Our school, the curriculum, and our teachers.

Kindergarten – Mrs. Clarke and Mrs. Kolding

In the kindergarten year, students memorize over 100 sight words, and are filling a home binder with weekly sentences using those words. They are working hard with the new Common Core Math program and learning how to be a good friend. The cutest and coolest art projects you’ll ever see are completed in the kindergarten year.

First Grade – Mrs. Davison and Mrs. Blanco

Holy Rosary first graders grow in their appreciation of the Catholic faith through tradition, worship, service to others, and daily prayer experiences.

Students engage in the language curriculum while practicing effective listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills.

First grade students demonstrate their understanding of number relationships as they learn to count, add, and subtract while applying these life skills to science and technology.

Highlights include monthly additions to parish soup kitchen, a presidential parade, penguin study, the Great Wall, the model farm, and the zoo report.
Field trips include visits to Remlinger Farms, the International District and Woodland Park Zoo.
Grade one is a year-long celebration in appreciation of God’s gifts.
Mrs. Blanco

Mrs. Davison (formerly McNerney)

K-1 Reading Support – Mrs. Lewis

Second Grade – Mrs. Yi and Mrs. Woods

Second grade is a year of growth not only academically, but spiritually as well. It is a very special year because students celebrate two of the sacraments. They prepare for First Reconciliation and First Eucharist. Throughout the year they are encouraged to incorporate service into their daily lives by making Lunches for Love, writing notes to the homebound, donating items to the needy and picking tags from the giving tree.

The reading program contains rich literature with a balance of fiction and nonfiction stories. Time is spent focusing on text evidence, phonics and fluency.

The math program is aligned with common core standards. The focus is on addition and subtraction, place value, data analysis, problem solving, time and money. Technology is integrated at every step.

Two exciting projects in second grade are the creation of a habitat, where students use iPads to research and gather information about animals. Second graders also design structures found in one of the three communities learned about in social studies.

Second graders attend a play in the Fall and Pioneer Farms in the Spring.

Third Grade – Mrs. Meland and Ms. Arciaga

Students love using the iPads in the classrooms. They learn about Jesus when they do the Nativity Play at Christmas time, which is presented to the parents. They also do a Native American project where they research a tribe, write a report and create a visual. The students sponsor a family for Thanksgiving, and provide a meal for them. We also lead the HRS food drive to benefit the St. Vincent de Paul.
Mrs. Meland (left)

Mrs. Arciaga

Fourth Grade – Ms. Simpson and Ms. Tyler

The students love to learn about the saints each year. At the end of the unit, they do the All Saints Day Mass. They learn about Washington State History, and have the opportunity to go to Pike Place Market and the Underground Tour for field trips.
Ms. Simpson

Grades 2-4 Reading Specialist – Ms. Corrigan

Fifth Grade – Ms. Semandiris and Mr. Schreck

Hands-on inquiry based science experiments begin. Students are learning “by doing” with microscopes for biology and mixture and solutions for chemistry, which blend together for their retreat at Camp Seymour’s Environmental Science Program.
Students select novels to read with group discussions within their Book Clubs. They incorporate study skills into reading instruction, meeting Common Core State Standards.
Ms. Semandiris and Mr. Schreck

Sixth Grade – Mrs. Chiodo and Mr. Williams

Sixth graders enjoy our Ancient Civilizations Wax Museum, Book Club, and Bucket List projects.  Our science curriculum will cover Physical Science, Engineering, Earth Science, and the Human Body. Each student uses a Google Chromebook for their schoolwork. Teachers facilitate discussions and projects through Google classroom.  We offer 3 different math level courses, grade level, accelerated, and Pre-Algebra (one year ahead).  Our Pre-Algebra math class will work with our math specialist, Megan Heuer. There is a night away at Miracle Ranch in the spring focused on taking time to reflect, build community, and strengthen a sense of self.

Sixth Grade – Mrs. Chiodo and Mr. Williams

Seventh and Eighth Grade – Mr. Ritscher, Mrs. Whetham, Ms. DeFeo, Mr. Secrest, Mr. Mohrbacher

There is a well-equipped science lab that gives the junior high the ability to have hands-on experience. They have a high-school-level algebra class offered for advanced students, which puts them on a fast track for later math.

There is a passion for sharing the truths of the Catholic Faith with the 7th and 8th graders, helping them develop a love for reading Scripture (the Bible is our primary text), and encouraging them to share their gifts with others through service. Internalizing religious concepts is reinforced with creative art projects, music, and movement. Religion is not boring! Students learn varied ways of praying and feel safe asking challenging questions about their faith. The 8th grade ropes retreat, at the start of the school year, strengthens the bond between the students for their last year as classmates.

Students enjoy studying civics and current events. Debates, reading Upfront Magazine and visiting the State Capital are highlights.

They enjoy using iMovie to create (hip, modern) documentaries with current music and technology.

Both classes read a Shakespeare play, ensuring that every graduate reads two plays. The Creative Writing Elective class produces a literary journal with student poetry and stories.
Seventh Grade – Mrs. Whetham, Mr. Ritscher and Ms. DeFeo

Eighth Grade – Mr. Secrest and Mr. Mohrbacher

Elective classes for these two grades include: Creative Writing, Drama, Game Theory, Graphic Design, Leadership, Running, Woodshop, and Yearbook.

Math Program

Math 5-8 Specialist – Mrs. Heuer

Our goal in the math department is for students to develop a love for math.  Students will develop a love of math when they feel confident with the material, see how math is used in real life, and develop the mental tools they need to become strong problem solvers and critical thinkers.  Holy Rosary School teaches to the Common Core Standards in its math program (  In Grades K-4, students are building a strong mathematical foundation for grades 5-8 and beyond. Emphasis is mastery of key concepts.

In Grades K-5, the primary grade level text is McGraw-Hill: MyMath, which is supplemented to provide differentiated learning opportunities.

In fifth grade, there are three levels of math: at grade level, accelerated, and one grade level advanced.  Both the at grade level and accelerated groups use the fifth grade MyMath text and move through the fifth grade common core standards. The one grade level advanced works also works through the fifth grade standards using both the MyMath curriculum and supplementary materials.  After completing all new fifth grade standards, this group will work through the 6th grade text. We are able to cover two grade levels in one year by eliminating any review work in each of the grade levels.  

5th grade text – McGraw-Hill: MyMath 5th OR Glencoe Course 1 (sixth)

6th grade text – Glencoe Course 1 6th Math OR Glencoe Accelerated Pre-Algebra

7th grade texts – Glencoe Course II OR Glencoe Accelerated Pre-Algebra OR Glencoe Algebra 1

8th grade texts – Glencoe Accelerated Pre-Algebra OR Glencoe Algebra 1 OR Glencoe Geometry

Theater Arts
  • We have a spectacular Talent Show
  • We have a fantastic Christmas Program
  • We have a profound Passion Play
  • We conduct the Living Rosary
  • We perform the Liturgical Dance

There are many opportunities for public speaking and performances: Drama play, Talent Show, First grade President’s Report, Second grade Poetry Cafe, Third grade Nativity Play, Fourth grade All Saints Mass, Sixth grade Wax Museum.

Music – Ms. Beck

Student attend music class twice a week with a hands-on curriculum experimenting with a wide range of musical instruments and learning about various musical pieces.

Grades K – 3: Students love to learn about composers and their musical works –they study Bizet, Camille Saint-Saens and Ludwig Van Beethoven. Many different art modalities are integrated: music, visual art, movement, storytelling and drama. Students enjoy growing in music appreciation skills.

Grades 4-7: Students learn to deepen their understanding of music theory by learning to play instruments such as the recorder, soprano ukulele and acoustic guitar.

Art – Ms. Audrey

The Art Room is a magical place where children come to get inspired, explore, have fun, create memorable experiences, develop critical thinking and problem solving skills and challenge themselves to think in bold new ways.

A hands-on approach is used to explore a vast array of artistic mediums. Watercolor, ceramics, and multi-media sculpture are but a few examples. In addition to our standard Art Program, students are given the opportunity to participate in a unique after-school art program, which offers exposure to an elaborate array of dazzling, in-depth, experience-based projects.

Spanish – Ms. Nofrietta

All of our students in kindergarten through Grade 8 are exposed to Spanish in a lively program designed to create enjoyment in learning the language, as well as in learning about the cultures and Catholic traditions of Spanish-speaking countries.

The elementary grades are engaged in interactive games and songs to build vocabulary and listening skills. In middle school we focus on listening, speaking, reading and writing, with many opportunities to apply the acquired language as students participate through conversation, skits and oral presentations.

Our students are showing increasing confidence and fluency in Spanish and will finish the 8th grade with a solid foundation for moving on to high school!


Additional programs are available to Holy Rosary School students. Some are offered through the parish, and others are offered based on a separate fee for participation:

  • Band – 5th grade beginning, 6-8th grades school band
  • Chess Club – open to all ages
  • Coding for Kids – computer coding classes taught on-site in our computer lab (K-8th grades)
  • Cross Country – K-8th grade
  • Soccer – K-8th grade
  • Basketball – 3rd-8th grade
  • Volleyball – 4th-8th grade
  • Track & Field – 4th-8th grade
  • Altar Servers – 5-8th grade
  • Children’s Choir – 3-5th grade, Jr High Choir – 6-8th grades,
  • Youth Ministries – 6-8th grade

Technology – Mr. Barker

2nd, 3rd, and 4th grades are using their iPads and implementing them into their curriculum. Grades K-8 use the computer lab for projects and research, often integrating what they’re learning in their classroom. We have a variety of software that includes Office, Creative Suite, Inspiration, Kid Pix, Comic Life, iMovie, Garageband and others. We subscribe to online software for learning and research resources. The Junior High electives include Graphic Design, Yearbook and Makers & Robotics. Grades 5-8 share a class set of laptops to do research and learning in the classroom. We have an enthusiastic use of technology at Holy Rosary.


Library – Mrs. Wallace



K-3 students will engage with the nominees for the Washington Children’s Choice Picture Book Awards, and learn about genres, reading skills and more. Students will vote for their favorite book in the spring. These are popular and award winning books. 

Students in 4th grade will read and learn about the Towner Award nominee books. Fourth grade students will also vote for their favorite non-fiction book in the spring. 

Our school also offers ‘Battle of the Books’ for students in 4th-6th grade. This is a fun reading competition.  Students who enjoy reading and trivia are encouraged to participate. Our winning school team will go on to compete with other local Catholic Schools.  The school typically uses the Sasquatch Award nominee books. 

Students in 5th-8th grade have a class called ‘Lib/Tech’. Students use both the library and computer lab to engage in library and technology lessons.

Health and Fitness

In Health and Fitness, the younger grades enjoy playing games and learning to use new pieces of equipment. The older grades look forward to playing mini tournaments in the various team sports.

Reading Specialist

The reading specialist provides small group instruction for students in grades K-2. Students build phonemic awareness, master phonograms, develop vocabulary, and learn comprehension strategies. This model provides intervention and support for emerging readers. We emphasize building a strong foundation of basic skills to allow students to become independent, confident readers.  It is so exciting to help children read their first books and see that light go on – hopefully leading to a lifetime love of reading!

In grades 3-4th, the reading specialist works with classroom teachers to plan and teach challenging and motivating reading lessons that focus on building vocabulary, comprehension and fluency skills for readers at all levels. Classes are broken into smaller groups (12-14 students) for every reading class. Teachers use flexible grouping, so both the homeroom teacher and reading specialist instruct all students. Reading class in grades 3 and 4 includes the use of novels, short stories and nonfiction selections. These are the years that students often “catch the reading bug!” In general, we shift from “learning to read” to “reading to learn” in these important and exciting years.

Buddy Program

The school is divided into multi-age groupings for activities that take place once a month.  They are called “Faith Families”.  As part of this there is a special relationship set up between eighth grade mentors and younger students.  They are called “Buddies”.  The older students accompany the younger ones to worship services and some assemblies. It helps the eighth graders to see themselves as examples in terms of conduct, word choice, and actions.  It also helps the younger children see that they have a special advocate for them in the school.  This builds bonds for a strong sense of community as it helps all activities become more rewarding, enjoyable, and growth centered.