 volunteer per grade will be sufficient. If additional help is needed as the year goes on, we will adjust accordingly.  If you are interested in volunteering this year, please contact me at  Thank you!  Joellyn DeRonghe  

St. Vincent de Paul Food Pantry Need Your Help!

SVDP has requested the following items to re-stock their food pantry which is in high demand right now. Please remember- items need to be in the original, sealed packaging. Shelf stable items only. No restaurant-sized cans/boxes as these are difficult to find homes for please. Thank you!
(Items can be left inside the church in the marked boxes during open hours which are currently Mondays and Wednesdays, 12-4, and Saturdays 12-2.)
Peanut Butter
Granola Bars
Tomato/Pasta Sauces
Canned Fruit/Jams (not homemade)
Canned Veggies

Lunches of Love

Do you miss making school lunches?  If so, “Lunches of Love” needs your help.  Right now, there are several local groups that SVDP is passing out lunches to, but they are running low. If you can help, it would be greatly appreciated. Please note that brown bag lunches should be non-perishable only.  Items that make good lunches include nuts/trail mix, fruit cups, protein bars, individually packaged chips/crackers, Vienna sausages, jerky, ritz cheese/crackers (shelf-stable only), and a plastic spoon/fork.  WATER is the drink of choice. Please bring non-perishable lunches to the school office, Monday through Friday from 9am to 3pm (starting on August 10th).


Magazine Drive

Our annual Magazine Drive will officially kick-off a few weeks later than usual in mid-September. Renewal notices are arriving, so let your customers know that HRS will once again be selling magazines.  New subscriptions and renewals count towards our goal. Last year we raised over $120,000. Exciting changes are on deck for this year’s Magazine Drive, stay tuned to upcoming efc emails for additional details.

Development Directives

GOOD NEWS FOR AMAZON APP USERS: Do you shop on Amazon through their app? Now all purchases make money for your favorite nonprofit (HRS).  It is really easy to set up.  Follow the steps below on the mobile app:

  1. Join the Amazon smile program
  2. Download the mobile app
  3. Go to settings on the app (bottom right 3 lines, next to the shopping cart), find AmazonSmile in the drop down menu. Click and follow the instructions to register.

No charge to you and HRS receives a small percent of all your purchases.


Fall CYO

Holy Rosary Parish has made the difficult decision to not participate in Fall CYO sports.  Based on the guidance we received from the CYO office, fall sports would not be able to compete until King County enters Phase IV.  Given the likelihood that we won’t be in Phase IV soon, meaning students wouldn’t be able to compete, we feel it is therefore prudent to minimize risk that would be associated with practicing.  We will re-evaluate prior to Winter sports beginning.  We encourage families to utilize the time students would have been participating in fall sports to engage in healthy physical activities and to spend time together as a family.


2020 – 2021 Youth Confirmation 

Youth Confirmation Registration is Open! 
Are you a baptized Catholic in the 7th – 12th grade and have not yet been confirmed? Then the Holy Rosary Youth Confirmation Program invites you to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation in the year of 2020 – 2021. 
Visit our website for more information and to register: -confirmation 

Called to Accompany: Seeking Youth Confirmation Volunteers!

Do you desire to come closer to God and His Church?
Do you want to give back to your parish community?
Do you want to walk with young people on their faith journey?

Holy Rosary Youth Confirmation programThen God might be calling you to serve in the Holy Rosary Youth Confirmation program. This summer, join our online adult volunteer training program, “Called To Accompany” and learn how to evangelize, mentor, and teach middle school and high school students in the Holy Rosary Youth Confirmation program.
If you’re interested in learning more contact: Bridget Bicek at or complete the Volunteer Interest Form:

RCIA For Children And Adults

Is Your Child Interested in Becoming Catholic and is older than Age 7?  Are you interested in learning about becoming Catholic?
Holy Rosary Church welcomes all children no matter their age to a life with Christ. The Church prepares older children (age 7-18) and adults for all three sacraments of Initiation: Baptism, Confirmation, and Eucharist through the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA). Those children who have never been baptized will participate in the RCIA process adapted for children and celebrate their sacraments at the Easter Vigil.
RCIA is a special journey for children ages 7-18 along with their families to prepare for Initiation into the Catholic community. For more information or questions about RCIA for Children, please contact Sr. Stella. For more information and questions regarding Adult programs, please contact Robert King and for Baptism for children from birth up to age 7, please contact Deyette Swegle.
Baptism for Children under age 7
Registration Link:
Email:  Deyette Swegle at
RCIA for Children (ages 7-18)
Registration Link:
Email:  Sr. Stella at
RCIA for Adults
Registration Link:
Email:  Robert King at


Little Free Pantries

Our family has used some of this time amid the stay at home order, building Little Free Pantries. The idea, modeled somewhat on the Little Free Library concept, is simple: The pantries are filled by people in the community, and those in need are encouraged to come by and take what they can use. We’ve had one in our yard for years and it’s not only introduced us to neighbors to whom we may have never otherwise met but has helped many who are food insecure.  Food insecurity hits many in our neighborhoods, most of whom are housed and with the aftermath of COVID19, the numbers are quickly increasing.  These little boxes are not intended to replace the work of food banks but a way to support a neighbor or who may be in need of a meal. 
We have a few Little Free Pantries remaining which need a good home. They need sealing or painting before they are installed but do come with a mounting post.  If you need support installing we are happy to help here too.  If you’d like to place one in your yard please email me at Thanks! Molly Harmon and Dave Wilton

Helping The Hungry In This Time Of Need

Catholic Community Services (CCS) has been hard at work, trying to care for many people experiencing homelessness who have no place to go. In particular, there is a great need at the day center they operate in Federal Way. They welcome up to 75 people a day, many who come for both lunch and dinner. CCS is reaching out to local parishes and schools for support. They would prefer donations of hot casseroles, although cold sandwiches are also appreciated. Meals can be brought on Tuesday mornings to St. James Cathedral, which will handle delivery. If interested, email/text/call Patrick Barredo ( | 206-619-2879).

The Grove West Seattle Inn & Alki Lumber

Both The Grove and Alki Lumber currently remain open as essential services during our normal business hours and we’d appreciate the support. We follow guidelines for sanitation and distancing and Alki offers will-call with curb side pick up (customers do have to sign in person for credit card purchases) and local delivery options are available. 
                                                                  Alki Lumber                                              The Grove West Seattle Inn
                                                                  M-F 6:30 to 4:30                                       206-937-9920
                                                                                                 3512 SW Alaska St.
                                                                  4422 36th Ave SW

Counseling For Children, Adults And Families

I am a licensed mental health counselor. I provide mental health counseling to children and families and adults. In response to COVID-19, and the social distancing protocols I am providing my services to patients using zoom, Skype, FaceTime.  This includes new intakes. Please note if finances are a barrier to accessing counseling services please let me know as I offer sliding scale.
Thank you,
James Bederaux-Cayne, MA, LMHC
3618 California Ave SW
Seattle, WA 98116
Office (206) 898-9366
Fax (888) 506-5242

Doyle’s Automotive Service

4607 37th Ave SW Seattle, WA 98126      (206) 935-2600
We are open as automotive repair is an essential service during the stay at home. Our lobby is temporarily closed, for the safety of everyone. Our hours will be M – F, 8am – 4:30pm

Shug’s Soda Fountain & Ice Cream

Add a little sweetness to your time at home with an ice cream sundae making kit! Instagram: Shug’s Soda Fountain 
We appreciate you supporting our small family business.

The Good Society Brewery & Public House

The Good Society Brewery & Public House offering our beer in 32 oz crowlers to-go or for West Seattle delivery! We also have glassware, shirts, and gift cards.  We are open 3-7 PM Monday through Friday, 12-7 PM Saturday and Sunday.  Follow us on social media (@goodsocietybeer) or visit our website at for updates and new beers being tapped! As always, we are so very appreciative and often overwhelmed by the community support we have received.  A heartfelt thank you for that.  Let’s keep it rolling.

West Seattle Grounds Neighborhood Coffee Shop

West Seattle Grounds Neighborhood Coffee Shop is open for To-Go Service! We serve Caffe Umbria’s coffee and organic teas for beverages as well as fresh local pastries & sandwiches! Our address is 2141 California Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98116
Monday – Friday 6AM – 4PM
Weekends 7AM – 4PM
We are so grateful to our community and all the wonderful people in it who have supported us & our neighbors through this strange time. We are working extra hard to ensure that when you visit our establishment you and your families feel at home and safe. Order online for pick-up with the Joe Coffee App ( ) or text ‘coffee’ to 474747 to download the app and find our shop to get the delicious coffee that you crave without having to wait! Questions? Call us at (206) 708 1018 or visit our website

Fertility Education & Postpartum Doula Services

Holy Rosary School parent Ann Baker is a trained Symptopro Fertility Educator (Natural Family Planning method) and a DONA trained doula specializing in postpartum care.  Visit or contact Ann at (206)880-3455 for more information about classes and doula services.