Family Communication (eFC) 2-5-15

February 5, 2015

From Father John


When we go grocery shopping one thing we all do is to check the “sell by date” on certain products since they would not be fresh and usable past the date marked on the product. I have been discerning this in my own ministry here at Holy Rosary for some time and have come to the conclusion that I am past my “sell by date” and it is time to recognize that and move on to the next phase of my life.

Many of us are also very familiar with ageing sports personalities who have tried to continue to play past the time for retirement; it has all too often been unsuccessful and even pathetic. It is a rare coach who knows when to move the ageing player on to another team or to retirement. I have experienced this myself when I used to play in the men’s soccer leagues here in Seattle; I had a good many enjoyable years playing, but the time came when I knew my playing days were over. I relied on speed to perform well, and when I slowed down, I didn’t have the skills to compliment the lack of pace and resorted to tripping those who were flying past me in the open field which for some reason didn’t go over well with younger opponents and the referees were definitely not impressed. Furthermore, congregations in previous parishes didn’t think I look good limping up the aisle after games! I knew in my heart it was time to retire, and my body knew I should get out gracefully while I still had some grace left.

I believe that I have arrived at a similar point in my life as a pastor. I feel I no longer have what I thought I had to be the pastor of a parish in the face of the demands of today. I have lost the desire to be in charge, and I want to step back to a role of assisting with the sacramental life in church instead of having to be in charge. I have often heard older priests say you know in your heart when you don’t feel up to it anymore, and it is time to let someone else take over. That is where I now find myself and I have let Archbishop Sartain know that. My time at Holy Rosary will end in June. A new pastor will be announced just after Easter, and will be officially due to take over this responsibility by July 1.

I wanted to let you know this in advance, rather waiting until that time as I consider what options I will have for the next phase of my life, depending of course, on what God has in mind for me in health and energy. I will be in dialogue with the Archbishop and the Placement Board about the next steps. I am not ready to write a farewell yet, as there are a number of things to be taken care of — like Lent and Easter and graduations.


It begins on Wed Feb 18. Have you ever gone all out for Lent? We have started mentioning some things you could use to get the most out of the season. A new offering this year will be the Friday evening reflection time after the Rosary; this would be a great opportunity to learn how to be quietly present to God and to hear him speak to your heart. Take a bulletin each week to remind you.

Take a new step this Lent and Easter. – Fr. John.

Principal’s Newsletter


It all took place at Holy Rosary last Thursday! Well, the Seahawks may have had the Super Bowl on Sunday, but three days earlier Holy Rosary School beat them out with the real “event of the year”. It was the annual Holy Rosary School Spelling Bee. Tension was high. Perspiration rolled down foreheads. Performance anxiety turned tummies, but alas it was an exciting event for everyone. Now the fact is that anyone who even shows up for an event is a winner. To dare to compete — to dare to place yourself in front of an audience who is watching and listening to you is indeed a major accomplishment. All who participated really are winners. But, alas, out of winners —- champions emerge. I would like to extend special congratulations to the following champions.

Eleanor Newman                    Olivia DeFeo (runner up)      

Evie Byers                               Ryan Klem (runner up)                       Catherine Evans (runner up)

The overall Champion for the school is Sixth grader Evie Byers. She will represent us at the “Regional Bee” at Town Hall this March, and hopefully will represent our state at the finals in Washington D.C.

This event was part of our Catholic Schools week activities. It took place on Thursday to highlight the school’s academic excellence. This is, after all, a very important aspect of Catholic Education.


We have reached the halfway point in the school year. Catholic Schools Week is now officially behind us. Registration is in full swing. The big, all Catholic School Dinner for the Fulcrum Foundation, is this weekend at the downtown Sheraton. I thought it would be a good time to review some of our major accomplishments over the past 20 months. The Parents Club Officers and the members of the School Commission have invested a great deal of mental energy and time in much of this work. Our parent population has come together a number of times to wrestle with complex issues as they planned for the future. We do have a great deal to be proud of. The train has left the station, and it is gaining steam.

  • We have revised and updated our mission statement.
  • We have a new school logo.
  • We have a school motto.
  • We updated and revised our math program as part of our new curriculum plan.
  • We updated and revised our Language Arts program as part of our new curriculum plan.
  • We purchased 150 iPads for grades 1 thru 4 as part of our curriculum planning.
  • We are studying our science curriculum with the intention of a new release next year as we officially become a STEM School.
  • We selected a more difficult national test (IOWA), and moved the testing to the beginning of the school year so it would help us better prepare the children. As part of this, we joined a Consortium of Catholic Schools for comparison purposes —AND WE COME OUT VERY WELL.
  • We celebrated the Centennial year for the school and as part of that we launched a two million dollar Centennial Campaign.
  • We established a six-year salary schedule as part of our strategic plan. We established a six-year registration fee schedule as part of our strategic planning.
  • We will have established a six-year tuition schedule by the end of our School Commission meeting today.
  • We developed a new website.
  • We have a six-year subsidy commitment from the Parish. For the next six years we have a commitment from the parish to allow the school to keep any funds it has on hand — in the plus when the fiscal year ends. They will be placed in a reserve fund for the schools use.
  • We have drastically increased our income in the fundraising and development area, and have set goals for the next six years.
  • We introduced Robotics into the Jr. High elective.


Last year, as part of Catholic Schools Week, we held our Grandparent Lunch. It was a smashing success. The number of grandparents, according to our records, was at an all-time high. The younger children put on a wonderful show for them. A short talk was given. And for desert —- many gave very wonderful and supportive donations to the school. It was a great connector and community builder. Their grandchildren came in at the end and gave them a tour of the school and their classrooms. That was the highlight for the group. Another one of the grandparents who was present has 13 grandchildren at Holy Rosary right now!!!!! One of the grandparents hired me as a teacher when he was the principal of Saint Joseph School. It was actually only because of him that I got involved in Catholic grade schools. Another grandparent who was there was the head of the team that hired me to become a Principal for the first time. A few of the grandparents there were parents of children I had taught years ago. It is indeed a “Small Small World.” Luckily “He’s got The Whole World in his Hands.” Now that sounds like a good theme for a school year —–hint —–hint—-hint


Some people seem to refer to it as the “Mid-Winter Break. I just wanted to remind you of a few days that are coming up when school is not in session. There will be a noon dismissal on Thursday, February 12th. The students are getting a half-day off because they met the goal of the Magazine Sale Drive. Staff will be remaining for the day for an in-service in STEM. There will be no school on Friday, February 13th and also on Monday, February 16th and Tuesday, February 17th. So you put all that together and you have 5 and half days. Now if there was actually snow somewhere you might be able to have some fun.

Friday, March 20th will also be a day when the school will be closed. The teachers will have another In-Service that will last the entire day.

Then remember Lent and Easter are not that far away. The Easter Break, as always, will start at noon on Good Friday, April 3rd. School will resume after Easter Week on Monday, April 13th.

All of the above dates were listed in the school calendar at the beginning of this school year and the end of last school year. But sometimes it helps to remind each other so we do not get caught off guard.


A big thanks goes out to Sue Harris who, once again, put on a “Book Fair” for Holy Rosary School. Sue does this every year. It is an amazing amount of additional work on top of her already grueling schedule. Books on carts come in from an outside company. She moves them upstairs and then downstairs and then upstairs and then downstairs again. A good amount of business comes in during the Grandparent Lunch and Open House. The profit goes to enhance the purchasing power of the library. It provides an updated display of appropriate age level reading for all the students in the school. Some parents use it as an opportunity to make purchases for the library, or the library in their child’s classroom. It is a win/win, but it would not take place without her leadership and investment of personal time.


Spread The Word About Holy Rosary School!

School Commission has put together a Financial Incentive for current HRS families! For every new applicant that a current family brings into the school as a newly enrolled student in grades K-8th for the 2015-16 school year, that current family will be given one free registration fee for the 2016-17 school year! Talk to your friends and neighbors. For more information about this financial incentive, please contact Kimberly Tish.

School Commission

The School Commission’s next meeting is tonight at 6:00 pm in Room 7B at the school. This will be an open meeting. If you have an issue or question for the group, please contact Mike Hooks at


School Commission is seeking at least two (2) new members for the up-coming school year. This is an opportunity to provide a voice for all Holy Rosary parents and to be a leader in your school community. School Commission is an advisory group that works with the principal and pastor on policy-related issues. Examples of ongoing issues on which the Commission collaborates are the school budget, including fundraising, health and wellness, technology, and the school’s strategic plan. In the next two years the School Commission will participate directly as well as support the overall effort in recruiting a new principal and his/her integration into HRS. Parents with the following talents will be useful for the overall mission of the commission: accounting, facilities, technology and marketing. We do not make decisions that affect day-to-day operations of the school. We also do not make decisions regarding academic curricula – that is the responsibility of the principal and his/her staff. The entire committee meets once a month and each member is assigned to one or two subcommittees. You will serve a 4-year term.

Please reach out to any current School Commission member or President Mike


Brett Conway

Pat Galvin

Applications are due by April 1st. See the application on the school’s website.


Come to our School Play!

Ms. Weythman, Ms. Reuter, and the students of Holy Rosary School’s Drama Elective proudly announce the upcoming debut of their play, FAIRY TALE NETWORK!

Please invite your family members, friends, and neighbors to join us for this very special event, which will take place in the School Hall on the evening of Wednesday March 4th and Thursday March 5th, at 7:00pm!

While there is no charge for this event, there will be a suggested donation of $7 per person. In asking for donations, we hope to not only raise money for our school, but also raise funds to help pay for next year’s school play. Delicious treats and refreshments will also be available from our very own concession stand, the Starfish Cafe (run by no other than the Little Mermaid herself!).

Father/Daughter Glow Bowl

Mark your calendars for the upcoming annual Father/Daughter Glow Bowl! This event is scheduled for Friday, March 6th from 5-8pm at West Seattle Bowl. Bright yellow copies of the registration form for Glow Bowl were distributed at school for your convenience. There are extra copies in the school office too. Complete and return the bottom of the form to the office with payment. This event fills up quickly. To download a form, go to this page on the school website father-daughter glow bowl form 2015


SAVE THE DATE – April 25th


Saturday, February 7th is the last day to enter your item donation!

To Donate/Commit:

Or visit the auction page at


Next week, a sign up link with many volunteer opportunities will be available. A series of Saturday dates will be available (work parties). The majority of the shifts will occur the week prior to the auction and the night of the auction. Stay tuned for the sign up link. As usual, we will need all of you to pull this great event together!

What happens when you do not make the donation deadline?

After the donation deadline (2/07) we will only accept monetary donations. The contractual amount this year is $175 or more per family.

What do I do with the actual donation?

Unless you donated cash or an experience, the actual item will need to be delivered to the school. Items can be brought to school office anytime from now until February 27th. The sooner, the better!

Remember – many corporations will match your cash donation. Check with your HR department.


Wow! Thank you to the many businesses and families that have already committed to sponsoring the auction this year:

  • Saxon Bradley (SBI) – Smartboard vendor
  • Edward Jones – Jon Gerhardt and Bill Anderson
  • Westside Dentistry – Dr. Christine Tweedy
  • Belli Capelli Salon– Maria Taylor
  • 2 Brothers Winery– Michael Taylor
  • Joy Developments, LLC – Patrick Joy
  • West Seattle Blog
  • Sorensen Orthodontics – Dr. Sorensen
  • Orthodontics of Burien – Dr. Peralta
  • The Curran/ Peterson Family
  • Seattle University

Would you like more information about auction sponsorship or advertisement?

Contact Annabel Quintero at

Thanks to you, the great items below are just a sample of what we will have at the auction:

  • Mariners tickets
  • Lake boat cruise for 4
  • Many restaurant gift certificates – Including Tom Douglas restaurants
  • Golf Twosome at Willows Run
  • Savory Sunset dinner on the beach for 8
  • VIP Gonzaga Basketball package
  • Memorabilia from all Catholic high schools
  • Coffee makers
  • Poker night on Mutiny Bay
  • Kindles
  • A great selection on wines
  • Designer handbags
  • Inflatable Pontoon boat

To donate go to the auction page:

Contact Kamila Kennedy at

Annual Fund 2014-2015

Annual Fund Update – Goal $200,000 by June 2015

Pledged $175,850

Paid $134,694

75% percent of the school families have pledged to the Annual Fund.

Holy Rosary School makes every effort to keep tuition at a level that allows all parish families to attend the school if they so desire. In pursuing this mission, HR School relies on help of our entire community in supporting the Annual Fund to close the gap between the actual cost of educating each student and what is charged for tuition. Gifts to Holy Rosary’s Annual Fund support the school’s operating budget and provide essential resources for educational opportunities for students, financial aid for students and competitive salaries for teachers.

The Annual Fund is based on the school’s fiscal year, commencing July 1, 2014 and concluding June 30, 2015. Gifts to the Annual Fund can be made by check, online payments or transfer of stock.

To make a pledge, download the pledge form at

Centennial Campaign – Celebrate Our Future, Today

In the spring of 2013, Holy Rosary began an exciting initiative: one that will have tremendous impact on students in our school, now and into the future – the Centennial Campaign.

The Centennial Campaign will allow Holy Rosary School to address critical capital needs, provide faculty with additional professional development opportunities, and ensure future financial aid assistance by growing the Father James Mallahan Endowment Fund.

The goal for the Centennial Campaign is $2,000,000 in the course of 5-years. We are close to one fifth of the total goal with $485,661 in pledges to date.

The funding areas for the Centennial Campaign are as follows:

  • $60,000 Windows (installed summer 2014)
  • $300,000 Roof
  • $200,000 Staff Development
  • $115,000 Technology
  • $125,000 Playground
  • $1,100,000 Endowment Fund
  • $100,000 Campaign Costs

PLEDGES RANGE FROM $500 to $10,000

Campaign Numbers Update:

Total Pledges                 $485,661

Total Paid                        $240,698

Number of Donors         164

*Included are grandparents, staff members, 1 foundation grant, parents and corporations that matched multiple gifts and the net proceeds from the Centennial Gala last Fall.


To inquire about the campaign or make a pledge, please contact the development office or Mr. Hofbauer directly.

Visit the Centennial page in the school website for further information and to download a pledge form.

Many heartfelt thanks for your support of our incredible Holy Rosary School!

Grant Committee


As a way of seeking additional funding sources, Holy Rosary School has a Grant Committee that is responsible for investigating funding opportunities and writing grants. Lisa Fernandez graciously leads the committee. The committee continues to review grant sources and to apply for grants; we are particularly looking into grants related to technology in the classroom, STEM programs and school building and grounds. If you have any connections (or know someone who does) to a foundation, corporation or organization that makes community grants, we would like to hear more about it.

Please contact Development Director Kamila Kennedy at 206-937-7255.

Magazine Drive

Questions about magazine drive orders should be directed to:

A.P. HEARST Customer Service:

By phone: (1-800-284-9711)

Customers can also check the status of their order online at

Extra Recess Patrols

Thank you 8th grade for covering this week. Calling all 1st grade families – please use the link below to sign up for the extra recess patrol for next week 2/9-13. These extra patrols are outside the fence. Also, please do not forget to wear an orange safety vest. They are located in the patrol room and help identify you to the children and our HRS neighbors.


Prayer Partners for those receiving Sacraments– Children’s Ministries:

When you think of the Sacrament of Baptism you think of the symbols of the Water, Candle/Light, White Garment, and Oil. When you think of the Sacrament of the 1st Communion you think of the Bread and Wine. One of the most frequently overlooked symbols of Sacraments of Initiation is the community. As a school community we support those who are receiving Sacraments through prayers.

We are inviting school families to become prayer partners for those receiving Sacraments this coming Easter Season. After you are assigned the student/family that you will pray for, all that is required is to include an extra prayer for them either during personal prayer time or when you are quietly praying at Mass. Before they receive their Sacraments, they will get a little card saying who prayed for them!

In need of prayer partners are:

Students in the 2nd grade (and their families) who are preparing to receive their 1st Communion.

Four students are preparing to receive the Sacraments of Baptism, 1st Communion, and Confirmation at the Easter Vigil: Lilly K (5th grade), Amelia P. (3rd grade), Ruben S. (2nd grade), Harper Mae W. (2nd grade).

Please email me directly if your family is interested in becoming a prayer partner and if there is a specific family or student you would like to be a prayer partner for.


“YOUTH CHOIR!” REHEARSALS ON WEDNESDAYS 2:30-3:15pm — starting FEB. 11

Come and check out the new “YOUTH CHOIR!” at our convenient Wednesday rehearsal! Choir rehearsals end at 3:15—a convenient pick-up time similar to the rest of the week. Fifth graders, who are in band, can come directly to the chapel at 2:30. We also escort kids back to BASE as needed—so its ALL GOOD! Remember: music helps kids become better learners!

“YOUTH CHOIR!” is open to all students in grades 3-5.

Practices: February 11, 18, 25 (Wednesdays, choir 2:30-3:15 in chapel; cantors continue 3:15-3:40)

Mass: Sunday, March 1 @ 10:30 mass (Sunday rehearsal 9:30 in chapel)

Let me know if you can help to support “YOUTH CHOIR!” with time and fun ideas (t-shirts, video recording, website, field trips, community performances, karaoke parties, etc.) Volunteer time counts toward school hours! Contact Paul Dolejsi, Director at to register, volunteer or for questions. Thanks for your support!


Have you heard about Walking with Purpose at Holy Rosary? Do you wonder what this Ministry is all about? Come connect with other women in our Parish as we continue to dive into our Catholic faith together. This Friday, February 6th, 9:30-11AM in the Parish Center join our monthly Connect Coffee event! If needed, childcare is provided. There is no commitment necessary and this event is open to all women (you do not have to be a parishioner to attend). Join us for refreshments and a short DVD. Learn more at or email


Holy Rosary has something new and exciting for Parish 6th, 7th and 8th graders…your own Youth Group! Last Sunday we officially launched our Youth Group at West Seattle Bowl with 50 youth attending. Thank you to our volunteers and our High School leadership team for helping us make it a fun and successful event.

Starting, Sunday, February 8th, our Youth Group will gather every other Sunday in Holy Rosary’s School Hall from 6:00PM to 7:30PM. Come join us for fun, friends, faith and fellowship. Next Sunday, we will brainstorm ideas for our Youth Group name, T-shirts design, events, service projects, and mission. Please bring your ideas and energy because we want to make this Ministry about YOU!

Save the Date…Junior High Youth Rally, March 7th, 2015 at St. James Cathedral and O’Dea!

All Parish 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th Graders are welcome. Come join 600+ Youth from all over the Archdiocese for an all-day energizing Faith-filled event with games, music, praise, and so much more. The Rally is from 8:30AM-6:30PM and the $50 registration fee covers the entire event, lunch and T-shirt. Please click on this link to register IMPORTANT: On the Registration form, please type in Ruth Reiser as the Coordinator and also select Parish, Holy Rosary-Seattle. Scholarships are available…contact Jennifer at For more information about the Youth Rally, you can also visit our Youth Ministry page at

We are seeking Parish High School and Young Adults…

Are you looking to re-energize your Faith? Do you want a meaningful way to connect with your Faith while serving? Are you sharing your gifts? Youth Ministry is the answer! Come be a part of our vibrant Youth Team. For more information, please contact Deyette at

Questions about Youth Ministry

Check out the Holy Rosary Youth Ministry page at, call us at 206-937-1488 Ext. 251, or email us at for more information.

Youth Ministry Calendar

  • February 8 – 1st Youth Group Night, School Hall 6-7:30pm
  • February 22 – Youth Group night, School Hall 6-7:30pm
  • March 7 – Junior High Rally, St. James and O’Dea High School
  • March 15 – Youth Group night, School Hall 6-7:30pm
  • March 29 – Youth Group night, School Hall 6-7:30pm
  • April 19 -Youth Group night, School Hall 6-7:30pm
  • May 3 – Youth Group night, School Hall 6-7:30pm
  • May 17 – Youth Group night, School Hall 6-7:30pm
  • June 7 – Youth Group night, School Hall 6-7:30pm
  • June 21 – Youth Group night, School Hall 6-7:30pm


Were you aware that a Catholic is fully initiated into the Church with the reception of all three sacraments of initiation: Baptism, Confirmation and Eucharist. Catholics also believe that there is a grace that comes with being fully initiated. Why full initiation? So that we may be ready to do the work the Spirit is calling us to. If you are an adult who has not yet been confirmed, Holy Rosary is offering a series of sessions, beginning Wednesday evening, Feb. 11 from 7-8:30 in the Parish Center, to prepare you to receive this sacrament May 10th at the 10:30 am Mass. Please contact JoAnn Tobin at or 206-937-1488, Ext. 203 for more information or to register.


Want to do something fun and holy with your little girl (aged 5-13)? Teach her that she is a princess, a daughter of the King!

Daughters of the King: Catholic Princess Retreat

Teaching Girls Their Dignity in Christ and their Place in the Kingdom of God

May 1-3, 2015 * Led by: Camille Pauley

For more information visit: or call: (206) 274-3130


Baseball for 7th and 8th Grade Boys this spring!

Nathan Thomas is putting in a Holy Rosary team for a combo 7th/8th grade team this spring.

Fee is $85.00 per player and includes a uniform top and hat.

League Games

March 22, 29 
April 12, 19, 26 
May 3, 10, 17

Tournament Games Wednesday, May 27th, 2015 through Sunday, June 7th, 2015

If you are interested, please contact Nathan by 2/13/2015 to get registered.

Go Gators!!!!

Community Notices


Volunteer hours needed? The St. Patrick’s Day Dash, a 31 year Seattle tradition, is looking for a few volunteers to work shifts at West Seattle Runner. Duties include registering runners and distributing bib number packets.

This is an approved HRS volunteer shift and will count toward fundraising hours. A great parent/child volunteer opportunity since 7th and 8th graders are welcome to volunteer with a parent. Shifts are in two hour blocks from March 7-10. The Detlef Schrempf Foundation, producer of the St. Patrick’s Day Dash, will donate $1000 to HRS for covering these volunteer shifts at West Seattle Runner!

For additional details and to sign up:


Please see this Little Hands Camp flyer for the description of Spring Break day camps being offered by MODE MUSIC STUDIOS.


Our Lady of Guadalupe Knights of Columbus Council is sponsoring a Free Throw Competition for all boys and girls ages 9 to 14 as of January 1st. The competition will be held Sunday, February 8th at 1:00 PM at Our Lady of Guadalupe Walmesley Center gym (3410 SW Myrtle St., corner of 35th AVE SW & Myrtle St.).

Each boy and girl champion will be eligible to advance to the District competition to be held in February. Participants are required to furnish proof of age (birth certificate, etc.).


2/6/15 – Kindergarten Testing no Kindergarten

2/12/15 – Noon dismissal magazine drive reward teacher in-service

2/13/15 – Mid Winter Break No School

2/16/15 – Mid Winter Break No School

2/17/15 – Mid Winter Break No School

2/18/15 – Ash Wednesday 8:45 Mass

3/4/15 – School Play 7:00 pm

3/5/15 – School Play 7:00 pm

3/20/15 – Deanery Curriculum Day – No School