Family Communication 04/02/20


Dear Holy Rosary Families,

I hope this message finds you well during these unprecedented and unsettling times.   I will be honest: I am finding this third full week being home tough, and I think it has a lot to do with the reality of this significant change in routine that is setting in.   With each passing day, we miss one another more and more, and I think the longing for relationship also contributes to this third week slump I’m feeling. 

Maybe I’m not alone in this feeling?  Please know that you all will remain in my heart and prayers each and every day.  In the midst of all of the hardship, I am trying to keep goodness front and center: Christ’s love for us, the Sacred Triduum we will enter into next week, health, family, the gift of slowing down, the amazing Holy Rosary Community, and how we will emerge from this challenging time stronger!
I would also just encourage you to remember that if we are struggling as adults to find understanding with the state of the world and the influx of information, children will be struggling too. As a staff, we know that you must take care of your family’s emotional well-being first and foremost.  Please stay in touch with us: with me, with teachers, and with our counselor Selena Borne.  While we want remote learning to continue, we are absolutely willing to make adjustments to support your family’s individual needs.  Please just do your best; it’s all any of us can do!  

As we move through this unexpected time we find hope in what’s to come.  And for us, part of this is continuing to plan for summer improvements to our campus and for next year. An important part of this is our auction, which raises funds to support our operating budget.  As you know, our auction was moved from the original date in March to May 9th.  It is becoming increasingly apparent that this in-person event is just not going to be doable this year.  In rolling with the changes, I’m excited to say that the auction is being moved online!  We realize there will be many changes to this event, and I know your family’s ability to participate may be different because of the times we find ourselves in.  That being said, the auction is an important part of our operating budget so we’re going to do our best to put on a great “remote” event!  Please see the development section of this eFC for more information, but a few important details I wanted to mention:

1)  The online auction will run April 23rd – 26th, with an online “live” auction the evening of April 25th

2)  Your ticket purchases will be automatically converted to a donation.  If you would prefer this not be the case, we will work with you.  Please contact Beth Martin to discuss this.  

3) The fund-an-item is being modified in light of the crisis we are in.  While we do want to make ongoing safety improvements to our campus, we will need to phase in these plans over the next couple of years.    We plan to prioritize replacing the front and back kindergarten doors first.   All fund-an-item funds raised during the February online auction will go towards the kindergarten doors.  From this point forward all funds raised through the fund-an-item will be utilized to provide one-time scholarships to Holy Rosary families for the 20-21 school year who find themselves in immediate financial hardship and may have challenges paying tuition next year.  If you have already given to the fund-an-item and wish to change the intent of your donation from the doors to the one-time scholarship, please contact Beth Martin.  Please consider donating to the updated scholarship fund-an-item if you are able as we support one another during this difficult time.

I am confident during these times of darkness there is light emerging all around us and it provides us solace and hope of what is to come.  In just over a week, we will experience Christ’s resurrection and find renewed faith in Jesus Christ as our Savior, our one true light.

In Christ,



Next week is Holy Week.  It is normally my favorite week of the year, with the special liturgies which draw us into the heart of our faith – the Passion, Death and Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ.  As with everything, though, this year will be different, and as we omit parts of the liturgies, and as we aren’t able to celebrate them together, my heart is filled with a certain sadness as the week approaches.  It is hard not to mourn some of the losses of these days.  And that is okay.  But the very nature of our Christian faith is that we are a people of hope.  That is what these holiest of days are all about.  We journey with Jesus in the darkness, that He might lead us into the Light.  Yes, the Cross is a real part of our lives, with these sacrifices and struggles, but with Christ, we hope to rise to new life – beginning here and now. 

I would encourage you as a family to enter into the mystery of these holy days as much as possible in order to draw the great fruit, to find new life and hope and joy in the Lord.  In our weekly parish bulletin that goes out either tomorrow or Saturday, we will have lots of resources for children, families and adults to pray individually and together during these days, little rituals you can celebrate at home since we cant celebrate together, videos to illustrate the stories, reflections to draw new meaning, and much more.  If you aren’t getting the weekly parish bulletin by email and would like to, please contact Libby

On Wednesday, April 8th, at 9:30AM, I would invite your children (and even you) to join us for a livestream School Mass on our parish Facebook page.  That is the same location where we are livestreaming our other liturgies:

Sunday, April 5th – Palm Sunday – 9:30AM

Thursday, April 9th – Holy Thursday – 7PM

Friday, April 10th – Good Friday – 3PM

Saturday, April 11th – Easter Vigil in the Night – 8:30PM

Sunday, April 12th – Easter Sunday – 9:30AM

Every Sunday is a Little Easter – as we always celebrate the Resurrection

Until the restrictions are lifted, join us every Sunday at 9:30AM

You have been in my prayers.  If you need anything, let me know.  May you have a blessed Holy Week – sharing in the Passion of Christ, may we share too in the glory of His Resurrection.

In Christ,
Fr. Oakland


This week has felt the hardest so far in our stay at home journey. I would be willing to bet that it has felt that way for some of you too. We are all carving out a drastically new normal while juggling several different roles every day. For many of us, it will be one of the hardest things we will be asked to do. 

If you are feeling down and overwhelmed this week… please know that you are not alone.  Not only are you not alone in our own community, but literally across our world, and in all communities, people are figuring out how to cope with a lot of strong emotions in the face of tremendous change. 

I have been keeping up with many therapeutic outlets and resources, and mostly all have the same message for parents. Right now, we need to be ok with naming how we feel, being able to show vulnerability, and modeling that for our children. When kids get a chance to see their parents being honest with them, they know they can be too. 

This does not mean that it has to be a huge sit down or asking them how they feel all the time- it is getting the message to them that we have choices of how we want to handle challenging emotions in a time of uncertainty.

We can talk to them about our own thoughts and feelings about disappointment, mistakes, embarrassment, and sadness in a way that gives them emotional language, builds confidence, and helps family ties of safety grow stronger. If you have a hard interaction with them, walk away, but circle back around when you are able to talk through what happened and why.  

I admire and am really proud of our community. Everyone is working really hard, all while keeping a sense of humor when able, staying positive, reaching out to others, and staying the course one day at a time.  

Below is a website of a psychologist that I follow. We had been in the midst of plans for her to come to Holy Rosary to talk about kids and technology. I have gone to her conferences, and she is someone who has great feedback for families.

I am praying for you all, stay courageous, and remember we are here for you!



School Counselor



During this time out of school, we still would like to continue our work as Missionary Disciples by supporting our students in Uganda.  If you are able, consider making a donation ($1/child/month, or perhaps consider making your donation for the remainder of the year) through the parish giving portal, OSV.  Visit the Holy Rosary Parish site ( click on “online giving.”  If you don’t have an account, you will have to create one.  You can then make a one time gift to the Daughters of Mary.

Congratulations To The Following Junior High Students

                                  8th Grade High Honors (A+/A)           8th Grade Honors (A/A-)

                                           Julia B                                                          Sydney B

                                           Elena D                                                        Madeline B

                                           Patrick G                                                      Alison C

                                           Steele G                                                       Carter C

                                           Dane H                                                         Blake H

                                           Jake H                                                          Amelia K

                                           Jack H                                                          Will M

                                           Eamon M                                                     Grace M       

                                           Justin N                                                       Ava P

                                           Kyrah S                                                       Tyler S

                                           Drew V

                                  7th Grade High Honors (A+/A)            7th Grade Honors (A/A-)

                                           Julianna F                                                      Ava K

                                           Addi G                                                            Adam K

                                           Reese H                                                         Will M

                                           Zach H                                                           Molly N

                                           Clara H                                                          Caroline R

                                           Maks K                                                          Marianna S

                                           Eva K

                                           Finn L

                                           Oscar O

                                           Reese P

                                           Louella P

                                           Liz R

                                           Catie S

                                           Mia S

                                           Addi Z

                                           Jordan Z

Come To The Scholastic Book Fair … Online!

Even though our school is not open, we want the Book Fair to be available for our students and parents to get great books! Online shopping is available from March 26th through April 8th and our school benefits from every online order. All orders will ship directly to you, and book-only orders over $25 will ship free to the shipping address that you designate.  So please support the Book Fair and our school.  You can start shopping by clicking on the link to our book fair homepage and then clicking on the SHOP NOW button.

Overdue Library Books

Please do your best to keep track of any books that have been borrowed from the school library. They may be returned when school reopens. All fines have been suspended at this time.

Ambassador Families For 2020/21

Volunteer and help welcome New Families to Holy Rosary School! Need families in all grades! Earn some volunteer hours during the summer for 2020/21. Details can be found here.


Outreach Opportunity with Quail Park Memory Care Residents

Residents of nursing homes all over the world are having limited or no visitors to ensure their health and wellbeing.  This can be challenging for these older people to not see family/friends.  HRS has a nice relationship with residents of Quail Park memory care facility.  Leadership students made weekly visits during 1st and 2nd trimester, and they developed wonderful relationships with the residents there.  These visits became many residents’ favorite part of the week!  It was truly heartwarming to see.  

Nicole Painter, Life Engagement Director at Quail Park, reached out to me to see if our HRS students (K-8) would want to send a letter to help spread joy and cheer.  Our leadership kids wrote letters since we were not able to visit on our last day, and Nicole said that these letters meant so much to the residents.  She’d love to be able to give these letters out again!  

What you could include in the letter:

  1. A colorful and cheery front of the card
  2. A greeting (Nicole will distribute the cards) “Dear QP resident”
  3. A few things about you: grade, what you’re learning in school, favorite color/holiday/food/school subject/etc.
  4. A couple of questions for the QP resident: What’s your favorite holiday/food/color/song/book/movie/season?
  5. Your first name only and grade (or you can just write HRS 4th grader or HRS student)

How to send:

  • Please make this your return address:

Ms. Horton, Principal’s Office

Holy Rosary School

4142 42nd Ave SW

Seattle, WA 98116

  • Please send the cards here:

Nicole Painter

Life Engagement Director

4515 41st Ave. SW

Seattle, WA 98116

If you do this, I would love for you to email me a picture of your card or your child and the card.  There are 24 current residents, and it would be awesome if each and every resident got a card.  

Thanks for considering.  I always appreciate the kind and thoughtful hearts of our students at HRS.  These QP residents saw this each week with our wonderful leadership students!

Volunteer Hours for 2019/20

School Commission will review the topic of volunteer hours for 2019/20.  For those that signed up to volunteer for the auction, the auction has been rescheduled for May 9th (questions – contact During this time, it would be helpful to submit your volunteer hours completed so far for the year. You can do that here.  Thank you!


Auction Going Online

Don’t put away those Hawaiian clothes yet! Following up on Anna’s message, the auction will be moving ONLINE.  On Thursday, April 23 over 100 items that would’ve been in the Silent Auction will be up for bid through Sunday, April 26. The Live Auction will take place over a three-hour period on the evening of Saturday, April 25.

Additional information will come out over the next few weeks leading up to the start of the online auction.

If you signed up to volunteer at the auction, please enter those hours in the volunteer portal as you would’ve before. Add a note in the description: auction moved online per Beth Martin. We appreciate the commitment you made to volunteer!

In the meantime, if you have questions regarding your Fund A Need or ticket sales please email Beth Martin at

Amazon Shopping Portal

A lot of us are ordering online these days, please shop through the school’s smile program link.  Bookmark on your browser:

0.5% of your purchase price will be directed to HRS.

Italian Dinner Chair Needed

The Italian Dinner has been chaired the last 2 years by a family that is graduating this year.  Thank you to the Volpone Family for their efforts!  We are looking for a new chair for this fundraising event.  Support from the past chair is available.  The event has traditionally been held in October, but may be moved to February.  Please contact if interested in hearing more information about this role.  We ask anyone who is interested to let us know by April 15th.  After April 15th, if there is not any interest, we will sunset this event for next school year.  We hope we can continue the tradition!


Spring Session Online Coding With Kids

Both courses will be held online Thursdays from 3:10-4:10 and will run April 16 – May 28. The 7-week session is $154 and will be charged to your FACTS account. Registration is through the Coding With Kids website below.

Visit Coding with Kids website here. Download information sheet here. Questions? Email Coding with Kids at

Little Coders – Grades K-2 (Requires parent to help the child with the technology)

Get them started early! The Little Coders class provides young students with the basics of computational thinking skills, such as loops and conditionals, through a fun blend of hands-on activities. The curriculum is built specifically for this age group, with a mix of activities from coding puzzles and board games to easy-to-use, drag-and-drop programming tools. Projects are updated each session, so returning students will have new challenges to work through and advance their knowledge. Register here.

Animation Maker / Beginner – Grades 3-6

Enter the world of movie and game animations! Students will learn the core skills of creating simple animated movies, creating 2D and 3D characters and animating those. Take your learning beyond stop-motion animation with real animation design tools. You will get to create real computer graphics and build animations like the pros! Register here.

CYO Athletics Update

CYO Athletics will cancel the spring sports season, based on the latest recommendation from the CDC to limit events and activities for the next 8 weeks. This includes:

  • 5-8 Baseball season is cancelled.
  • 4-8 Track and Field season is cancelled.
  • 3rd Grade Girls Basketball season is cancelled.
  • Coed HS Volleyball season is cancelled.

If you have questions or need more information please contact Jeanne Flohr, CYO Athletic Director for Holy Rosary


Summer Art Camp For 5-8th Graders!

Calling incoming 5th-8th graders! Spend a 3-day creative-filled time (June 15th-17th) with Mrs. Helling for an incredible art camp!  Stimulate your brain with inventive 2D and 3D art projects.  More information can be found here.

A Child Becomes Summer Camps

Check out the 6 sessions of Summer Camps being offered this year. Don’t wait! Sessions fill up quickly.

CYO Summer Camp Registration Is Open Now

Give the gift of fun experiences and lifetime memories.  CYO Summer camp registration is open!

Lake Samish Music Camp

An incredible opportunity for music students to participate in an inclusive, rigorous, and fun summer camp experience.  Our focus is on improving each camper’s skills as a musician and performer in an inspiring environment. Now in its tenth year, LSMC is an overnight camp where students participate in small and large ensembles and have individualized instruction on their primary instrument by highly qualified instructors.  In addition, the camp experience is unmatched in the Northwest with all of the unique adventures that Lake Samish has to offer, including water and nature activities. With an excellent lineup of music staffers, we are excited to welcome students who are ready to learn.  This camp is aimed at students who will be starting their second year of study on their instrument and entering 6th through 12th grade. See our website for more information.


Saint of the Week

Every week, we highlight a particular saint. This coming week is Holy Week, so we thought it appropriate to celebrate the “Good Thief”, generally known as St. Dismas. Luke’s Gospel (Luke 23:39-43) describes him being one of the criminals crucified next to Jesus. He rebuked another criminal who joined the crowds in mocking Jesus. Then he turned to Jesus and said, “Remember me when you come into your kingdom,” showing his faith in Christ and in the Resurrection. Like him, we can recognize that the Kingdom of God is greater than any suffering we endure in this life, and that Jesus seeks to welcome into that Kingdom all who seek and follow him, no matter what crimes or sins we have committed. We can pray to him especially on Good Friday.

Free Online Resource for Parents and Kids–FORMED

FORMED is like Amazon Prime for Catholic content! Find videos, audiobooks and podcasts, ebooks, and other inspiring content!

Find daily Lenten reflections, video series on Confession or the Eucharist, or stories of the saints. There are options for adults, kids, or the whole family!
Formed is FREE to Holy Rosary parishioners! If you haven’t signed up for Formed, follow these steps:

  1. Go to in any web browser
  2. Click the “Sign Up” button in the middle of the screen
  3. Click the “I belong to a Parish or Organization” button
  4. Search for Holy Rosary Seattle or 98116, then click on “Holy Rosary 4139 42nd Ave SW Seattle WA” to select our parish; click the “Next” button
  5. Enter your name and email address in the boxes; click the “Sign Up” button
  6. Check your email at the address you gave; you should have a message from Formed with a link to confirm your registration; click the link

This will bring you to the home page of Formed. In the future, just go to and click on the “Sign In” link for instant access.
Once you have signed up for FORMED on the webstie, you can also download the Formed app for your smart TV, smartphone or tablet from your app store.

This will give you access to the full range of Catholic content wherever you go!


Helping The Hungry In This Time Of Need

Catholic Community Services (CCS) has been hard at work, trying to care for many people experiencing homelessness who have no place to go. In particular, there is a great need at the day center they operate in Federal Way. They welcome up to 75 people a day, many who come for both lunch and dinner. CCS is reaching out to local parishes and schools for support. They would prefer donations of hot casseroles, although cold sandwiches are also appreciated. Meals can be brought on Tuesday mornings to St. James Cathedral, which will handle delivery. If interested, email/text/call Patrick Barredo ( | 206-619-2879).

Helping To Support Each Other

Holy Rosary Families- let’s support one another during this difficult time.  If you own a small West Seattle business that is open to serve others during this time, please send a brief description of hours and information to Kristin Bentler (  We’ll run it in our community section so we can all help support each other during this difficult time. 

Counseling For Children, Adults And Families

I am a licensed mental health counselor. I provide mental health counseling to children and families and adults. In response to COVID-19, and the social distancing protocols I am providing my services to patients using zoom, Skype, FaceTime.  This includes new intakes. Please note if finances are a barrier to accessing counseling services please let me know as I offer sliding scale.

Thank you,
James Bederaux-Cayne, MA, LMHC
3618 California Ave SW
Seattle, WA 98116
Office (206) 898-9366
Fax (888) 506-5242

Doyle’s Automotive Service

4607 37th Ave SW Seattle, WA 98126      (206) 935-2600

We are open as automotive repair is an essential service during the stay at home. Our lobby is temporarily closed, for the safety of everyone. Our hours will be M – F, 8am – 4:30pm

  • Dropping your vehicle off: Please use the after-hours box (envelopes and pens provided, or use your own if you prefer)
  • When your vehicle is ready: We will call you to make arrangements
  • The only payment option at this time will be credit cards over the phone

Please feel free to call us with any questions: 206-935-2600. We appreciate your business; we are glad we are able to stay open during this difficult time for our customers. Please stay healthy and safe out there.

~Jon and the employees at Doyle’s automotive

Early Bird Night Owl Box Instructions:

  • Park your vehicle on the street or in front of Doyle’s (please do not block the access doors)
  • Inside the box, you will find envelopes & pens (or use your own if you prefer)
  • Follow the instructions on the envelope
  • Put your vehicle’s key in the envelope, slide the envelope thru the mail slot located in the big door

Tips for car care during Stay-At-Home Order

Shug’s Soda Fountain & Ice Cream

Add a little sweetness to your time at home with an ice cream sundae making kit!  Visit Shug’s Soda Fountain & Ice Cream Pop-Up Window at 3800 California Ave SW, on the corner of California Ave SW and Charlestown.  All kits come with ice cream and toppings to create your own masterpieces at home with your families. Thursday-Friday-Saturday 2-5pm Instagram: Shug’s Soda Fountain 

We appreciate you supporting our small family business.

The Good Society Brewery & Public House

The Good Society Brewery & Public House offering our beer in 32 oz crowlers to-go or for West Seattle delivery! We also have glassware, shirts, and gift cards.  We are open 3-7 PM Monday through Friday, 12-7 PM Saturday and Sunday.  Follow us on social media (@goodsocietybeer) or visit our website at for updates and new beers being tapped! As always, we are so very appreciative and often overwhelmed by the community support we have received.  A heartfelt thank you for that.  Let’s keep it rolling.

West Seattle Grounds Neighborhood Coffee Shop

West Seattle Grounds Neighborhood Coffee Shop is open for To-Go Service! We serve Caffe Umbria’s coffee and organic teas for beverages as well as fresh local pastries & sandwiches! Our address is 2141 California Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98116

Monday – Friday 6AM – 4PM

Weekends 7AM – 4PM

We are so grateful to our community and all the wonderful people in it who have supported us & our neighbors through this strange time. We are working extra hard to ensure that when you visit our establishment you and your families feel at home and safe. Order online for pick-up with the Joe Coffee App ( ) or text ‘coffee’ to 474747 to download the app and find our shop to get the delicious coffee that you crave without having to wait! Questions? Call us at (206) 708 1018 or visit our website

Fertility Education & Postpartum Doula Services

Holy Rosary School parent Ann Baker is a trained Symptopro Fertility Educator (Natural Family Planning method) and a DONA trained doula specializing in postpartum care.  Visit or contact Ann at (206)880-3455 for more information about classes and doula services.

Message From CYO Summer Camps

We are starting a new web page to help you.  It will have content and mock schedules for you to use with your family.  I know I am personally overwhelmed with the amount of resources I’ve been given without anyone saying this works or doesn’t work.  We’ll help sift through this for you and give content that you can use with your family.  We’ll also add new content to help you during this time period to bring camp home.  If you have ideas/video/content please send it to us so we can share it through direct message on our Facebook account.  If you don’t have Facebook please send it
Lastly at campfire we talk about the circle of family, friendship, and support.  I think this world needs more of this than ever right now.  We here for you in prayer and solidarity.

~Shaune Randles

CYO Camps Director