4th Grade Recorder Form

Fourth grade Music embarks on a large recorder unit. The students have the option to use a recycled “Yamaha” brand soprano recorder (Baroque fingering). You may be wondering about the cleanliness factor – they have been properly sanitized for your child’s safety. The instruction booklets are also gently used, and will see us through another year. These “loaner” items are being provided free of charge and are to be returned at the end of the school year. Permanently misplaced items will incur a charge of $6 each for replacement. The used booklet can stay at home and one will be provided in class. So, your child will only have to transport their recorder to and from school on music days:

(4A & 4B  Wed & Fri)

Parents can select for their student to use a recycled recorder or order a new one. A NEW recorder and/or instruction booklet is $6 each.  New recorders must be ordered online by Wednesday, September 30th. Your FACTS account will be billed for any recorder charges.

If you have any questions regarding this information, please contact Ms. Mudge at jmudge@holyrosaryws.org.   Thank you!