STEM Gallery – K and 5th

October 26-30 Kindergarten S.T.E.M.! Kids explored pumpkins inside and out using all of their senses, then they engineered structures using toothpicks and pumpkin candy. As a final challenge they attempted to build jack-o-lanterns with Legos. Click on images for higher resolution. Fifth Graders worked in small groups to build and test parachutes based on different designs. They recorded … Continue Reading »

STEM Gallery – 1st, 6th, 7th, and 8th

Click on thumbnails for higher resolution pictures. In Mrs. Blanco’s first grade class, they engineered spider webs which allow arachnids to catch their meals. They also observed that plants have tubes which carry water and nutrients through the roots, stems, and leaves. In Ms. Semandiris’ 6th grade Social Studies class, students are currently studying Mesopotamia. They learned about … Continue Reading »