Family Communication 05/14/20


Dear Holy Rosary Families,
It’s hard to believe it is the middle of May.  By the time you read this message, there will be just about four weeks remaining in this school year.  How can that be?  Don’t forget about our remote field day on 5/22!  It should be a fun day for everyone.  And remember there is no school on May 25th.  
While we’re busy planning for these remaining four weeks of school, we’re also planning for next steps in terms of when we will have you return materials to school and pick up remaining items still at school.  We’ll likely be assigning families a time to do so the last couple days of school so we are able to keep things organized and safe.  More to come on this, very soon..
I hope you enjoyed the May Crowning Mass yesterday!  If you were unable to see it,  you can still watch it on the Parish Facebook site or on the Parish Vimeo account. These can be accessed through the parish website,
You all continue to be in my heart and in my prayers.
In Christ, 


This weekend was supposed to be our Holy Rosary Golf Classic.  Rain or shine, it’s always a great community event where we come together for some fun, and to support our endowment fund.   The Father Mallahan Endowment was started a couple of decades ago to support the mission of Holy Rosary School.  While the original donations cant be used because they are permanently restricted, the fruit they bear through the market over many years far surpasses the original donation as we withdraw up to 5% each year to support our annual operating expenses and capital needs.  This past January total donations since inception surpassed $1 million!  That is incredible!  Thank you to the many of you who have supported our endowment over the years—whether it be with a large donation, a one time gift to honor someone or mark a special occasion, recurring monthly donations, or by participating in our annual Golf Classic.  Over the last 22 years (the longest I could go back in our computer server files), the Endowment has donated a few dollars shy of $860,000 to the school, and there is another $340,000 in accumulated interest to grow and help for many years to come. 
While the golf courses are now open again, the restrictions don’t make it possible for us to have our usual golf tournament this year.  So instead, when the weather clears up from this short bout of rain, I encourage you to head out to the links to support our local course that has always been good to us, and in the mean time, consider making a donation to the Endowment using the envelope in your monthly packet from church.  You can also make an online donation or set up recurring gifts through your Existing OSV Account or the one-time Quick-Give option.  On behalf of the generations of students and families who will benefit, thank you.
We do hope to schedule some golf event later this summer if we can – though it will be very slimmed down.  Finally, thank you to our sponsors Advanced Traffic Control (the Tish Family), Alki Lumber, The Grove West Seattle and Sean Crowder and Allstate Insurance for their support.
As we are starting to plan for what reopening Mass looks like, please be sure to continue to join us on VIMEO or our Facebook Live on Sundays at 9:30AM.  It is important that we remain ever united, even if not in person, in faith and in the love of God.  VIMEO is a simpler and more stable platform for many to access since it doesn’t have a connection to a wider social networking like our Facebook account does.  See you online!
In Christ,
Fr. Oakland


As Spring continues to bloom I hope that you are all getting to be outside more, and taking in the fresh air. I know that Spring is a double edged sword right now. We did not think that everything would take this long, and I know we are all trying to accept that our Spring and Summer plans are looking very different than we ever imagined. That can bring on a sense of sadness for our loss. I think it is important that we name it and claim it as a LOSS. It really is. There is grief that comes with that, but with acknowledging that can come acceptance.  
We are close to our last four weeks of school! I know that it is a push. We miss you all so much it is palpable among us.  We are here to support you in any way that we can, so please reach out. The following are some tips for these last few weeks so we end strong!  

  • Take turns with friends, family, or neighbors to Zoom or call in for school support. Think of someone in your life that may want to help. It is good to ask for help right now. We need each other.  
  • It is ok to take a day off when you have hit your limit.
  • If it is a particularly overwhelming day focus on what needs to be turned in that day for a guideline.
  • Switch up how you support your kids with a spouse, friend, or another parent (meaning lengths of time). 
  • If you are feeling overwhelmed with kids free time vs. school, schedule in kids activities in a specific schedule so that the kids stay structured as well. Many people are taking a second look and refreshing schedules.
  • Say “yes” if someone has offered to help you. That can be hard, but we are better together. 
  • Stay in touch with the school and ask for help! We are here for you!
  • Find yourself an outlet to talk about your day- with your spouse, significant other, close friend, neighbor, or colleague. This can be so hard when we are busy or stressed, but that connection and processing for mental and emotional health is so important. 
  • You can also journal at the end of your day if you do not have the verbal capacity to do this. Pray, or have at least 5 minutes to exhale and release the day. The main point is that we are letting go of the day, and starting the next one fresh however you need to do that. It is extremely helpful as a daily practice so that it does not feel like things are piling up, and can give you clarity.

Everyone is working so hard, yet many may be really struggling during this time.  I am including crisis hotlines here for you as a resource for yourself, for friends, neighbors and family. Please reach out for any referrals you may need.
Crisis Lines
Teen Line: 1-888-375-8336 Text : 273TALK to 839863
Mental Health Toll Free Hotline (for ages 18+) (800) 710-7083
National Suicide Hotlines 800-273-TALK/800-273-8255  800-SUICIDE/800-784-2433
Crisis Clinic 24-Hour Crisis Line 866-427-4747
National Runaway Switchboard  800-RUNAWAY/800-786-2929
National Child Abuse Hotline 800-422-4453
National Sexual Assault Hotline 800-656-HOPE/800-656-4673
National Domestic Violence Hotline 800-799-7233
“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a future and hope.” -Jeremiah 29:11
I hope you were all SO blessed by the Liturgical dance by the 8th grade. It was glorious. Sending out love to you all.
Selena Borne ~School Counselor


Faith Family Letters

Please bring your child’s Faith Family Letters to the school. We will have a bin under the School Hall entrance on the 17th, 18th and 19th from 9:00-5:00. Bring the letters in at a time that works for your family.  If you are unable to bring them in, please email them to Jon Barker. These letters are such a wonderful way to celebrate our 8th graders.  Thank you for taking the time to participate in this special gift.

Used Uniform Collection

There will be a bin set out for used uniforms at the school hall entrance on the 17th, 18th and 19th of May from 9:00-5:00. We are especially looking for gently used Macbeth Plaid uniforms for new students in grades K-2.

Families Outside of West Seattle

If you are a family that lives ‘off the island’ of West Seattle, either on the other east side of the WS Bridge or in the South Seattle area that would be interested in being put in contact with other families living in your proximity, please email Jennifer Kokkonis (  We will put you in touch with one another, now is a good time to plan for next school year.

BASE Registration

2020-21 BASE registration will open for current BASE families tomorrow. The deadline to register will be May 15th. If your child has not used BASE before, but you are interested for the upcoming school year, email Kristin Bentler for more information. *Please Note* BASE activities and pricing are based on a normal school Fall opening.  If government mandated social distancing measures are in place, BASE may not be able to operate due to spacing and logistical issues. BASE 2020/21 Calendar

Parent Commitment Hours!

Because of the current pandemic, many families were not able to finish their parent commitment hours.  Please document any hours you did complete. The school commission has voted to waive any remaining hours not completed and families will not be charged.

Dress Passes

If you find yourselves with dress passes for this year, hang on to them!  We will honor any 2019-20 dress passes until December 2020.

2020-2021 School Calendar

The 2020-2021 school calendar has been approved and is posted here.  It can also be found on the Holy Rosary School website under the calendar link. Preschool calendar

Safe Environment

Twice a year, all students throughout the Archdiocese receive important instruction through the mandatory Archdiocesan Safe Environment Program.  We were set to provide this instruction in March/April.  With the sudden closure, many teachers were unable to do so.  We’ve been asked to provide this information to families and ask you to discuss this important material with your children.
Here is the link to the box where the lessons are provided:
Click on Parent or Teacher Resources to access the introductory videos.  There are other resources available there as well including an “opt out” form if you choose to not have your child(ren) participate.  These forms can be emailed to
Click on the folder labeled English (or Spanish) lessons, whichever you prefer.  You can access the lessons for your child(ren)’s grade level there.  
Thank you for taking the time to review this material with your children.

Theme days
In trying to keep things fun, staff has decided to implement the following optional dress up days for the remainder of this year.  Join in the fun and send us your pictures!

Holy Rosary Remote Learning Theme Days




May 22nd

Field Day

Wear your class colors!


May 28th

Wild West


June 2nd

Animals / Animal Print


June 10th

Wacky Hair / Facemask /”Masq”erade ball?

Save The Date For Field Day!

Field Day is coming! We will be having a Virtual Field Day on Friday, May 22nd. More information will be coming soon.
KA-white     KB-blue
1A/1B-red, white, blue
4A-blue,green   4B-rainbow/tie dye
5A-pink, white   5B-blue, green
6A-green.   6B-black
7A/7B-red, black
8A/8B-class t-shirts


During this time out of school, we still would like to continue our work as Missionary Disciples by supporting our students in Uganda.  If you are able, consider making a donation ($1/child/month, or perhaps consider making your donation for the remainder of the year) through the parish giving portal, OSV.  Visit the Holy Rosary Parish site ( click on “online giving.”  If you don’t have an account, you will have to create one.  You can then make a one time gift to the Daughters of Mary.

Ambassador Families For 2020/21

Volunteer and help welcome New Families to Holy Rosary School! Need families in all grades! Earn some volunteer hours during the summer for 2020/21. Details can be found here.


Room Parent Recruitment

Be a room parent for the 2020-2021 school year! If you enjoy planning and attending classroom parties, parent’s nights out, and spoiling the teachers with birthday gifts, then this job is for you! Room parents fill such an important role in each class and help take a little weight off our teacher’s shoulders. This time spent also goes towards your family commitment hours. If you are interested in being a room parent during the 2020-2021 school year or would like more information on room parent responsibilities, please contact Joellyn DeRonghe at Thank you!

School Commission Seeking New Members

The Holy Rosary School Commission is seeking new members for the 2020-2021 school year. The School Commission is an advisory group to the principal and pastor on school policy and long-term planning, and has openings for several new at-large members starting next school year. This is a wonderful opportunity to provide a voice for all Holy Rosary parents, and to be a leader in our school community. It’s also a very exciting time, as we are in the process of finalizing a new strategic plan for the School.
Each School Commission member serves a 3 to 4-year term and hours spent on School Commission business count toward fundraising volunteer hours. For the upcoming year, we are looking for parents with backgrounds and expertise in finance and planning, fundraising and development, diversity, equity and inclusion planning, marketing, technology, or facilities.
The entire School Commission meets one Thursday evening each month between September and May (typically the first Thursday). In addition, each member is also assigned to one or two subcommittees based on his/her background and interest. This subcommittee work is done outside of the regular meeting and includes: 1) Planning & Finance, 2) Fundraising, 3) Alumni Relations, 4) Marketing, Communication & Governance, 5) Catholic Identity, and 6) Buildings & Grounds.
Holy Rosary School Commission members must meet the following criteria:

  • Interest in and commitment to Catholic education and to the School’s philosophy and mission.
  • Availability to attend the Thursday evening School Commission meetings and other periodic events, and to participate in subcommittee work.
  • Willingness to voice opinions and to listen respectfully to the opinions of others.
  • Ability to maintain confidentiality.
  • Ability to view issues with the good of the entire school community in mind.
  • Ability to put the interest of the school before personal interest.

If you are interested in joining the School Commission, the application is found on the School Commission section of our school website. If you have questions about becoming a member or the application process, email Please send all completed applications to by May 22, 2020. Applicants will subsequently be contacted for interviews.

Outreach Opportunity With Quail Park Memory Care Residents

Residents of nursing homes all over the world are having limited or no visitors to ensure their health and wellbeing.  This can be challenging for these older people to not see family/friends.  HRS has a nice relationship with residents of Quail Park memory care facility.  Leadership students made weekly visits during 1st and 2nd trimester, and they developed wonderful relationships with the residents there.  These visits became many residents’ favorite part of the week!  It was truly heartwarming to see.  
Nicole Painter, Life Engagement Director at Quail Park, reached out to me to see if our HRS students (K-8) would want to send a letter to help spread joy and cheer.  Our leadership kids wrote letters since we were not able to visit on our last day, and Nicole said that these letters meant so much to the residents.  She’d love to be able to give these letters out again!  
What you could include in the letter:

  1. A colorful and cheery front of the card
  2. A greeting (Nicole will distribute the cards) “Dear QP resident”
  3. A few things about you: grade, what you’re learning in school, favorite color/holiday/food/school subject/etc.
  4. A couple of questions for the QP resident: What’s your favorite holiday/food/color/song/book/movie/season?
  5. Your first name only and grade (or you can just write HRS 4th grader or HRS student)

How to send:

  • Please make this your return address:

Ms. Horton, Principal’s Office
Holy Rosary School
4142 42nd Ave SW
Seattle, WA 98116

  • Please send the cards here:

Nicole Painter
Life Engagement Director
4515 41st Ave. SW
Seattle, WA 98116
If you do this, I would love for you to email me a picture of your card or your child and the card.  There are 24 current residents, and it would be awesome if each and every resident got a card.  
Thanks for considering.  I always appreciate the kind and thoughtful hearts of our students at HRS.  These QP residents saw this each week with our wonderful leadership students!


Development Directives

A big thank you to those that have participated in the Annual Fund for the 2019/20! Every dollar helps us reach our $200,000 goal!

Why support the Annual Fund?

Tuition and fees do not fully cover the school’s expenses.  Fundraisers, including the Annual Fund, are needed to make up the 20% difference.

If you have not had a chance to participate, then please do so below.

 Click to donate to the ANNUAL FUND.

Some TEACHER BOOKS and class BUY BACKS are not quite ready yet.  Once those are done, then I or the room parents will be contacting you.

Don’t forget to apply for MATCHING FUNDS through your company. If you need another copy of your auction receipt, please let me know. 

Thank you for all you’ve done for HRS!  If you have any fundraising questions, please contact Beth Martin.

Amazon Shopping Portal

A lot of us are ordering online these days, please shop through the school’s smile program link.  Bookmark on your browser: 0.5% of your purchase price will be directed to HRS.


Holy Rosary Summer Camps – Cancelled

Unfortunately, Holy Rosary Summer Camps have been cancelled. For those who have already signed up, you have not been billed.

A Child Becomes Summer Camps

Check out the 6 sessions of Summer Camps being offered this year. Don’t wait! Sessions fill up quickly.

CYO Summer Camp Registration Is Open Now

Give the gift of fun experiences and lifetime memories.  CYO Summer camp registration is open!


Re-consecration Of The United States To The Care Of Our Blessed Mother

Archbishop Etienne will lead a brief liturgy with the prayer of re-consecration of the United States to the Care of Our Blessed Mother. It will  be livestreamed  from the Archdiocese Facebook page on Friday, May 1 at noon. The Archbishop  is inviting families, students and staffs  to join the service from their homes
As the world continues to face the ongoing effects of the global pandemic of the coronavirus, Archbishop José H. Gomez of Los Angeles and president of the USCCB has announced that the U.S. bishops will join the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops on May 1 in renewing the consecrations of the two nations to the care of our Blessed Mother. Through a collective dedication or entrustment of a nation to Mary, an act of consecration is meant to be a reminder to the faithful of the Blessed Mother’s witness to the Gospel and to ask for her effective intercession before her Son on behalf of those in need.

USCCB On A Coronavirus Vaccine

The USCCB is encouraging everyone to advocate for an ethical vaccine for COVID-19. Bishops recently sent a letter to the FDA Commissioner expressing strong support to develop an effective, safe, and widely available vaccine that “ensure that fundamental moral principles are followed in the development of such vaccines, most importantly, the principle that human life is sacred and should never be exploited.” Read more here and encourage your parishioners to take action here.

Totus Tuus Is Cancelled 

Due to COVID-19, the Diocese of Portland will be postponing Totus Tuus to the Summer of 2021, therefore Holy Rosary will be cancelling the 2020 Totus Tuus summer program. Holy Rosary hopes to offer this program in the Summer of 2021 and will have more information on our website come Winter of 2020. If you have any questions, please contact Bridget Bicek at

Free Online Resource For Parents And Kids–FORMED

FORMED is like Amazon Prime for Catholic content! Find videos, audiobooks and podcasts, ebooks, and other inspiring content!
Find daily Lenten reflections, video series on Confession or the Eucharist, or stories of the saints. There are options for adults, kids, or the whole family!
Formed is FREE to Holy Rosary parishioners! If you haven’t signed up for Formed, follow these steps:

  1. Go to in any web browser
  2. Click the “Sign Up” button in the middle of the screen
  3. Click the “I belong to a Parish or Organization” button
  4. Search for Holy Rosary Seattle or 98116, then click on “Holy Rosary 4139 42nd Ave SW Seattle WA” to select our parish; click the “Next” button
  5. Enter your name and email address in the boxes; click the “Sign Up” button
  6. Check your email at the address you gave; you should have a message from Formed with a link to confirm your registration; click the link

This will bring you to the home page of Formed. In the future, just go to and click on the “Sign In” link for instant access.
Once you have signed up for FORMED on the website, you can also download the Formed app for your smart TV, smartphone or tablet from your app store.
This will give you access to the full range of Catholic content wherever you go!


Little Free Pantries

Our family has used some of this time amid the stay at home order, building Little Free Pantries. The idea, modeled somewhat on the Little Free Library concept, is simple: The pantries are filled by people in the community, and those in need are encouraged to come by and take what they can use. We’ve had one in our yard for years and it’s not only introduced us to neighbors to whom we may have never otherwise met but has helped many who are food insecure.  Food insecurity hits many in our neighborhoods, most of whom are housed and with the aftermath of COVID19, the numbers are quickly increasing.  These little boxes are not intended to replace the work of food banks but a way to support a neighbor or who may be in need of a meal. 
We have a few Little Free Pantries remaining which need a good home. They need sealing or painting before they are installed but do come with a mounting post.  If you need support installing we are happy to help here too.  If you’d like to place one in your yard please email me at Thanks! Molly Harmon and Dave Wilton Helping The Hungry In

This Time Of Need

Catholic Community Services (CCS) has been hard at work, trying to care for many people experiencing homelessness who have no place to go. In particular, there is a great need at the day center they operate in Federal Way. They welcome up to 75 people a day, many who come for both lunch and dinner. CCS is reaching out to local parishes and schools for support. They would prefer donations of hot casseroles, although cold sandwiches are also appreciated. Meals can be brought on Tuesday mornings to St. James Cathedral, which will handle delivery. If interested, email/text/call Patrick Barredo ( | 206-619-2879).

Helping To Support Each Other

Holy Rosary Families- let’s support one another during this difficult time.  If you own a small West Seattle business that is open to serve others during this time, please send a brief description of hours and information to Kristin Bentler (  We’ll run it in our community section so we can all help support each other during this difficult time. 

The Grove West Seattle Inn & Alki Lumber

Both The Grove and Alki Lumber currently remain open as essential services during our normal business hours and we’d appreciate the support. We follow guidelines for sanitation and distancing and Alki offers will-call with curb side pick up (customers do have to sign in person for credit card purchases) and local delivery options are available. 
                                                                  Alki Lumber                                              The Grove West Seattle Inn
                                                                  M-F 6:30 to 4:30                                       206-937-9920
                                                                                                 3512 SW Alaska St.
                                                                  4422 36th Ave SW

Counseling For Children, Adults And Families

I am a licensed mental health counselor. I provide mental health counseling to children and families and adults. In response to COVID-19, and the social distancing protocols I am providing my services to patients using zoom, Skype, FaceTime.  This includes new intakes. Please note if finances are a barrier to accessing counseling services please let me know as I offer sliding scale.
Thank you,
James Bederaux-Cayne, MA, LMHC
3618 California Ave SW
Seattle, WA 98116
Office (206) 898-9366
Fax (888) 506-5242

Doyle’s Automotive Service

4607 37th Ave SW Seattle, WA 98126      (206) 935-2600
We are open as automotive repair is an essential service during the stay at home. Our lobby is temporarily closed, for the safety of everyone. Our hours will be M – F, 8am – 4:30pm

  • Dropping your vehicle off: Please use the after-hours box (envelopes and pens provided, or use your own if you prefer)
  • When your vehicle is ready: We will call you to make arrangements
  • The only payment option at this time will be credit cards over the phone

Please feel free to call us with any questions: 206-935-2600. We appreciate your business; we are glad we are able to stay open during this difficult time for our customers. Please stay healthy and safe out there.
~Jon and the employees at Doyle’s automotive
Early Bird Night Owl Box Instructions:

  • Park your vehicle on the street or in front of Doyle’s (please do not block the access doors)
  • Inside the box, you will find envelopes & pens (or use your own if you prefer)
  • Follow the instructions on the envelope
  • Put your vehicle’s key in the envelope, slide the envelope thru the mail slot located in the big door

Tips for car care during Stay-At-Home Order

Shug’s Soda Fountain & Ice Cream

Add a little sweetness to your time at home with an ice cream sundae making kit!  Visit Shug’s Soda Fountain & Ice Cream Pop-Up Window at 3800 California Ave SW, on the corner of California Ave SW and Charlestown.  All kits come with ice cream and toppings to create your own masterpieces at home with your families. Thursday-Friday-Saturday 2-5pm Instagram: Shug’s Soda Fountain 
We appreciate you supporting our small family business.

The Good Society Brewery & Public House

The Good Society Brewery & Public House offering our beer in 32 oz crowlers to-go or for West Seattle delivery! We also have glassware, shirts, and gift cards.  We are open 3-7 PM Monday through Friday, 12-7 PM Saturday and Sunday.  Follow us on social media (@goodsocietybeer) or visit our website at for updates and new beers being tapped! As always, we are so very appreciative and often overwhelmed by the community support we have received.  A heartfelt thank you for that.  Let’s keep it rolling.

West Seattle Grounds Neighborhood Coffee Shop

West Seattle Grounds Neighborhood Coffee Shop is open for To-Go Service! We serve Caffe Umbria’s coffee and organic teas for beverages as well as fresh local pastries & sandwiches! Our address is 2141 California Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98116
Monday – Friday 6AM – 4PM
Weekends 7AM – 4PM
We are so grateful to our community and all the wonderful people in it who have supported us & our neighbors through this strange time. We are working extra hard to ensure that when you visit our establishment you and your families feel at home and safe. Order online for pick-up with the Joe Coffee App ( ) or text ‘coffee’ to 474747 to download the app and find our shop to get the delicious coffee that you crave without having to wait! Questions? Call us at (206) 708 1018 or visit our website

Fertility Education & Postpartum Doula Services

Holy Rosary School parent Ann Baker is a trained Symptopro Fertility Educator (Natural Family Planning method) and a DONA trained doula specializing in postpartum care.  Visit or contact Ann at (206)880-3455 for more information about classes and doula services.

Message From CYO Summer Camps

We are starting a new web page to help you.  It will have content and mock schedules for you to use with your family.  I know I am personally overwhelmed with the amount of resources I’ve been given without anyone saying this works or doesn’t work.  We’ll help sift through this for you and give content that you can use with your family.  We’ll also add new content to help you during this time period to bring camp home.  If you have ideas/video/content please send it to us so we can share it through direct message on our Facebook account.  If you don’t have Facebook please send it
Lastly at campfire we talk about the circle of family, friendship, and support.  I think this world needs more of this than ever right now.  We here for you in prayer and solidarity.
~Shaune Randles
CYO Camps Director