Return to School Status

Grade*Start Date**InstructionReturn ModelSchedule
PreschoolTentative Jan 2021In PersonWhole ClassMonday - Friday
KindergartenTentative Jan 2021In-PersonWhole Class, half daysMonday - Friday
1Tentative Jan 2021In-PersonWhole Class, half daysMonday - Friday
2Tentative Jan 2021In-PersonWhole Class, half daysMonday - Friday
3-4Tentative Jan 2021RemoteWhole ClassMonday - Friday
5-6PendingRemoteHybridMonday - Friday
7-8PendingRemoteHybridMonday - Friday
Updated November 12, 2020

*Grade levels will be added one or two at a time, beginning with preschool and kindergarten. Each grade will have
a unique transition plan (up to1-2 weeks) based on class sizes, class location, and developmental need to learn and
practice health and safety protocols. Grades 5-6 will be phased in before grades 7-8. 

**Start dates based on King County COVID-19 Activity guidelines—Moderate to Low levels


  1. What should I expect at drop off?
    • Face masks must be worn at all times
    • Students must have a completed Covid-19 health attestation form (completed before arrival)
    • Temperature check and hand sanitization before entering the building
  2. What measures have been taken in preparation for students’ return?
    • Student have been placed in cohorts and classrooms separated from other classes that allow for social distancing requirements.  For classes grades 1-3, 5-6, grades will be broken into 3 cohorts (i.e., 2A, 2B, 2C).  
    • Additional handwashing stations and hand sanitization gel dispensers have been installed at the school (approximately x new installations)
    • Individual plexiglass desk protectors
  3. Who do I contact when my child is out sick?  
    • Email both your child’s homeroom teacher and when your student will be out sick
    • Refer to the COVID symptom flow chart with questions on when to return to school
    • Notify immediately if anyone in the household:
      o is COVID-19 positive, regardless of where it was contracted,
      o is experiencing any COVID-19 like symptoms,
      o was exposed to COVID-19 in the last 14 days, OR
      o has been advised to quarantine or isolate