Family Communication (eFC) 1-15-15

January 15, 2015

Principal’s Newsletter


It is almost here! Every year Catholic Schools across the country celebrate “Catholic Schools Week” together. It is always the last week of January. It starts out on the Sunday of that week with “Open Houses”. Here at Holy Rosary the Principal will be preaching at each Mass on Saturday, January 24th and Sunday January 25th. We will also be presenting the Endowment check to the school for financial aid at each Mass. One of the Board members will officially present it to Father John and say a few words about our growing endowment. At the 8:30 mass on Sunday January 25th, we will also be recognizing our “Alumnus of the Year” at the end of mass. Please come and help us honor David M. Redenbaugh as our “Alumnus of the Year”. The Open House will take place in the school following the 8:30 mass and continuing until 12:30. Refreshments will be served, tours will be given and all the staff members will be present in their classrooms. The library will also be hosting a book sale. You can pick up some gifts there or even make some purchases for the library! Make sure you come. Bring friends. Bring neighbors. Bring alums. A good time will be had by all.

This will be the 41st year Catholic Schools Week will be celebrated across the country. The concepts of “FAITH; KNOWLEDGE; AND SERVICE” are the areas that our system sees as both its hallmarks and strengths. Our identity is tied into these three basic words. But what brings life to those words is the COMMITMENT a student invests in them. COMMITMENT comes about both internally and externally. Internally it evolves like a spark turning into a flame and a flame becoming a roaring fire as a child matures and really invests themselves in becoming a part of their education as a member of the community. Externally it evolves as teachers, staff and parents INSPIRE a child to discover who they are and all they can be.


The School Commission decided that parents should be given one free registration fee for the 2016-2017 school year for every child they bring into the school as a newly enrolled student in grades K-8 for the 2015-2016 school year. The goal is to grow the HRS community via a registration coupon for next year (meaning February of 2016). This was decided at the January meeting of the School Commission. The newly enrolled child cannot be a member of the family offering the referral. The referred child’s family must pay a registration fee for themselves, full tuition and remain for the entire school year, meaning 2015-2016. But we will apply the benefit, to the referring parent, during registration time for next year —- which would be in January or February of 2016. The newly enrolled child must be from a family that is new to the school and that newly enrolled family must pick up a form from the registrar, fill it out and return it to the registrar by the end of March of 2015 where they state the name of the one family they are crediting with recruiting them for the school. If you have any questions please contact Kimberly Tish at —– our school registrar.


The Seahawks won last Saturday so this Friday we will have another Seahawk Free Dress Day!


As a part of Catholic Schools Week Celebrations, Seattle University, in coordination with the FULCRUM Foundation, will be offering free tickets to the Seattle University game in Key Arena on Saturday January 17. They will be playing New Mexico State. The entire evening is designed for the enjoyment of grade school students. Parents, or CYO coaches, of children in grades K through 6 can get their free tickets by emailing Parents, or coaches, of children in grades 7 and 8, can get their free tickets by emailing This will be a wonderful and exciting evening for students in all our Catholic Schools. Make time if you can. The whole family can go —– and it is for free! The doors open at 6:30 and the game starts at 7:30.


Last year I asked the staff to complete a Performance Survey on me. It was anonymous. This year I did the same thing. I shared the results with the School Commission last Thursday at the School Commission meeting. Here are the results.

  1. How do you rate the observations you have received this year?
Response Percent Response Count
Excellent 37.5% 9
Good 62.5% 15
Fair 0.0% 0
Poor 0.0% 0
  1. How would you rate the support you receive from the Principal?
Response Percent Response Count
Excellent 52.9% 18
Good 41.2% 14
Fair 5.9% 2
Poor 0.0% 0


  1. How do you rate the Principal as the overall leader of the school?
Response Percent Response Count
Excellent 65.7% 23
Good 28.6% 10
Fair 5.7% 2
Poor 0.0% 0


  1. How would you rate the Principal as the financial leader of the school?
Response Percent Response Count
Excellent 91.4% 32
Good 8.6% 3
Fair 0.0% 0
Poor 0.0% 0


  1. How would you rate the Principal as a spiritual leader of the school?
Response Percent Response Count
Excellent 74.3% 26
Good 25.7% 9
Fair 0.0% 0
Poor 0.0% 0


  1. How would you rate the Principal as the academic leader of the school?
Response Percent Response Count
Excellent 38.2% 13
Good 55.9% 19
Fair 5.9% 2
Poor 0.0% 0


7.How would you rate the Principal as a communicator?

Response Percent Response Count
Excellent 37.1% 13
Good 57.1% 20
Fair 5.7% 2
Poor 0.0% 0


  1. How would you rate the Principal as the spokesperson for the school?
Response Percent Response Count
Excellent 70.6% 24
Good 26.5% 9
Fair 2.9% 1
Poor 0.0% 0


  1. How would you rate the Principal in terms of his professionalism?
Response Percent Response Count
Excellent 82.9% 29
Good 17.1% 6
Fair 0.0% 0
Poor 0.0% 0


Catholic Schools Week

Here is the agenda for Catholic Schools Week, which begins Sunday, January 25. We will be celebrating Catholic Schools Week at all of the weekend Masses. Please note, 8:30 Mass on Sunday is when the Youth Choir will be highlighted, and the Distinguished Alumni Award will be presented. We encourage our families to attend this Mass, and come to the Open House immediately following Mass. Please keep this schedule handy to refer to throughout the week.

Catholic Schools: Communities of Faith, Knowledge and Service

2015 Catholic Schools Week

Sunday, January 25 – Faith, Knowledge and Service: In our Faith Community

  • Students wear uniforms to Mass
  • Distinguished Alumni Presentation: 8:30 Mass
  • Student Mass helpers – Families sign up online with Sign-Up Genius
  • Children’s Choir sings at 8:30 am Mass
  • Blessing of the Altar Servers – at the end of all Masses
  • Open House and Reception: 9:30-12:30
  • Book Fair in the school library open all week

Monday, January 26 – Faith, Knowledge and Service: In our Parent Community

  • Seattle sports free dress (Go Seahawks!)
  • All School Bingo, 2:15 – 2:45

Tuesday, January 27 – Faith, Knowledge and Service: In our greater Seattle Community

  • Jeans Day
  • OUTREACH DAY: Focus on Service
  • 1:30-2:00 – Annual Primroses
  • Service by grade level
  • K-Clean up the Church
  • 1st grade- pillow notes for the women’s shelter
  • 2nd grade- make notes that go into the lunches for St. Martin de Porres
  • 3rd grade-sandwiches for St. Martin de Porres
  • 4th grade- classes deliver Thank You certificates to West Seattle businesses
  • 5th grade- classes deliver primroses and Thank You cards to Holy Rosary neighbors
  • 6th grade-deliver primroses to Faith Family classrooms
  • 7th grade- help transition Book Fair between Library and School Hall/Help 3rd graders make sandwiches for St. Martin de Porres
  • 8th Graders-set up tables for Grandparent’s Luncheon

Wednesday, January 28 – Faith, Knowledge and Service: Honoring our Grandparents and Families

  • PATS serve Breakfast for Staff
  • Perfect uniform day
  • No Homework to Celebrate Families
  • Grandparents luncheon – 11:30-12:30
  • 12:30-1:30- Pictures/Tours
  • All Day Book Fair in the School Hall

**Please note, hot lunch will not be available on this day.

Thursday, January 29 – Faith, Knowledge and Service: In Appreciation of Lifelong Learning and Staff

  • Perfect Uniform Day
  • Grades 1-4 Spelling Bee
  • Grades 5-8 Spelling Bee
  • Grades 7-8 Science Fair, Gr 5-6 Invention Convention & 6th pyramid projects on display
  • Read-in 2:30-3:00

Friday, January 30 – Faith, Knowledge and Service: Appreciating our Students

  • 9:30-10:45 – Spirit Assembly – Leadership Elective
  • 8th grade vs. Holy Rosary Staff volleyball game – 1:30
  • African Safari theme

Sunday, Feb. 1 – Faith, Knowledge and Service: Appreciating our Parish Family

  • Students are encouraged to wear Gator sweatshirts to Mass

Grandparents And Special Friends Lunch

When: Wednesday, January 28th

Time: 11:30 AM

Where: Holy Rosary School – in Lanigan Gym

What: A lovely catered lunch for the adults, followed by cookies with the students, portrait pictures, an optional tour of the school and a visit to the Scholastic Bookfair.

This celebration is part of Catholic Schools Week!


Safe Environment Class

If you want to volunteer at the school in any capacity but can’t because you haven’t completed Safe Environment training yet, a class has been scheduled at HRS next week. Please see the details and link below.

CLASS: Called to Protect for Ministries

LOCATION: Holy Rosary School Hall

TIME: 6:30p.m.

DATE: Tuesday, January 20th


Saturday, April 25, 2015 – Time to Rock Around the Clock!

Dust off your blue suede shoes and break out your poodle skirt, because the Holy Rosary Heart Auction is taking you back in time to the nifty fifties! Brush up on your dance moves, cause we’re gonna jump, jive and twist the night away.

Only 25% of our families have entered their auction donation! We need your help!


To DONATE money or DONATE an item, just click on the link below and continue through the steps.

Family donations will be open until January 23rd.

The Auction Amazon wish list is up and running!

If you choose to shop from the wish list:

  • Buy an item from the wish list
  • Ship the item to your home
  • AND, Enter/log donation(s) through the link at the top of the page before Jan 27th
  • Bring item to school no later than Feb 27th

Have a great donation idea in the works? Let us know!! If you are working on a potential live item, let us know now. We can work with you!

Remember that the minimum family donation to the Auction is $175. However – you can procure* an item or two in this amount or more.

How to Procure Your Auction Item

Procuring does not mean purchasing but rather generating. Unless you are so inclined, you need not purchase items to donate to the auction. Should you choose to buy an item or gift certificate, ask the merchant to match your purchase and you have twice the donation.

If you plan to stop by a local business and “procure” an auction item from them, please let the ‘business follow up team’ know at That way we can avoid “hitting” businesses twice.

Remember to use your student(s) last name. That will avoid confusion.

Any questions? Contact us at

Charise Addicks & Jody Maas, Heart Auction Procurement Chairs


Get your FUNdraising hours and support our auction!!!

  • LIVE AUCTION DATA ENTRY – This is NOT a position that would allow you to regularly “attend” the Auction. An ideal job for a couple or two friends. The family who did this for years while their kids were at Holy Rosary is willing to train the next family on the process.

Contact Kamila Kennedy at

  • PROCUREMENT CHAIR SHADOW – every two years the auctions chairs move on to allow new parents to help with the auction. The procurement team is looking for a shadow for the 2014-15 school year. ContactKamila Kennedy for more information

Annual Fund 2014-2015

Annual Fund Update

$172,000 pledged

$115,000 paid

We need your pledge – We have less than $30K to go!

The goal for the annual fund this year is $200,000. Donations will be allocated the following way:

  • $75,000 for curriculum
  • $25,000 for buildings and grounds
  • $30,000 for salary funding
  • $25,000 for financial aid
  • $20,000 for utilities
  • $25,000 for technology

Holy Rosary School depends on the generosity of families, alumni and friends to sustain its academic programs and mission. By donating annually, offering your time and skills, making a planned gift, or funding a leading edge initiative, your support strengthens our support of the children we serve.

The Annual Fund drive is the cornerstone of the school’s fundraising efforts. It is vitally important to the school’s ability to meet operating costs, balance the budget and to maintain the level of excellence we have at of Holy Rosary School.

Gifts to the Annual Fund provide unrestricted monies to help fill the gap that tuition alone does not cover.

No amount is too small. Gifts to the Annual fund are 100% tax deductible!

Forms at the bottom of this eFC.


If you already made a donation to the Annual Fund, Thank you!

Remember that hundreds of corporations match that donation through a corporate matching program. Please, check with your H.R department to inquire weather your employee is one of them. Here is a list of some of companies that will match employee’s charitable donations. These guidelines might help you get started.

Math and Science Grant

The J & L Wiegand Family Foundation has generously gifted Holy Rosary School with a grant of $5,000. This grant will be used to purchase one year of an online math enrichment program for grades 5-8. The online program will allow students to explore challenging concepts that are extensions of the material we are covering in class. The program is directly connected to our math program and the Common Core. The remaining money will be used to purchase materials to enrich our science program and budding engineering program. We will start out by incorporating it into this year’s elective program for grades 7 and 8. Holy Rosary is very thankful to the Wiegand and McIntyre families for writing the proposal enabling this grant.

Magazine Drive

Questions about magazine drive orders should be directed to:

A.P. HEARST Customer Service:

By phone: (1-800-284-9711)

Customers can also check the status of their order online at

Extra Recess Patrols.

Thank you 6th grade for covering this week. Calling all Kindergarten families – please use the link below to sign up for the extra recess patrol for next week 1/20-24. These extra patrols are outside the fence. Also, please do not forget to wear an orange safety vest. They are located in the patrol room and help identify you to the children and our HRS neighbors.

Tuition Assistance Deadline

The DUE DATE for application paperwork to be turned in to Fulcrum is Tuesday, January 20th. All application paperwork needs to be in the Fulcrum office by no later than this date to be considered.

The application for tuition assistance for the 2015-16 school year is now available online. A link to the application is on the school website under ‘School Forms & Other Downloads’. Please follow the instructions and note that in addition to submitting an application on-line to Fulcrum, paper copies of the completed application must be delivered to Rufina at Holy Rosary School by January 20th, 2015.

The Fulcrum application is a prerequisite for Holy Rosary tuition assistance; please remember the January 20th deadline. If you have any questions, please contact Rufina at

Tuition assistance for the 2015 2016 school year

The application for tuition assistance for the 2015-16 school year will be available on-line at on November 3, 2014. (A link to the application is on the school website under ‘School Forms & Other Downloads’.) Please follow these instructions and note that in addition to submitting an application on-line to Fulcrum, paper copies of the completed application must be delivered to Rufina at Holy Rosary School by January 20th, 2015:

Online Application Procedure

  1. Be sure your computer is connected to a working printer. You can test this by pressing the print button below and printing these instructions for future reference.
  2. Make a copy of page 1 and 2 of your 2013 federal IRS 1040, 1040a, or e-file printout for the financially responsible parent(s) or guardian(s). Note: 2013 W-2 forms are not acceptable. Do not send originals. If you do not have 1040 documentation, have your school principal approve a letter of special circumstances (see part D-3 of the application). Be sure to sign your tax forms. This is often overlooked, especially with e-filing. Fulcrum will not accept unsigned forms.
  3. If you have non-taxable income (part c-3), copy the applicable documents such as 1099, federal or state aid, alimony or child support.
  4. Under ‘School,’ select Holy Rosary, Seattle and enter your information in Part A to D. A printout is produced at the end of the submission process. If you discover an error after submission, submit a new application and destroy the incorrect printout. Please do not enter names in ALL CAPS.
  5. Sign the online printout in part E.
  6. Staple the signed application, in front of copies of the financial documents from step 2 and 3.
  7. Make a copy for your records, if desired. Copies will not be returned by the Fulcrum Foundation.
  8. Deliver or mail the complete application package to Rufina at Holy Rosary School by January 20th, 2015.
  9. If you have students in both elementary and high school, you will need to complete the elementary (k-8) and high school (9-12) application forms. These grants are awarded separately by the Fulcrum Foundation.
  • Fulcrum does not accept handwritten applications. If you need help completing the application or you have questions, ask Rufina Miller to assist you. She may be contacted at (206) 937-1488, ext. 211 or email:

Thank you.


Holy Rosary Parish…Upcoming Youth Ministry Bowling Event!

We’re beginning our Youth Ministry program at Holy Rosary Parish and want you to be part of it! Please come to our kick-off event at West Seattle Bowl. You are welcome to bring a friend. For questions, call Sr. Stella at 206-937-1488, ext. 252. Email us at if you’re able to come or have questions!

Who: 6th, 7th and 8th graders 
Where: West Seattle Bowl, 4505 39th Ave SW, in West Seattle
When: Sunday, January 25th from 7:00PM to 8:30PM
Cost: Free!

RSVP: Please click on this link to register for the Bowling Event

Holy Rosary Children’s RCIA Update
Congratulations to Lily K., Amelia P., Ruben S. and Harper Mae W. who received the Rite of Acceptance at our last Friday Prayer Service. They are now accepted into the order of Catechumen and they will be fully initiated Catholics thru Baptism, Holy Communion and Confirmation at our Easter Vigil Service, April 4th. Please pray for them as they continue to prepare for Sacraments.


If you would like to be a prayer partner for one RCIA students and/or one of our 1st Communicant families, please email Jennifer Wong at


Were you aware that a Catholic is fully initiated into the Church with the reception of all three sacraments of initiation: Baptism, Confirmation and Eucharist. Catholics also believe that there is a grace that comes with being fully initiated. Why full initiation? So that we may be ready to do the work the Spirit is calling us to. If you are an adult who has not yet been confirmed, Holy Rosary is offering a series of sessions, beginning Wednesday evening, Feb. 11 from 7-8:30 in the Parish Center, to prepare you to receive this sacrament May 10th at the 10:30 am Mass. Please contact JoAnn Tobin at or 206-937-1488, Ext. 203 for more information or to register.



Hello HR parents & CYO volleyball players,

I know it seems like basketball just started, but volleyball will be here before you know it. CYO volleyball 2015 is just around the corner and it is time to register for another exciting season.

Online registration is now open. Please go to this link to register your child for the 2015 volleyball season. Students in grades 4-8 are eligible to play volleyball.

Registration for volleyball will close on January 16th. Any late registrations after January 16th will be accepted on a space availability basis.

When registering, please pay attention to the uniform options. If you have a uniform from last season and plan to use that again, please indicate this on the form and let us know what jersey number you have. If you plan to order a new uniform, please indicate this on the form and note what size you will need.

All parents who are interested or are planning to coach volleyball as a head coach or an assistant will need to register on-line as a coach. If no coaches register for a particular grade, we will not be able to register a team for that grade.

The volleyball 2015 registration fees will be $90 per player if you order a jersey, or $15.00 discount if you have a jersey from last year, this fee also includes the pre-season kick-off clinic in early February.

Matches begin February 21st and run through April 18th. Tournament runs April 22nd- may 3rd.

If you have any question about the upcoming season, please don’t hesitate to ask. You can also review the season schedule at this link.

I’m looking forward to a fun and exciting season.

Patrick Dowd – volleyball coordinator


Children’s Choir


Everything’s changing! We’re changing the name and times for Children’s Choir. We will now be called the Holy Rosary Youth Choir! Rehearsal time and date is changing too! We will now rehearse after school on Wednesdays from 2:15-3:15 pm in the Parish Center chapel. Youth Choir is open to all students in grades 3-5.

All should come directly to the Parish Center chapel after school at 2:15. Fifth graders who are in band can come directly to the chapel at 2:30. Parents can pick up their students at 3:15 from the chapel. Cantors in 4th or 5th grade may stay longer to rehearse solo and harmony parts. They will be picked up at 3:40. Here’s the upcoming schedule:

Holy Rosary Youth Choir

Rehearsal: Wednesdays, January 14, 21 in chapel 2:15-3:15. Cantors until 3:40.

Mass: Sunday, January 25 at 8:30.

February-May schedule to be determined.

We hope this new schedule will work better to allow more of our young singers to participate in choir! On Christmas Eve, we had 17 kids in the choir and hope to build on that even more!

Let me know if you can help to support our revamped Youth Choir with time and fun ideas! Contact Paul Dolejsi, Director at to register, volunteer or for questions. Volunteer time counts towards school hours! Thanks for your support of the new Holy Rosary Youth Choir!


1/19/15 – MLK Day – no school

1/22/15 – Holy Rosary School Information Night – 7 pm

1/25/15 – Open house for Catholic Schools Week – 9:30 – 12:30

1/28/15 – Grandparent & Special Friend Day

1/23/15 – Registration due for existing HRS families

1/30/15 – Registration due for new HRS families