April 2 eFC – Family Communication

April 2, 2015

Principal’s Desk

Easter is, in my opinion, the most important feast of the Catholic Church. It is major —- remembering and celebration of an event that truly changed and fulfilled the direction of the history of the world. It would be wise for all of us to reflect on its implications during this next week. The Resurrected Lord, the God of Peace, Compassion, and Forgiveness pointed the way, though His life and final days, to a “New Way”. Because of His life and death there is hope for all of us. Let us live in His image. Let us speak with the words we feel He would want us to speak. Let the emotions we foster and feel to animate our actions —– be rooted in the life and message of Jesus —- the Christ. Only then will we be an Alleluia people. Only then will we be the examples our God wants us to be for others ——– especially for our children. Sew harmony and contentment in your homes and within the community. Live and encourage lives of tranquility and harmony. Bring people together fostering brotherhood and sisterhood. This is our simple mission in life but we must start it right here —– right now —– with all whom you encounter or impact.

CALENDAR 2015-2016 (preliminary)

There are some people who really plan ahead so I thought I would give some important dates for next year’s school calendar.

August 31, 2015 – The First Day of school. School ends at noon. Remember this is before Labor Day.
September 3 – Back To School Night. Everyone really should attend!September 4 – School is dismissed at noon.
September 7 – This is Labor Day. There is no school.
September 18 – This is a half-day of school because of Westfest set up.
October 2 – No School because all teachers are at an Archdiocesan teacher education event.
October 10 – Golf Tournament.
October 10 – Italian Dinner.
November 11 – No School – Veteran’s Day.
November 23, 24, 25 – There is no school because conferences are taking place.
November 26, 27 – There is no school because of Thanksgiving.
December 18 – Noon Dismissal for Christmas Break.
December 19-Jan 3 – Christmas Vacation.
February 11 – Noon Dismissal (half day if magazine drive goal is met).
February 12-16 – No School for Winter Break.
March 25 – Dismissal will take place at noon for Good Friday.
June 9 – Noon Dismissal.
June 10 – This is our last day of school. Dismissal will take place after mass and report card distribution.


Today is Holy Thursday. The school continued our tradition of having the day begin with an outreach prayer service. Every student and staff member in the school actively participated. Donations of goods for the needy in a variety of organizations, food for the poor, and financial support for people in our region ——– and all the way to Uganda took place. This activity is an important part of the Lenten journey and, for all Catholic Schools, addressing the issue of actually doing something for those in need through our actions. Talking the talk is important, but only when we follow through with walking the walk.


We will be launching our Annual Fund for the next school year this month. Remember that, among other things, this will really help us purchase the robotics, engineering, science and STEM kits we need to launch ourselves into being a STEM school next year. It is also vital for, among other things, helping us fund our technology program, support our financial aid allocations, and even pay our utilities. The staff has 100% participation. We REALLY NEED THAT FROM THE PARENTS. When the letter comes, please respond right away with your pledge or donation. It is payable over the next twelve months.


We have just gone over the half million-dollar mark in pledges to our Centennial Campaign. That is amazing. But we must remember that our goal is $2,000,000. We have already used this money to pay for all the new windows for the school last summer. A big project we have to use the funds for this summer is a new roof on the school. Right now we just have a little over $100,000 cash in hand towards a bill for the roof that will be in the high $200,000’s. I am out asking. Please respond. Please help. Please encourage others to jump on board. We can do it. Well the truth is that WE HAVE TO DO IT!

STAFFING 2015-2016

Every year I meet with all the members of the staff. It is a yearly review and a discussion of the following year and the compensation for that year. I am just finishing the meetings and they all went very well. We have a dynamic and energetic group of professionals who are always striving to figure out how they can best serve our children. They are truly a “Professional Learning Community” that is constantly engaging with each other on strategies and projects and approaches to the undertaking of education at Holy Rosary. I am proud to be a part of their awesome team. Among other topics we reviewed their teaching plans, their assessment of the IOWA Test results and what they were going to do with them, their thoughts on our procedures concerning bullying, their needs, their thoughts on the year and the new Principal. I asked them each to give me one word to describe the year for them and one word that they wanted to be able to apply as an identifier to the new Principal that will be hired for the 2016-2017 academic year. You will find a list of those words following this article.

During the talks I was informed by Sharon Nark, a first grade teacher, that she will be leaving for the public school system next year. We thank her for all she has done and wish only the best for her in her future. Our Spanish teacher Carol Myers informed me that she will be retiring. We appreciate her years of dedicated and professional service as well. Megan Heuer, our Math Specialist, shared with me that she and her husband are expecting their second child and she will be on pregnancy leave in November and December of next school year. I am very happy and we are all very lucky to have such an awesome instructor agree to return to the school. That is all I know “for sure” right now. I will keep you informed as other developments take place.

Each staff member was asked to offer one word that they would like to be able to apply to the new Principal as a description of that person. They were also asked to give one word to describe the 2014-2015 school year for them.

Word to Describe New Principal                   Word to Describe Year

Supportive                                                     Busy – twice

Collaborative – twice                                     Smooth- twice

Current                                                          Challenging – twice

Vision – four times                                         Intense

Confident                                                      Active

Approachable                                               Good

Efficient                                                         Water

Apostolic                                                       Whirlwind

Compassionate                                             Excellent – twice

Competent                                                    Improving

Equitable – twice                                           Vibrant

Spiritual – three times                                    Productive

Dedicated                                                      Delightful

Charismatic                                                   Adapting

Clone                                                             Congenial

Backbone – twice                                          Rewarding

Inertia                                                            Trusting

Experienced – twice                                      Success

Outstanding                                                  STEM

Solicitor $                                                      Adolescent

Supportive                                                    Evolving

Passionate                                                    Rejuvenation

Budget/Finance Master – twice                    Refreshing

Discernment                                                 Dedication

Positive Feedback                                        Growth

Encouraging                                                 Exhausting

Collegial                                                        Fast paced

Vice-Principal Mary Jo McFaul

I had the pleasure of following 6th graders around one morning this week. They started in Math with a dynamic lesson using the Smartboard – very challenging and motivating. Next, they created presentations using Museum Box, a tool that allows students to organize images, text, videos, links, and audio clips about any topic that they’re researching. When completed, students’ “boxes” become digital dioramas.
Next stop: Music. 6th graders have self-selected an instrument to learn and were working on coordinating melody and accompaniment for upcoming performances. As Ms. Mudge moved between the groups, a couple of students emerged as leaders and kept each group on target. You Beatle’s fans will be impressed.

Gator Proud

Congratulations to Evie Byers who made it to the third round in the regional spelling bee! Evie worked very hard to earn this accomplishment!

Another congratulations goes to Max Debiec. Max pitched a perfect game on West Seattle Little League Opening Day!

Honor Roll

Congratulations to our junior high students who made the Honor Roll this trimester.

7th Grade High Honors

Jonathan G.

Elena K.

James M.

Shayla M.

Anna P.

Ligia W.

Cassidy W.

7th Grade Honors

Brian H.

Nick K.

Natalie M.

Michelle N.

Ben S.

Connor S.

Noelle W.

8th Grade High Honors

Chloe D.

Emma D.

Hannah D.

Catherine E.

Maia H.

Leah M.

Jack S.

Samantha S.

Savannah W.

Stephanie W.

8th Grade Honors

Claire B.

Emma C.

Joey G.

Natalie H.

Bryn H.

Hunter H.

Gabi J.

HEART Auction


ONLINE AUCTION – Opens in 2 days – April 4th at 11 am

Every family that has 5 or more bids will get one free dress pass per child in the family. The person with the most bids will win a $25 Blackboard Bistro gift certificate and a bottle of J Cuvée 20 Brut!

All items won in the online auction will be available for pick up on 4/21 and 4/22 from 8:15-12 pm at school. Buy Backs will be available the week after the Silent/Live auction and Teacher Books will be available around the end of May.

April 25th at 5 o’clock at Holy Rosary School

Auction Tickets are selling like hot cakes. Have you gotten yours yet?

Two ways to purchase:

Need extra invites to send to friends and relatives? Let us know.



Dr. Christine Tweedy – Westside Children’s Dentistry

Holy Rosary Parishioner and School Mom

TURN IN THOSE RAFFLE tickets – they go fast!

At this point half of the tuition raffles are sold. They are limited. Get yours now!

  • $5,000 Tuition Raffle – the tuition raffle has a limited number of tickets being sold, be one of the 100 ticket holders. You do not need to attend the auction to win the year’s $5,000 in tuition!
  • 50/50 Raffle – “Keep ½ of the pot”. This year the 50/50 raffle tickets will be selling for only $25.00 per ticket or 5 for $100.00, an unlimited number of tickets will be sold but you will need to be attending the auction to win!!! Last year’s winner won over $1,800!

For questions regarding auction raffles contact Kristin McMahan.

Follow this link to download raffle flyers

VOLUNTEER! – Click on this link to volunteer

Many jobs still allow you attend the auction. Besides the monthly Saturday work parties, many other helping opportunities will start on the Thursday prior to the auction.


All parties will be available for purchase online on April 4th (during the online auction).


NEW! “Get Down Gators “ Dance Party at SODO Pop
Party flyer http://holyrosaryws.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/Get-Down-Gators-Sodo-Pop.pdf

  • We know you parents like to dance, so save the date for the first annual “Get down Gators” Dance Party at SODO Pop. Tickets will be available online April 4th. (http://events.readysetauction.com/holyrosaryschool/2015)
  • You will want to snatch these tickets up. The party is limited to 50 couples.


Have you gotten your child’s tickets yet for the Bingo Bash/Blast with the Teachers and for the Dance Party?

  • April 17th – Bingo Bash (K-4th) – $25 / Bingo Blast (5-8th) – $30
  • May 1st – Dance Party (K-8th) – $35

Send the flyer into the school office with checks attached.

For extra flyers go to http://holyrosaryws.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/Auction-Party-RSVP-Form-2015.pdf

For questions contact Marti McGaughey.


Holy Rosary’s annual school auction themed “Rock Around the Clock” is coming up next month. The dessert committee is seeking your delicious creations paired with a complimentary aperitif. Help us turn back time to 1950 and end the auction evening with beautiful, tasty donated desserts. Maybe you have a famous family recipe or know someone who does. We are always looking for new creative desserts. All proceeds from the Dessert Auction benefit Holy Rosary’s Tuition Assistance Program. Keep in mind you will receive fundraising hours for your efforts (additional details to follow).

For Questions Email auction-dessert@holyrosaryws.org or call Shelly Pugh (Landon Pugh’s mom in 1B) at (206) 660-3254 or Sarah Mosley – (Vincent Bucci’s mom in 1A) at (206) 849-7977.

To Sign Up:

Email your name, home and cell phone number, what type of dessert and aperitif you are thinking of donating to the email address above. If you need ideas we are happy to suggest one. We hope to receive all submissions ASAP but no later than April 3rd. Dessert delivery will start at 11:00 am and end at 2:00 pm the day of the auction (April 25) in Lanigan Gym. Please don’t hesitate to call with any questions.

St. Martin de Porres

Thank you to all the Holy Rosary families for providing lunches and items to the St. Martin de Porres shelter and to the drivers that delivered the items every Friday during Lent. Your generous contributions helped us to continue this long standing Lenten Outreach tradition at Holy Rosary School.

Centennial Capital Campaign

Celebrate Our Future, Today

Thanks to the incredible generosity of our community, we have raised $500,695 in pledges toward our Campaign goal of $2,000,000. That effort has allowed us to complete installation of the windows this past summer.

We continue to need your help. Now is the time to ensure our school’s financial future and achieve our vision to be recognized as community leaders in education.


Annual Fund 2014-15 Update – Goal $200,000 by June 2015

We are very close to meeting our goal for the annual fund. If you would like to upgrade your pledge or have yet to pledge to this years’ (2014-15) annual fund use this form pledge form.

GOAL $200,000

The Annual Fund is a year-round program, commencing July 1 and concluding June 30. Gifts to the Annual Fund can be made by check, online payments or transfer of stock and may be tax deductible as allowable by law.

A Big Thank You To Detlef Schrempf Foundation

Holy Rosary School just received a $1,000 donation for our volunteerism during the St. Patty’s Day Dash. Parents from Holy Rosary School helped the foundation while receiving school fundraising hours towards their family obligation. In return the Foundation made a generous donation to our school.

It was a fun and new way to help our school and the greater community. Thank you all who were able to participate. A big thank you also goes to Beth Martin (HRS mom) for coordinating the program.


Give Big

We are participating in The Seattle Foundation’s fifth annual GiveBIG on May 5! Plan on supporting Holy Rosary School as part of our community’s biggest day of giving of the year! More details to come. . .

Extra Recess Patrols

Thank you 2nd grade for covering the week before Easter and to 1st grade for covering this week. Calling all 4th grade families – please use the link below to sign up for the extra recess patrol for next week 4/20-24. These extra patrols are outside the fence. Also, please do not forget to wear an orange safety vest. They are located in the patrol room and help identify you to the children and our HRS neighbors.


Class Picture Day April 14

Class pictures will be taken on Tuesday, April 14. Please have your student wear Perfect Uniform. Individual pictures are optional, and if your student chooses to have an individual picture taken, he or she will wear Perfect Uniform. The forms for the individual pictures can be picked up in the office.


image002This retreat is for mothers (or aunts, grandmothers, or Godmothers) and daughters (aged 5-13). The retreat is designed to instill in girls a sense of their dignity as daughters of the King, and to remind women of their beauty and honor as heirs to the Kingdom of God.

The retreat will teach the girls that every person is made in the image and likeness of God, with a unique personal beauty. The role of a princess in God’s kingdom is:

  • To be loved by the King and to love in return
  • To reflect the beauty of the Kingdom, which is grace
  • To share in the mission of the Kingdom, which is to build up souls
  • To intercede for the needs of the Kingdom with the Communion of Saints, and Mary, the Queen of Heaven

The weekend will include presentations for both the children and adults, a May Day Marian crowning, a ladies’ tea with live harp music, a coronation ceremony, as well as celebration of the Mass.

I plan on attending this retreat with my daughter. It is a tremendous opportunity to spend quality time with my daughter. The retreat is culminating with Mass presided by Father John.

For more information, click here

Teens to Lead Singing for Good Friday 7pm Service!

Junior high singers and musicians are invited to join with senior high teens to lead the singing for the Good Friday 7pm evening service on April 3. Rehearsal is before mass at 6pm in the chapel. For info, contact Paul Dolejsi at <pdolejsi@holyrosaryseattle.org>.

Community Notices


Spring is approaching and school will be out before we know it! Do your kids have summer plans yet?? New this year, Hiawatha is offering 11 weeks of Specialty Day Camp Programming for kids age 5-12. Kids have a variety of activity sessions to choose from, including arts, science, nature, strategic games and over 10 different sports. Morning sessions run 9 am-12:30 pm and afternoon sessions run 1:30 pm-5 pm. Sign up for just a morning or afternoon session, or combine sessions for a full day of child care. Extended care hours in both the morning and evening provide additional care for working families.

With more choice and flexibility for families, Hiawatha Specialty Day Camps are a great option for the summer! Sessions run weekly, Monday through Friday, June 22-September 4. Please call (206)684-7441, drop by Hiawatha during open hours, or email Diana Feinson@seattle.gov for more information!


A Child Becomes offers a wide variety of Summer Camps beginning June 17th for ages 5-11. New this year: Robotics, Modern Artists, and Italian Cooking.

Hiking, Marine Science, Kayaking are returning favorites!

Please visit our website for more information.


Please join us for summer volleyball

June 16-19, 2015

Three sessions: morning, 9:00 – 11:45 am, afternoon, 12:15 – 3:00 pm or all-day 9:00-3:00.

The goal of Saints volleyball skills camp is to instruct and inspire athletes in the game of volleyball.

Players will receive three hours of instruction in the fundamentals of the game including forearm and overhead passing, attacking, serving, and defensive passing. Additionally, you will learn team play and defense using multiple systems in use today in the high school and college game.

Beyond skills of the game, coaches will provide you with a framework for playing the game, the worldview of the Christian athlete and using the game as a means of worship and praise.

Coaches Mr. Glenn Hoogerhyde and Ms. Jessica Hoogerhyde

Assistant Coaches Members of SLHS Saints Varsity Volleyball Team

Register here https://www.seattlelutheran.org/secure/saint-summer-volleyball-camp/

For questions or more information, please contact the school.

Seattle Lutheran High School, 4100 SW Genesee Street, Seattle, WA 98116

206- 937-7722





Please join us on Wednesday, April 1, 3:30pm for the first annual Kennedy Catholic Red-White-Blue Easter Egg Hunt on our new field! That’s right! 1000 filled red, white and blue plastic eggs will be hidden in the turf and at 3:30 children of all ages will on be set loose with their baskets to fill! And….a surprise visit from the E. Bunny himself!

Everyone is welcome—invite your friends and neighbors. For more information: halla@kennedyhs.org.

Upcoming Dates To Remember

4/3 – Good Friday Noon Dismissal

4/6-10 – Easter Break No School

4/14 – Class Pictures

4/16 – Pizza Lunch

4/17 – Bingo Bash & Bingo Blast 6:00 – 8:00 pm

4/24 – Noon Dismiss Auction Set Up

4/25 – HEART Auction

5/15 – Talent Show

5/30 – Baccalaureate Mass & 8th Grade Dinner

6/4 – 8th Grade Graduation

6/9 – Kindergarten Graduation (Last Day of Kindergarten)

6/10 – New Parent Orientation/Kindergarten Round Up